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Fucking Pissed Off, Sc.4: Martyn Fox Quits Dancefloor For A Feast Of Hard Cock & Piss! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 57)
Added: 23/June/2016
Duration: 19 minutes, 43 seconds
Comments: 25


Sometimes you go to a club for a dance and the place is simply buzzing – but unfortunately that’s not the way things seem to be turning out on this occasion for poor Martyn Fox. Every cloud, as they say, however, has a silver lining; and the fact that he encounters a very horny Zac Law sure as fuck compensates for any initial disappointment. Indeed, it’s not long before the two fellows have quit the floor and have headed to a strategically placed sofa in an adjacent room; whereupon they’re soon passionate snogging and ripping away each other’s (admittedly already scant) clothing.

Suffice it to say that the cocks of both boys are quickly – and thankfully – on proud display; with Fox taking eager aim on Law’s crotch so that he can enjoy a delicious session of wide-mouthed fellatio. To Law’s credit, it’s a favour soon returned; but it’s obvious from the off that his keenest interest is on Fox’s hairless pucker, which is soon being fingered and rimmed with the kind of no-holds-barred enthusiasm that a tight little crack like that surely deserves.

Having taken a quick break to engage in some kinky foot-on-dick action, Fox is soon responding in kind – legs akimbo, fuck-hole winking at the camera and ready to take every inch that Law can muster. An invitation that the horned-up top simply can’t refuse; ploughing energetically into Fox’s guts and soon reaching a very sticky, gooey climax in the process. All of which promptly leads to the scene’s highpoint – oodles of piss from both lads, before Fox pops a heavy wad of jizz courtesy of a hand job from his freshly soaked pal!

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Beautiful Boys, Golden Rain I loved it. Over too quickly. These Boys are so Erotic I could watch them forever. ***** PS John Smith you are a Genius.

pugs, 23/June/2016

Small dicks, flaccid dicks, weak action, pissing: not my cup of tea in any way :(( Would be zero stars if available.

NmFs, 23/June/2016

Agreed with NmFs, though I wouldn`t vote zero points not at any time. This video is just average, small dicks, not very harmonic and the pissing is even the best for fans of it. I voted barely 3 of 5 mumbling in my belly :-/

Chris, 23/June/2016

These are very sweet lads and did it all, cock sucking, nice rimming and bareback fucking, not to mention the pissing acts! I've seen slightly more erotic videos, but I give 5 stars for trying hard, as both artists are very sexy, very rimmable and very fuckable!

Ryan, 23/June/2016

very cute boys, but not a strong scene, low energy levels and didn't do much for me :( I know that John Strong can do better much better than this. Zac was having some wood problems, but perhaps this was his very first scene so he probably was quite nervous, but let's all keep an open mind it's impossible to judge a model from just watching one scene =)

biggerthebetter, 23/June/2016

Cette scène n'est certes pas la meilleure que vous ayez produite et manquait d'énergie dans l'action. Zac en était à son premier clip et je ne doute pas un instant qu'il s'améliore à l'avenir Sa prestation moyenne s'explique sans doute par la nervosité d'être pour la première fois face à la caméra et plus probablement par le fait d'être inondé de pisse (situation qui ne doit pas être très agréable à vivre). Quant à la taille du sexe d'un modèle, je n'y accorde aucune espèce d'importance. L'essentiel est que le minet soit mignon et les deux modèles mis en scène dans ce clip sont adorables.

Pascaloux, 23/June/2016

... I meant John Smith in my previous post, not John Strong :P

biggerthebetter, 24/June/2016

Martyn Fox is delicious. He should have a great future. Please cast him in more films. Don't let Martyn disaqppear too soon, like Erik Fanke.

Sherman, 24/June/2016

To add. Martyn Fox is as good as Tim Walker, another star who disappeared too soon.

Sherman, 24/June/2016

Stunning guys and great action. Loved every minute.

CM, 29/June/2016

This scene was absolutely great! - true that dicks are a bit flacid initially, but this shows great foreskins...;-) - the pissing is perfect: hanging dicks pissing through foreskin and then lots of playing around it... More of this please!

Julienxxx, 03/July/2016

We would all like to lick sweet Martyn's beauty hole!

Josh, 25/July/2016

Please, please let's see more of Zac

CM, 12/August/2016

Simply delicious. Martin Fox is the new Youth: sweet, aristocratic and...increasingly gay.

Paolo Monaco, 07/August/2017

but, God's Power is better Substance.

Paolo Monaco, 07/August/2017

anyhow, Martin is pure Aristocracy !

PaoloMonaco, 08/October/2017

It is only displeasing that physical love does not have temporal depth, it is fine to itself, unlike the eternal spiritual love.

PaoloMonaco, 09/October/2017

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