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Army Dropouts, Sc.2: Army Buddies Lock Horns In A Raw Stairway Suck-&-Fuck-Fest! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 52)
Added: 25/August/2016
Duration: 23 minutes, 5 seconds
Comments: 25


Not every young recruit enjoys life in the army – it’s a fact of life – and it seems that Johnathan Strake is amongst that number. Luckily for him, he’s got a guy like Chad Johnstone to show him that life in khaki isn’t without its benefits – including mixing with some of the hottest, horniest young fellows in their prime. Certainly Johnstone shows no reticence in displaying his interest in the fellow; and within seconds Strake is reciprocating the move, taking a big handful of his mate’s crotch to manhandle Johnstone’s weaponry.

What’s more, it doesn’t take long for the blond conscript to get down on his knees in order to appreciate the said handsome ramrod – a move that Johnstone (not unsurprisingly) seems to eagerly relish. Indeed, Strake quite honestly doesn’t appear to be able to get enough of his buddy’s oversized fuck-tool, gobbling away like a complete slut; before Johnstone eventually grabs his own somewhat limited taste of hard cock in return. But there’s never any doubting that it’s Strake who’s going to be the submissive party in this coupling; and it seems only fitting when his horned-up little pucker becomes the focal point of attention, with Johnstone earnestly fingering and rimming the tight fuck-hole.

That sets the scene nicely for a truly great round of hardcore outdoor fornication; with Strake pounded in a series of positions, during which he even finds the time and energy to enjoy yet another suck on his mate’s gorgeous joystick. It’s no wonder that the little slut is quickly spurting like a volcano; before he disembarks to slurp on Chadstone’s eruption!

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The setting here in the woods and the soldier story was excellent. OMG both boys are so cute. Jonthan has a very juicy and lickable asshole and Chad seemed to be fascinated licking it out and fingering the hole. Then the ass to mouth must have been extremely tasty as the fingers stuck deep in Jonathans glowing warm butt. Again a winner, staxus!

Chris, 25/August/2016

I do not particulary like Chad ; however he has a big dick and Johnathan loves to play with it, especially when he fucks himself deeply with it. Great scene. Wld have loved a good creampie in Johnathan's cute ass... next time ?

Christian, 25/August/2016

Great guys. I'm really liking this military theme, the clothes, the outdoor military style setting combined with hot sex action. Jonathan looks incredibly tight, and yet he manages to fit really big things inside him =D

biggerthebetter, 25/August/2016

... surely an explosion of taste for Chad would have been if Jonathan relaxed and opens his wonderful ass as he already did after Chad stopped fucking him for a while. Chad could have pounded Jontahans ass with his tongue slowly sliding into Jonthans ass and enjoy the holy warm intestininal mucosa. An early explosion would have been guarenteed :-)

Chris, 25/August/2016 seem to follow my comments for a long time which delights me. I am neither weird nor a freak, I´m just a big fan of rimming and boyholes, who matters.. Every gay has a special preference, one guy likes smooching the other fisting and I am into rimming. That`s it...

Chris, 27/August/2016

..I am german ! and my english is sometimes not the best maybe my diction is wrong understood occasionally this could be one explanation. Wrong diction and wrong phrases may happen. Go to previous videos where I spotted my comments, maybe sometimes we have had the same opinion. You were bewildered because of my " anal diction" with the bowel, but you do know how gay sex achieves?!

Chris, 27/August/2016 I just wanted to emphasize my addiction to rimming and I used a wrong phrase. Beg your pardon for it! Cause I am not an idiot and not insane :-) I have been a member here for at least 2 and a half year ..I´m posting since about 1 year. You can look at many previous comments of mine and for sure we often think the same when its not depending any rimming or anal action. I lalso as apparently you like to read the reactions of our collegues, intersting to get to know what they think about a scene, cause 95% of the clips here are stunning, I figure...

Chris, 27/August/2016

those two boys just made me cum e few times, so cute thanks *smile* Ueli

Ueli, 12/January/2017

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