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Bareback Gym Buddies 2, Sc.4: Horny Gym Bunnies Hop Off Home For A Hot, Jizzy Suck & Fuck! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 87)
Added: 14/August/2016
Duration: 31 minutes, 1 seconds
Comments: 25


Outdoor gyms are all the rage these days – and provide the perfect means for those who can’t afford their own personal gym equipment to keep fit. Indeed, for young lads like Johnathan Strake and Noah Matous they’re a positive God-send; although in fairness it’s not long before these two beauties have decided to abandon their more orthodox fitness routine for something a little kinkier. So it is that they head back to their apartment, whereupon they engage in a little bit of destressing – courtesy of some clearly much-needed foot-massaging.

It’s not long, however, before other parts of their bodies are screaming out for the same kind of attention – as Strake discovers when his hand reaches down into Matous’s crotch! At which point Matous promptly retaliates by diving down onto his buddy’s now clearly straining cockhead; signalling the start of a tremendous session of fellatio from both lads, which ultimately results in Matous rigorously rimming and fingering Strake’s hungry little arsehole.

It’s obvious by this stage in proceedings, of course, that it’s not just Matous’s finger that’s going to be giving his mate’s fuck-hole the once-over; and before long Strake is impaled on that ever-insatiable cock and feeling Matous’s over-ripe balls eagerly slapping against his butt-cheeks! It’s a turn of events that the hyped-up bottom clearly enjoys given the energetic manner with which he then proceeds to ride his pal’s dick like a total whore; culminating in him jerking out a generous load of jizz, before sucking the jizz out of Matous’s hairless shaft to secure his share of cash!

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It's a pleasure to see someone like Noah (a fantastic power bottom) having fun with a cutie as Jonathan. Loved to see Noah as a top, specially the way he used his big cock, almost inside Jonathan's ass. It's great to see that Noah is back. And what a comeback !

Vaclav, 14/August/2016

Noah as a top is truly awesome. Jonathan is super-cute. Great scene!

InsertCleverScreenNameHere, 14/August/2016

These two are just great! With Johnathan lying back and lifting his legs for Noah he exposes his beautiful open hole. Noah shows he is a great top when the occasion demands, and who could refuse such an invitation? He loves that hole to use so much. Superb rimming, which makes me so hot I feel like I could explode with the excitement. The way Noah uses his tongue on the hole is the best I've seen, and he so much loved doing it. His final fingering of the hole is just fantastic. And when he greases his beautiful shaved cock and enters Johnathan it's heaven, watching it close up. The action is quite straightforward, but the way it's performed is sensual. One of the best bits is when Noah exposes his own beautiful hole whilst he's deeply fucking Johnathan. I wanted to rim that hole and slide in myself, whilst he was still fucking Johnathan. Oh what Heaven! And a nice cum couple of explosions to follow. Yummy! After watching this the terrific excitement caused me to have to clean my computer keyboard afterwards! A really big orgasm. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! 5 stars for everyone!

Ryan, 14/August/2016

What a pairing Noah Matous is back and tops one of the hottest new twinks. A Favorite and instant Staxus Classic!

DeWayne in SD, 14/August/2016

It is really a surprise to see our so well known bottom Noah using his long and big rod as a top in this hot video today ! He does it very well and Johnathan seems to like it much. Noah can not do it without fingering his hole while screwing, which is hot. Very nice surprise indeed !

Christian, 14/August/2016

Oh my god, boy angels! Noah and Jonathan is the perfect combination for randy and dirty gaysex. I was so positive surprised seeing Noah pounding Jonathans asshole. The rimming part and even everything was a dream on earth. If I could I would vote more than 5 points. Heaven on earth....

Chris, 14/August/2016

Le merveilleux , le formidable, le magnifique petit Noah vient de faire un retour triomphal et a réalisé en tant qu'actif une prestation à couper le souffle. J'ose désormais espérer qu'il ne faudra plus attendre cinq mois pour qu'on revoie en action cet exceptionnel petit minet. Qui plus est, avoir jumelé Noah avec le petit ange pervers de Jonathan est une idée de génie. Bien que tous vos clips soient excellents, cette vidéo est- en ce qui me concerne- la meilleure de l'année. D'ailleurs cette réalisation semble faire l'unanimité parmi vos membres si j'en juge par les commentaires très élogieux qui en ont été faits et la note moyenne très élevée. Je vous adresse une fois de plus toutes mes félicitations pour cet excellent clip. En revanche, vous n'êtes pas à féliciter pour votre lenteur à mettre à jour les fiches de profil des nouveaux minets.

Pascaloux, 14/August/2016

Masterpiece :-)

pugs, 15/August/2016

Noah ist einfach klasse: from bottom to top-sehr überzeugend. Johnathan is very cute. Super Jungs! :)

konstanxxx, 16/October/2016

The manly Beauty of Cock of Noah and the Explosion of his Sperm are true Work of Art. The Conclusion is only one: PURE AND NOBLE VIRILITY

Paolo, 07/February/2017

but spiritual Energy is better

Paolo, 08/February/2017

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