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Biker Boyz, Sc.1: Biking Buddy Takes A Pit Stop To Enjoy A Rigorous Raw Fucking! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 50)
Added: 14/July/2016
Duration: 30 minutes, 46 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s a tale of two contrasting personalities. Johny Cherry, innocently enjoying the countryside, using a blade of grass to make bird noises; and Chris Jansen, biker boy extraordinaire, wearing an ass-less suit that pretty much leaves nowt to the imagination! Of course, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realise what’s going to happen once these two young lads meet up; with Cherry quickly bowled over by Jansen’s brazenly provocative attire, and the Danish lad taking full advantage right from the off. Indeed, neither lad remains dressed for very long, as they each take turns to gorge on each other’s handsome cocks; before Cherry finally displays his distinctly carnal side, bundles his buddy over onto all fours and promptly starts to finger that beautiful bubble butt.

A few moments on and he’s balls-deep in Jansen’s pucker – which, given the Nordic boy’s lewd reputation, is exactly where Jansen wants him to be. Fucking outside is never the easiest of options, however, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the action soon transfers to a nearby cottage, where both fellows can fully express their most promiscuous desires; and where (basically) Jansen gets his arse fucked in a whole series of positions.

Indeed, this is where the horned-up fucker is at his happiest – his hungry little fuck-hole being banged unmercifully, culminating in him squirting like a geyser mid-reverse cowboy! Which leaves him to bring proceedings to a happy conclusion by means of a helping hand – quite literally! – as he jerks Cherry’s drooling cock off to a very sticky climax!

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Two of my favourite boys. Chris has a beautiful eager asshole. Pity it doesn't get rimmed this time, but the fingering is great. The fucking is awesome. John Cherry does it just great, and Chris so obviously loves it! Good cum shots too! Really sexy couple!

Ryan, 14/July/2016

30 mins. of sheer joy. I loved this & am sure some viewers cum at least 3 times? Fabulous!

pugs, 14/July/2016

This was so fucking hot. I like the outdoor scenes,especially here with 2 beautiful lads. The fingering was outstanding and please again more ATM. Can only vote 5 of 5 for such a winner...

Chris, 14/July/2016

Sure thing Pugs. Couldn't quite manage to cum on the 4th attempt!

Ryan, 14/July/2016

Serious chat. I think both boys are a real turn on. The lycra short of Chris are SO SEXY! I actually missed the fact that Chris DOES get rimmed by John for a brief moment. I think the excitement made me jerk the video forward. For me it's actually the best part. What heaven it must have been for John Cherry. I would have loved to have taken part. Such a sweet, sweet hole to lick and fuck!

Ryan, 14/July/2016

What I will add to my previous comment is the fact that because of videos like these ones we love staxus. Slim, juvenile gays like Johny and of cause danish cutie are staxus hobby-horse. Oh my good there was harmony and passion between them and staxus: please produce more videos outside in such lovely places (woods, cafes on the street, cinema) instead of "dull" spots like a bed! Wonderful

Chris, 14/July/2016

Chris' ass is so nice, I get excited by just looking at it, but of course it's even better with a cock going and in and out of his hole =) The outfits where nice too, I find that many times it makes it sexier than full nude. Nice cumshots in the end followed by a sexy cum cleanup by Chris and a nice wet kiss to finish it off =)

biggerthebetter, 14/July/2016

...the more often I watch the moment when Chris licks Johnys finger which stuck deep into Chris own ass the more horny it makes me...Chris seemed to drive crazy tasting his wonderful own butt! OMG, more scenes of it like this,please

Chris, 14/July/2016

Two very sexy guys. Chris looks like he enjoys all the attention to his cute hole. John Cherry does his stuff rimming it nicely and fingers it very well. I love the fucking, and Chris doesn't even drop his sexy gear till near the end, just letting it all hang out. Loved it when John shoots his load and Chris goes down and swallows a drop of it. Mmmm!

Josh, 15/July/2016

Sexy little fuckers! I wanted to rim them both deep and then fuck them in turn. Nice to rim one while fucking the other at the same time. YES!

Kris, 19/July/2016

Pure Nobility ! The elegant and powerful of these sweet Angels is the Glory of sacred Masculinity and of God Creator.

Paolo Monaco, 12/August/2017

In any Case, spiritual Forces are winning.

PaoloMonaco, 13/August/2017

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