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Fire Me Down, Sc.4: Young Lad Finds Toy Play Doesn’t Compare To His Pal’s Big Dick! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 67)
Added: 05/June/2016
Duration: 19 minutes, 52 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s easy to forget, but heroes such as firefighters need their downtime as much as anybody else – and in the case of Alessandro Katz that clearly involves lazing on his bed and playing with his toys. And no, we’re not talking model trains or remote-control cars! Rather, Katz’s toys consist of a collection of butt-plugs and dildos, which Tony Conrad promptly discovers under the lad’s uniform when he walks into the room. His initial surprise overcome, Conrad decides to assist his young colleague by thrusting some of the equipment up Katz’s arse – a move that clearly excites the horny pup, who is soon sporting the kind of hard-on that a guy like Conrad is never, ever able to resist.

As a result, the pair are quickly engaged in a hot play session like no other; with Katz taking everything that his buddy can push in his direction, whilst savouring the delight of Conrad slurping on his thick, aching cockhead. It’s a scenario that can but have one outcome, of course; and it’s no time at all before Katz’s horned-up little pucker is having to accommodate something far bigger than any of the assembled toys, namely Conrad’s meaty, uncut shaft.

Not that the cute pup displays any awkwardness in taking every inch of his buddy’s poleaxe. Indeed, he’s soon riding dick like an experienced whore, as Conrad pounds away in a variety of positions – finally culminating in Katz’s slit being literally creamed by a cascade of gooey jizz. The sight of Conrad then fingering the splurge into the hole marks a fitting climax; topped only by that of seeing the pretty bottom cream all over his own belly!

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Perfect, super erotic scene. Tony Conrad is almost too gorgeous to be true - and an energetic fucker. Two adorable guys! Great job everyone!

NmFs, 05/June/2016

is it possible not to "love" Alessandro ? No way ! He's just adorable. I like so much the way he looks, the way he moves his body, how he opens his legs, how he delivers his ass. At the same time, it's good to see his cock "dancing" while he's getting fucked or while he moves to Tony's cock when they do doggy-style.. Alessandro conquered me :) . I think a moment of sex with him is a moment to memorize for days :)

Vaclav, 05/June/2016

Too bad that I cannot award both of them more than five stars.

Porcupine, 05/June/2016

Alessandro is the perfect prototype of the male "madonna-whore" we so erotically crave and worship. The visage of an innocent little pixie: and a total slut. I can't even mention his hole: a thing of beauty and "holiness". Tongues all over the globe get a boner to lick that hole.... You can't get enough footage of Alessandro: more please of his ass getting eaten by his studs.

calm lake, 05/June/2016

Cette vidéo excellemment réalisée est parfaite sur toute sa durée. J'en ai savouré et sans modération chaque seconde. Tony est un jeune homme magnifique et Alessandro est un petit ange insatiable et très brillant dans l'action. Félicitations :5/5.

Pascaloux, 05/June/2016

Fantastic! Two of my favorite Staxus models. Alessandro's ass looks so delicious; I want to stick my tongue in there. Then suck Tony's cock of course!

hornytony, 05/June/2016

Fantastic! Two of my favorite Staxus models. Alessandro's ass looks so delicious; I want to stick my tongue in there. Then suck Tony's cock of course!

hornytony, 05/June/2016

Tony is such a horny young god. All that playing stuff with Alessandro's beautiful asshole! The toy insertion was just great. Then the licking of the hole was just stunning and so deliciously hot. It was mind blowing! Then the fucking was fantastic too. Tony has such a beautiful cock and knows just how to use it. Loved the cum shots. Let's see lots more videos like this one, especially if Alessandro and Tony are in them! Fucking lovely!

Ryan, 06/June/2016

I love some good toy action, and this scene was a "smorgasbord" of that, not just one toy; a buttplug, beads and then a dildo =D Don't know what it is but there's is something real special seeing the look on a guy's face knowing that he has something very deep inside him =D

biggerthebetter, 06/June/2016

I am also a fan of these two delicious Boys Love them so very much Alessandro is adorablexxxxx

pugs, 07/June/2016

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