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Biker Boyz, Sc.4: Bike Mechanic Gets To Screw His Cute Pal’s Tight Ass – Literally! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 58)
Added: 31/July/2016
Duration: 23 minutes, 1 seconds
Comments: 25


Kellan James is a young man of many talents – one of which, it seems, is the ability to pick things up off the floor using his feet. Whether that’s the aspect of this spunktastic scene with Johnathan Strake that you’ll end up remembering is open to question, of course; but it certainly adds a certain curiosity to the first few moments here, as he carries out some maintenance to his bike ahead of the arrival of Strake, who (not surprisingly) immediately distracts the fellow with a horny smooch. It’s a move that quickly has the desired effect on James, that’s for sure; as the now horned-up biker promptly switches his attention away from his cycle in favour of his pal’s thick, engorged salami, which he begins to feast upon with undisguisable relish.

Then again, who can blame the guy? Strake has a dick to die for, after all. Not only that, however, but the lad also possesses a handsome pair of bollocks that James is only too eager to nuzzle and worship. But there’s no denying the fact that James’s keenest attention is on his buddy’s hungry little ass-hole; and having allowed Strake a rigorous slurp on his own cock in return, the fellow is soon rimming and fingering Strake’s pucker like a being possessed.

Cue a fantastic arse-buggering session that sees the young lad pummelled in a series of hot positions; and culminating in some rather kinky sex play that involves James thrusting a screwdriver up the sweet boy’s hole. It all proves way too much for Strake, who is soon exploding right across his own belly; before James finishes the round by jerking out a wad into his pal’s mouth!

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Such sexy guys and a great scene through out. But I must say the screwdriver fucking was my favorite part, it seems Kellan managed to stimulate all the sweet spots inside of Jonathan's hole with that screwdriver =)

biggerthebetter, 31/July/2016

I can only say from the first second up to the end: PERFECTION...oh ma good, beginning with the tongue kissing was so intensive. Nothing was artificial, Kellan and Jonathan seem to be gay indeed, you can feel it. Endlessly passion and harmony. Staxus again on its highest level! And at the end when Jonathan licks the toy which stuck deep in his warm asshole made me explode. The best video published since weeks,staxus!

Chris, 31/July/2016

L'immense talent de John SMITH s'est encore pleinement exprimé au travers de cette somptueuse vidéo qui est parfaite du début à la fin. Le très sexy Kellan qui a beaucoup de charme et de prestance a confirmé ses débuts très prometteurs et vous avez été très inspirés d'un faire un modèle exclusif. Vous le seriez tout autant en faisant de même avec le merveilleux petit coquin de Jonathan que je classe dans le cercle très fermé des petits minets d'exception. Je constate néanmoins que les fiches de profil des nouveaux modèles ne sont toujours pas renseignées et je vous le signalerai dans chaque commentaire tant que cette lacune n'aura pas été comblée. Félicitations pour cet excellent clip : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 31/July/2016

Great scene, loved all the tongue play which was so hot and the models are so hot together, it looked like Kellan couldn't get enough of Jonathan, excellent scene.

Staxusfan, 01/August/2016

@staxus:..I just can`t get enough of Jonathan`s bonniness. He is like painted fantasy. His eyes, his slim sexy body, asshole and his sweetest smile on earth makes him become a dreamboy. Would like to be his boyfriend forever. Boys like him are your juwel!

Chris, 01/August/2016

Johnathan in his 3rd scene has hit a level that makes me think he is the next Noah Matous, He is so into the fucking from the very able Kellen. The camera shot from under Johnathan as Kellen is fucking him hard and Strake is starring at the camera as he enters that state of pure sexual excitement makes this an all time favorite for me!

DeWayne in SD, 01/August/2016

Sporty young twinks and so sexy! Love it all, the cock sucking and the rimming is just great. The fingering and fucking followed by the fucking with a screwdriver is quite a turn on. And the final cumming into the mouth of Johnathan is super. Especially when he swallows it. Yummy!

Ryan , 02/August/2016

with the scredriver must have been wunderful tasty and Jonathan has had much fun tasting his own butt as we could see. If I was involved in this cute duo at the end I would have taken the scredriver and keep it forever so I can smell and taste Jonathans scent wheneveer I want...Great!

Chris, 02/August/2016

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