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Sperm Team, Sc.1: Kinky Toy-Play Gets New Spanish Boy Creaming Like A Geyser! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 63)
Added: 30/June/2016
Duration: 20 minutes, 56 seconds
Comments: 25


Oh for the time when these two young buddies used to be happy playing with Lego and Meccano! These days Joshua Levy and new boy, Mike Cole, clearly prefer to while away their free time playing with toys of a very different kind – ones that stimulate their meaty, uncut cocks rather than their brains! So it is that they start this terrific little duo working masturbators up and down their dicks; pleasing themselves so much in the process that they’re soon giving the said toys a good old-fashioned christening inside! That in turn leads to both lads engaging in a rather kinky session of cum-worship – a somewhat unusual start to any porn scene, it must be said.

All the same it’s not long before each of the guys are ready to perform once again; with Levy taking immediate advantage of the cute little Spaniard’s appetite for cock by thrusting his now-throbbing shaft deep inside his buddy’s guts. It’s a move that might come as something of an unexpected shock to many folk; but to Cole it all seems to be part of the course, as he takes every inch that Levy can muster with breathtaking ease.

What’s more, having taken a few moments off just to slurp on his mate’s dick, Cole is soon enjoying an even deeper penetration, this time reverse cowboy-style. All nicely topped off by Levy taking the youngster from behind, resulting in him creaming the lad’s arse. But without a shadow of a doubt it’ll be Cole’s glorious climax that will take the accolade here – a superb multi-shot eruption that gets propelled so far that it actually splatters the wall behind the sofa! Magnificent!

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Why spending time with toys when the boys can amuse themselves in a better way ? :) I think that's what Joshua thought and Mike agreed doing something much better than playing with the toys... And Joshua really took good care of Mike's ass. Oh yes he did... And i really like how this ended : perfect doggy-style and 2 very wet cumshots :) !

Vaclav, 30/June/2016

This is why I love staxus! Please continue making scenes like this!

mpgc, 30/June/2016


coemegan, 30/June/2016

Normally Joshua drives crazy when he`s rimming boyholes, I missed this part of sex but the rest was mhh yummy. I am so into Joshua could marry him, really fell in love with such a cute lad. 4 of 5 because of not having licked Mick`s asshole. Such a beautiful warm asshole needs a tongue onto it ;-)

Chris, 30/June/2016 the way the cumshot filming at the end was brilliant staxus - a really long hard boner was guarenteed:-)

Chris, 30/June/2016

Woud be nice to see Joshua Levy bottom. Dear Staxus, woud be a dream:) A flip flop with Jaro Stone or Chad Johnstone.......Hope dream come tru one time

Steff, 30/June/2016

@Steff..Joshua is not very much into beeing a bottom, he just doesn`t like it beeing pounded staxus once revealed. Each man to his own. Nevertheless he is one of the cutest and most randy boys here, I love him

Chris, 30/June/2016

Very good ! As said I also regretted the forgotten hot rimming of Mike's hole : he has such a good one, candidate for gaping, and he is so beautiful. True that seeing a good flip flop with a bottoming Joshua would be great, even if I doubt this will happen any soon... Congratulations to Mike for his rarely seen explosive cum splashing the wall : great !

Christian, 30/June/2016

Amazing boys, they are so hot. Joshua Levy must be one of the hottest boys at Staxus for many years!

@CzechRaw, 30/June/2016

The cum play in the beginning of the scene was genius, I have never seen anything like that before =) no need to rinse out the load from the fleshlight (well perhaps it was a different brand in this clip) it's much better to share the load with your buddy ;)

biggerthebetter, 01/July/2016

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