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Staxus Classic: Raw Combat - Scene 2 - Remastered in HD

2.8/5 (Total votes: 19)


John Child, Tony Rek

Added: 28/June/2016
Duration: 7 minutes, 25 seconds
Comments: 25


Keep it short, keep them keen – that’s the adage that surely fits for this horny, khaki-inspired duo featuring John Child and Tony Rek. If you’re expecting the full works then maybe it’s best to look elsewhere. But if a heady, breathless session of oral sex is something that floats your boat then this is most definitely worth a closer examination. Indeed, the fact that this scene is so brief makes the action all the more intense – two young soldiers grabbing the chance to pleasure each other, both aware that the window of opportunity is brief and that they shouldn’t take too long before they unload their balls of a heavy wad of hot jizz!

So after grinding their hips and spitting at each other to underscore their dirty-minded ambitions, they immediately take it in turns to get down on their knees to slurp on all the hard dick that they both have to offer. And believe us, they’ve got plenty! Indeed, we doubt there’s many fans who wouldn’t want to enjoy a taste of either of these two lads’ cocks given half the chance. What’s more, their somewhat kinky manners only adds to their appeal – not least of all the armpit licking as the action reaches a near-feverish climax.

Suffice it to say that it’s not long before both boys are at the point of no return – Rek spurting his generous wad of spunk all over Child’s face, before Child returns the favour by wanking off his ball-batter over his mate’s now-spent cock, which he then proceeds to lick clean! No doubt about it, these two army buddies are as fucking pervy as fuck; and we defy anyone not to enjoy a sneaky jerk-off in response!

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I really don't have any idea why the h... you published this, Staxus!?

NmFs, 29/June/2016

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