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7 inches of mature dick

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Carl Ross, Evan Zero

Added: 24/January/2012
Duration: 28 minutes, 6 seconds
Comments: 25


Less than 13 years divide bald-headed “daddy” Carl Ross and his youthful protégé, Evan Zero, but that’s a long time in terms of technology – why, Ross doesn’t even seem to know what a PSP is when he encounters the youngster playing on his handheld game at the start of the scene! The older guy would obviously rather be playing on a hard joystick – which given the fact that Zero is more than adequately armed in the cock department is quite understandable. Suffice it to say it isn’t long before Ross has had his way, encouraging his younger companion into a mindless tussle of ass-rimming, knob-sucking and (ultimately) ball-banging fornication! Zero, who could still pass off in a school uniform, soon discovers that life in the adult world can be a painful experience, as his ass-hole gets stretched to the max by his guardian’s aching, uncut ramrod. A cock that ultimately delivers one of the shots of the season – proving, without question, that even an old cannon can often deliver the killer blow!

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