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Super Big For Super Small, Sc.2: Black-Lovin’ Twink Gets His Hole Stretched To The Fucking Max! HD

2.8/5 (Total votes: 69)
Added: 28/August/2016
Duration: 12 minutes, 32 seconds
Comments: 25


Underwear shoots are always good fun for models, but it’s not often that the guys in question decide to take things just that little bit further and decide to investigate what’s actually inside the pants that they’re modelling! To be fair to young Jacob Waterhouse, however, who can blame him for being just that little bit inquisitive about the package that his co-star, Tony X, has got stuffed in his crotch? Indeed, we sincerely doubt that are many horny white boys who would be able to resist the temptation of tasting that thick, meaty black mamba for themselves!

Indeed, he’s down on Tony’s shaft with the kind of gusto that you’d expect from a lad of his sluttish reputation; slurping away on every generous inch that the Brit boy can muster. Whether the Czech lad fully realises that encouraging his black counterpart in this manner is going to result in his cute little arse paying the ultimate price, however, is another matter completely. But needless to say it’s not long before Tony’s ready and willing to stake his claim and ownership on that white pucker, fingering that hungry little fuck-hole before burying every inch of British salami deep into Waterhouse’s guts!

It’s more than enough to send the dirty bitch into the sexual stratosphere; and needless to report it’s not very long at all before all that near-merciless hammering results in the youngster rupturing the entire contents of his nads all over himself. Still seemingly not content, however, Waterhouse, then proceeds to blow Tony off so that he can enjoy a heavy wad of pent-up black spooge delivered across his lips!

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Sexy scene, not as strong as Tony X's scene with Ray, but I like that Tony was more dominant in this scene =) It would have been sexier without the condom though.

biggerthebetter, 28/August/2016

Missed....the condom makes it a standard mainstream movie that could be seen on any other site, but definitely not on Staxus. Too bad.

Christian, 28/August/2016

Tony is a nice guy but it seems he is acting like a gay for pay who doesn't want to suck his partners and doesn't really enjoy gay sex. Jacob: sexy and hot as always!

Jerry, 28/August/2016

Habe mich dazu im deutsch Sprachigen Blog ausführlich geäussert ... Nur ganz kurz ausgedrückt: Einer der schlechtesten Filme das ich bei Staxus gesehen habe... Da spielt auch das Kondom ne Rolle...und die Grauenhafte Schnitte. Tony hat zwar einen grossen Schwanz aber das ist nicht alles wirkte Lustlos ..Ob es die Auftegung ist ?

dieter, 28/August/2016

Dummy and without any spark of passion, they are acting like strangers, forced to do it. No after a long time of perfect videos this is really dull! Stopped watching it after a while, waste of time!

Chris, 28/August/2016

had to deduct a star for the condom.

dong, 28/August/2016

Jacob is a gorgeous Boy who excites me so very much. His very first scene in a threesome was so sexy. Also his further 3 scenes super, I would love to see Jacob with Noah & Jonathan in a Kinky threesome & golden rain. I love Jacob XXXXX

puggs, 28/August/2016

I'm sorry to say but I hate Tony's attitude. It's a total turnoff he's so obviously gay4pay. He's not interested in his partner at all, he doesn't blow him, he even avoids kissing Jacob when the latter tries to. He hardly even looks at his partner! I also hate his half-removed tattoo on his chest. I can't judge whether the cumshot is fake or not. But so much at the shooting seems to have gone wrong - it's just scraps of a real scene. Even worse than the scene with Ray and Johnathan that was also random scraps put together. Sorry guys, that's only 1/5

Theo, 28/August/2016

..have to add to my first comment from the morning I again started to watch this video but this is far away from staxus high standard. As far as the earth to the universe. Poor Jonathan didn`t deserve such a contemptous bearing of Tony. Tony as said befour acts like a hustler, gay for pay. If the video would be deleated ...never mind!

Chris, 28/August/2016

Even when a video goes wrong, I think it needs a lot of work. In this case it would be fun to read the story of the shoot by the team who filmed the scene and tried to do their best... :)

Jerry, 28/August/2016

I think we all can agree that this perhaps wasn't Staxus' best work, but no need to go all crazy. They didn't have strong chemistry, but regarding kissing and such I don't think the intent of this scene was to be a romantic one with passionate love making :P More about submission and domination with Tony dominating and Jacob submitting to him (I guess such scenes isn't everyone's cup of tea) I like both Jacob and Tony X so lets hope we will get the pleasure of seeing more of them in the future =)

biggerthebetter (the real one not the imposter), 28/August/2016

Condom seriously? You guys started saving on production or maybe someone here is not bug free? If you did not have models tested, maybe you should wait with filming this one or at least use models with results? Total boner killer.

boarderfox, 29/August/2016

Condoms are a real turn off, agreed. Especially on a gaysite which concentrates on bareback sex. Guess this is why we are members here..We wanna see cum in ass und nice bareback pounding :-)

Chris, 29/August/2016


fab, 31/August/2016

did not join this site to see "safe sex" & condoms, get back to what you do best, hot young twinks barebacking & pumping cum into each other.

bodoman666, 04/September/2016

So a lot of people are bitching about a condom. Your own turn-on is more important than a model's safety? Makes me want to puke.

Dane in Prague, 10/September/2016

I love to see amouth getting the load of cun=m. Any cocksucker wants all the cum in his mouth. Let it cum guys.

buck373, 28/December/2016

i found the scene to be incredibly hot Not sure why everyone is so displeased Two hot boys interracial sex....more please

roji3, 08/November/2017

I could overlook the condom if there was any chemistry and passion between these two, but that's certainly not the case. Posted right in the middle of a flurry of wonderful scenes, this one is a dud. Oh well -- you can't win 'em all.

Ty Huber, 08/February/2018

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