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Fucking Pissed Off, Sc.3: Pant-Swapping Pals Join Ranks For A Jizzed-Up Load Of Hot Piss! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 53)
Added: 16/June/2016
Duration: 26 minutes, 46 seconds
Comments: 25


Gabriel Angel and Alessandro Katz are (as always!) a pair of hyper-horny twinks in a very mischievous mood, so it’s not at all surprising that they should find a barrelful of fun from a varied collection of underwear. It certainly puts both of them in the mood for some hardcore carnal action, that’s for sure; and it’s not long before the bleach-blond Angel has jumped onto Katz’s lap for a lengthy, open-mouthed smooch.

Not that the young Frenchman is the kind of boy who’s ever going to be satisfied with a mere kiss, of course. As always, this is a lad who isn’t really happy until he’s face-to-face with his lover’s cock; and it comes as absolutely no surprise when he finally dives deep into Katz’s crotch and starts to slurp on the gorgeous, uncut meat that he discovers there. However, he’s not the only one who’s got an almost unquenchable taste for fresh meat, as Katz promptly demonstrates by turning the tables and feasting on Angel’s hairless dick in return.

That, however, is but the prelude to the next stage of their very passionate encounter; with Angel bundling his buddy over the arm of a sofa so that he can finger and rim the guy’s now fully-exposed pucker. A few moments later and the horned-up Parisian is thrusting every inch of cock into his mate’s well-worked hole; signalling the start of a terrific set-piece of raw fornication. For fans of piss, however, it’s the final few minutes of action that will prove the most rewarding; with Angel spunking and watering Katz’s face, and then Katz himself doing the same all over his pal in return for a thoroughly soaked finale!

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Good clip. The fucking is nice, but here, the absolute hightlight is definitely the piss section. Long and sexy : we can see that both guys are horny and really enjoy it. Alessandro seems to have made himself a specialist of these !

Christian, 16/June/2016

As much as I love this very hot scene,I still wait to see Alessandro use his beautiful cock topping a hot bottom. As Captain Picard says,make it so.!!!!

bodoman666, 16/June/2016

Two artistic beauties performing for our entertainment with their gorgeous bodies. Another great erotic scene from Staxus!

coemegan, 16/June/2016

A great clip with hot models - up to minute 20:42.

NmFs, 16/June/2016

Just fantastic, both models are as sweet as candy. I especdially liked the moment when Gabriel put his finger deep into Alessandros ass for tasting his butt inside ....I directly got a hard-on ;-) wonderful

Chris, 16/June/2016

This scene lacked energy in some parts, but it was nice nevertheless =) OT: Just browsed through the model pages and noted that Ray Mannix and Kris Blent are now exclusives, best news I have had all week =D

biggerthebetter, 16/June/2016

@staxus: Alessandro should maybe shorten or better remove! his pubes...don`t like bushes of hair above a sexy cock, it makes it a bit unattractive. Gabriel`s look is perfect, juwenile and a little saucy, with shaven dick and no genital hairs. Very very attracrive. Though Allesandro seems to be giddy with pleasure when he is bottomed, I would like to see him bumping a tight boyhole in active part.

Chris, 16/June/2016

This was Awesome with two Beautiful Boys being so Sensual. A brilliant Performance. I too loved every second. Fabulous.

pugs , 16/June/2016

The hairy pubes are sexy and masculine!! The things people complain about? very sexy scene!!

BK, 17/June/2016

When are we going to see Joshua Levy back acting in front of the camera? He is one of the cutest and most polite boys here at staxus for sure. He is overwhelming in his behavior and his look! Keep such juwels for always, staxus!

Chris, 17/June/2016

Two fantastic sex bombs. I just love lots of things in this video. The shaved pubes of Gabriel. The sweet shaved hole of Alessandro being so enthusiastically rimmed. Then the bareback fucking and the cum shot. And then the boys pissing over each other with piss swallowing! Fantastic!!!

Ryan , 18/June/2016

Brilliant Gabriel is beautiful but Alessandro is utter perfection. Personally I prefer unshaven pubes

CM, 19/June/2016

I love watching Alessandro Katz get fucked! Would really like to see him in the middle of a fuck sandwich, with either Jaro or Joshua Levy. Don't care for the piss scenes. Perhaps Staxus could offer options with and without the pissing portion? That would satisfy both sides of the pissing fetish.

Steve, 25/June/2016

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