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Staxus Classic: Coming Out - Scene 7 - Remastered in HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 34)


Kevin Bros, Julien Breeze

Added: 21/June/2016
Duration: 18 minutes, 45 seconds
Comments: 25


You never know when love is going to strike; and just when young Julien Breeze has almost given up on the notion of giving his heart away to some deserving stranger, he’s suddenly confronted by a lost Frenchman in the shape of Kevin Bros. Of course, whether Breeze should get into the car of a man he’s never met before is something that could be discussed at length; but in this particular fantasy it very quickly leads to the kind of no-holds-barred encounter that us gay porn addicts quite literally live for.

Indeed, both these youngsters are on top-notch form as they tumble down onto Breeze’s bed and begin engaging in a hot session of fellatio – Bros stripping his new buddy’s clothes off straightaway and feasting on the handsome, upturned shaft that he discovers throbbing away in Breeze’s crotch! Shortly afterwards, Breeze is returning the favour; before both lads position themselves in 69-position to enjoy a mutual suck-fest that will almost certainly risk pushing most viewers over the edge right there and then.

Assuming you can restrain your natural urges, however, the carnal action promptly continues with Breeze finally positioning himself behind his horny Gallic fuck-mate and thrusting every inch of his joystick into the lad’s guts. It’s a move that certainly seems to impress Bros, who clearly enjoys being very energetically skewered; and who eventually gets the reward of a thick wad of gooey jizz all over his belly courtesy of Breeze. That leaves Bros the honour of closing this ball-busting escapade with a terrific spray across Breeze’s cute face!

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Sexy young lads put on a great bareback show. Plenty of sucking and fucking with great cum shots. Loved it when Julien took Kevin's juicy cock into his mouth to suck out the final drop of cum.

Ryan, 21/June/2016

@staxus: So many nice vids with Julieen Breeze in a row - go on with it! This classic is very very nice, the french boy and Julien fit together perfectly.... Which year has it been produced, staxus?

Chris, 21/June/2016

The most amusing in this clip is the "French" language, or whatever Czech actors made of it ;) -- @Chris, the DVD was published in 2008, so it's probably been shot in 2007 or 2008.

NmFs, 22/June/2016

@NmFs: Thanks for the information...for me Julien Breeze really is a drreamboy, blond hair and cute. How might he look today, if he is still that sweet?:-)

Chris, 22/June/2016

@Chris, I agree absolutely with you about Julien Breeze, he was one of my Staxus/Eurocreme favorites when those DVDs were published. Nevertheless keep in mind, time progresses for all of us... some previous models look gorgeous still ten years later, others are hardly to be recognized (decency forbids mentioning examples here, but I'm sure regular Staxus viewers remember some disputed examples also on this site). Let's wish Julien and all the other ex-models that they found a bright, happy future in a life outside porn, and enjoy the current ones! :)

NmFs, 23/June/2016

@NmFs...of course time passes by and nobody will becomer younger..:-) you are absolutely right some models I adored in the mid of 2000 nowadays look like grannys depending their receding hairline eg or fat bellys, but there are on the other side models that seem to be the most sexy ones even when they arrived in the mid of the age of 35 or the way excuse me if I´m writing some wrong words or grammatics, I´m german and not the very best i n english ;-)

Chris, 23/June/2016

Please remaster this scene it's one of my all time favorites, but the picture quality is not that great. It would be a joy to see it remastered =)

biggerthebetter, 24/June/2016

I'd like to second @biggerthebetter on that scene - in fact all the historical scenes with Sanchez Viva from the Staxus stock would be worth republishing, especially since we've been a bit missing interracial scenes lately - and Sanchez was a hot, super hung guy, and most of the scenes where he appeared even threesomes or group sessions :)

NmFs, 25/June/2016

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