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Sperm Team, Sc.3: Two Cuties Suck & Fuck; Then Hot New Beauty Jerks Out A Load! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 58)
Added: 17/July/2016
Duration: 20 minutes
Comments: 25


Oh, you lucky guys – it’s two horny escapades for the price of one, beginning with a scorching duo between STAXUS favourite, Ray Mannix, and newcomer, Johnathan Strake; followed by a scintillating solo from doe-eyed novice, Lucas Drake. Matters get off to a teasing start with Mannix and Strake as they take time out to play with a pair of “Three + Two” briefs and a packet of Tuc biscuits – a rather unusual mix of foreplay toys, it must be said, and arguably unique to any gay porn we’ve previously witnessed. But it’s not long before the two lads are making eyes at each other and are putting their accessories to one side- - preferring instead to concentrate on each other’s young, handsome bodies.

And what a pair of fucking beauties these two lads are! Mannix, as gorgeous as he ever is; and Strake, as fresh-faced and cute-smiled as they come. It’s almost enough to have you jizzing in your pants there and then; but there’s plenty of cock-worship between these fellows to ensue to warrant restraint. Besides, the eventual sight of Mannix ploughing into his buddy – Strake dribbling with pre-cum as he does so – is the real climax of the action; culminating in the horned-up Mannix creaming his mate’s arse and then cleaning it up with a biscuit.

Of course usually that would mark the end of proceedings; but, as we said before, here the action continues with a Drake jerk-off. A studio exclusive, this perfectly formed young angel works his hole with a handsome sex-toy; then ruptures his nads all over his tight, youthful belly, before licking the spunk off his fingers!

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These guys are very sexy. New guy Johnathan has a tasty looking hole, put to good use by Ray Mannix, who seems to have started playing a top role. This makes a change from his more usual role as a bottom. But I like him in both roles. The wiping up of his cum onto a biscuit and sharing it with his buddy is just great! The new guy at the end, Lucas, looks very sexy. His hole looks quite experienced, so I guess we'll be seeing more of him soon, getting a big cock sliding deep into his cute asshole!

Ryan, 17/July/2016

Lukas ist ein atemberaubend schöner Junge. Kann es kaum erwarten einen harten langen Schwanz tief in seinem Arsch zu sehen.

Bunnes, 17/July/2016

Jonathan ? Yes, of course. What a sweet boy he looks ! Love the tender way he looks to Ray or for the camera. Lucas ? Yes, of course. I think I have to say it's a big yes. Cute smile, gorgeous body, amazing ass :) and....oh God...his eyes !! Please hurry up some scenes with him !!

Vaclav, 17/July/2016

Lucas Drake is just breathtaking. He is SEXY and he knows it. What a butt hole and an awesome cum shot. I almost blew one over my head when he popped his nutt. Great intro for a cutie pie... ❤dr

❤dr, 17/July/2016

Also die Darsteller sind ja meist der Überhammer .. So auch in diesen Film.... Megagaylst .. Aber ganz ehrlich vom Film selber her bin ich eher Enttäuscht .... Wieder ein paar Schnittee zuviel für mich. Nur mal eine Szene ca 7 Minute wird noch mit den Schwanz gespielt..Schnitt ..schon steckt er im Arsch, hier wäre es Gayler gewesen zu sehen wie Ray iihn einführt.... Wie Jonathan Saftet ist schon sehr erregend, aus den Umstand hätte man mehr machen können .. (Nicht nur Andeutungen als Rays Hand ihn abstreifte und nur einmal seine Hand zum Mund von Jonathan führte) Süss fand auch in einigen Einstellungen wie Jonathan ganz kurz zur Kamera schaute..Seine unschuldigen Augen... Ray wie er in seinen Jocks fickt ..einfach scharf.. Leider zieht man nicht genau , wohl durch die Kamera Einstellung wie Jonathan abspritzt.. er stöhnt da was (bedeutet wohl das er kommt).....

dieter, 17/July/2016

All boys are breathtaking. New guy Jonathan looks so innocent but as we see he can act as a real slut who likes to adopt the submissive part. The interaction with the Tuc- cookies was funny and tasty for sure:-) Agree with Dieters german comment before , unfortunately we didn`t see how and when Jonathan exactly exploded, this was really bad about it but the rest was all in all like most vids published a winner! 4,5 of 5

Chris, 17/July/2016

The boys are super cute and the newbie Johnattan very nice, with good sexy face and body. I m not sure Tuc biscuits are aware of this new kind of hidden advertising ! I think as well the scene and guys actions could pbly have been better used : more horny rimming, and a good creampie would have been nice in Johnattan's gaping hole ! Next time....

christian, 17/July/2016

Beautiful boys. But the scene between Ray and Jonathan is not very good. We need more of these two in a better video!

Jerry, 18/July/2016

Je viens de rentrer d'un long voyage de trois semaines aux Caraïbes pour constater que mon site préféré n'a pas failli à son immense réputation pendant mon absence. Vous avez en effet publié six nouvelles vidéos remarquablement réalisées tandis que la concurrence humiliée se contentait d'enfiler les perles. Je constate aussi l'arrivée de quatre nouveaux petits minets très mignons et aux débuts très prometteurs. Je vais visionner ce soir même ces clips géniaux et m'en délecter avec la plus grande avidité. L'excellent travail réalisé au cours des trois dernières semaines se doit d'être salué par une pluie d'éloges. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 18/July/2016

What's not to like about this? Very cool idea to combine a duo and solo scene all in one =) The cum play was hot, and it must have been a tasty topping for those crackers ;) Lukas/Lucas (noted that the spelling differs in the description of the scene and his model profile) is a cutie, I liked his eye contact with the camera, felt a bit like he was gazing right into the viewer's eyes. Judging by his load in the end, it must have been quite pleasure to play around with that big black dildo in his hole =D

biggerthebetter, 18/July/2016

I can see a lot of really hot rimming and bareback fucking involving these two newcomers. Yummy boys with beautiful cocks and asses! And cum in their holes! Mmmmm! Makes me hungry!

Ryan, 19/July/2016

Maybe "De Beukelaer" should conquer a market with a new "TUC" series..crackers drenched in creamy boy jizz like we saw here. I guess many many gays would become the greatest fans of this new invention haha:-)

Chris, 19/July/2016

In my opinion models who precum while being fucked are the sexiest. Jonathan often does this but the camera either misses it or pans away very quickly. Why ! The Holy Grail is hands free cum while being fucked. Jonathan would do this given the chance I am sure. Come on Staxus concentrate on the pre cum with all models.

John, 27/January/2018

I presumed this would be a 3-way and then nearly fell out of my chair when I got my first look at Lucas Drake. Holy cow -- can that kid ever work the camera (and his asshole). Sublime. I will treasure this as one of the finest solos of all time, and an outstanding debut for this adorable twink. Can't wait to watch his action scenes.

Ty Huber, 08/February/2018

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