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Staxus Classic: Raw Combat - Scene 1 - Remastered in HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 27)


James Byron, Julien Breeze, Lerry Ginter, Dominik Trojan

Added: 25/June/2016
Duration: 26 minutes, 52 seconds
Comments: 25


Life in the army has never been easy – a point that’s quickly clarified during the opening moments of this sordid military exercise, commencing with the ever-gorgeous Julien Breeze being tied up in the showers and dominated by a fag-smoking Dominik Trojan. Whether the piss-fest that ensues is your cup of tea is a matter of personal choice, of course; but we defy anyone not to find watching James Byron shaving Lerry Ginter’s hair in an adjoining room to be a very erotic and pleasing show.

What’s more, the escapade between Byron and Ginter gets all the more exciting when the two buddies decide to abandon the khaki and begin to suck on each other’s cocks; before Ginter ups the ante considerably by bundling his mate over a bunk bed so that he can smack his arse to a red-raw mess! It’s at this point that it’d be quite understandable if you decided to ring the nearest army-recruiting office in the hope of getting a piece of this kind of action for real; and things only get even more intense when Ginter finally exerts his authority by thrusting his raw, uncut cock deep into Byron’s guts.

But the temperature in the room hits fucking boiling-point when Breeze and Trojan step into the room to see the unbridled fornication taking place; and by the time Ginter has whitewashed Byron’s hole and been replaced in turn by the two new guys, there’s every good chance that you’ll have shot your wad in appreciation. Which is pretty much what Breeze and Trojan do all over Byron a few moments later; resulting in the lucky bottom having a face-load of spunk for his efforts!

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This was a super cute scene. But please is that sexy fourgy that we have been teasted a bit with know coming up soon =) Staxus is alwas good been when it's threesome and foursome time it's turn into something supreme!

biggerthebetter, 25/June/2016

Quite a nice remake. The actors are really yummy, and James Byron has a really sexy asshole. It gets raw fucked pretty good too. But it could have been a little more interesting if there had been, for example, some fucking in line, and especially some rimming. But I realise it's an older video remastered. It was worthwhile publishing it again, though.

Ryan, 25/June/2016

5 stars from me for this two-fold story turning into a foursome: 4 hot guys (including Staxus' 2 "superstars" from last decade, Dominik Trojan and Julian Breeze), army setting (my absolute favourite), hot bareback action and lots of cum in gaping holes :) I particularly liked the "behind/below" camera perspective Vlado Iresch has perfected, e.g. from minute 19:28 when James Byron is pounded by Dominik Troja while being sucked and jerked off by Julien Breeze. Best of porn! :))

NmFs, 25/June/2016

This was an excellent outstanding foursome porn action in which the boys were pounding one horny hole. The gaping holes indeed looked so yummy, fantastic. In the beginning I liked Dominik Trojahn and Julien Breeze so much. Dominik seemed to get horny from Juliens pissing and in short time he converted his slabby dick into a hard boner and jerked off his juicy cream. I can only vote 5 of 5 for such a classic winner! Congratulations

Chris, 25/June/2016

Seeing this remastered clip, we see that already at this time Staxus produced scorching hot movies with all it takes : great guys, big dicks, good rough fucking and lots of cum dripping dicks in all holes. Fantastic memory !

Christian, 25/June/2016

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