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Staxus Classic: Bareback Cock Riders - Scene 1 - Remastered in HD

2.0/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 23/August/2016
Duration: 6 minutes, 40 seconds
Comments: 25


Everyone knows that if you’re running a hotel or hostel then you have to be prepared to go the extra mile when it comes to ensuring that your guests have a good time. Whether you should be ready and willing to go quite as far as this accommodating host is a matter of debate, however. After all, the deliciously sounding Carwin Raw puts on the kind of welcoming show that wet dreams are made of; and, what’s more, he’s even prepared to allow one of his guests (Alex Clifford) to film the whole performance!

Not that Clifford seems to be in the mood to complain, of course. Nor, for that matter, we feel quite sure, will you; as the young fellow first teases us with the bulge in his pure white underwear, before pulling out his ever-growing cock and working it into a thick rod of oozing pleasure. Indeed, there’s no denying the excitement that this fellow seems to be having from blatantly showing off his wares – the pre-cum literally dripping from his end as he runs his tightly-clenched fist up and down the full length of his shaft. Not content, however, the horny little bitch then proceeds to get down on all fours so that he can finger his hungry arse-hole for the camera.

It’s at this point, of course, that maybe it would’ve been nice for Clifford to have quit his role as cameraman to bury his own knob into the young slut’s pucker. As it is, however, we have to be content with Raw’s solo efforts, as he proceeds to then lie on his back and jerk out a tremendous wad of pent-up teen goo; teasing the lens with a very suggestive glance, and licking his sticky fingers as he does so!