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Army Dropouts, Sc.4: Horny Recruit Gets His Ass Spanked & Pummelled Twice Over!

4.2/5 (Total votes: 43)
Added: 04/September/2016
Duration: 25 minutes, 56 seconds
Comments: 25


New boy, Luke Volta, clearly has one overriding ambition – to make a man of Jacob Waterhouse! So when he finds himself as the young recruit’s superior in the army he wastes little time in putting the cute twink through his paces, even to the point of spanking Waterhouse’s arse when the youngster doesn’t do his press-ups properly. In total contrast, the fellow seems to show little regard for Chad Johnstone – until, that is, he needs someone to help him finger and rim Waterhouse’s fully-exposed pucker.

It’s a task that Johnstone embarks upon with characteristic gusto, it must be said; and signals the start of a tremendous outdoor threesome that will almost certainly have you jerking off like crazy! Of course, there’s no prizes for guessing that Waterhouse’s arse remains the star of the performance throughout; and once all three lads have had their mouths filled with hard cock in turn, Johnstone is quick to claim first dibs on the twink’s hungry little slit.

It’s at this point that any doubts about Waterhouse’s appetite for cock are promptly dispelled – his legs splayed wide open as he takes Volta’s dick down his throat! But his ultimate moment comes when he takes it in turns to ride Johnstone and Volta’s cocks in turn cowboy-style – bouncing up and down like a cheap slut, much to his mates’ very obvious pleasure. Little fucking wonder that neither of the tops can hold off from their inevitable climax for too long; and before you know it they’re spraying Waterhouse’s face with a much-deserved blast of spooge. If only all army-training was as rewarding as this!

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An sich ein Film der mir sehr gut gefallen hat….und alle hatten Sackhaare Einfach geil….Wenn nur diese “Stellungswechsel Schnitte” nicht wären… und der schnelle Schluss vom Schluss .Chad sehe ich sowieso sehr gerne …In den Film war er besser als mit Jonathan wo er Lustlos wirkte. Jacob gefällt mir auch sehr.. vor allem wie er gefickt wurde und sein halbsteifer Schwanz so baumelt…Luke Volta machte seine Sache für seinen Auftritt sehr gut..Ich glaube hier hat John ihn gut eingesetzt, er wirkte nicht überfordert oder hatte nach meinen Gefühl in seiner Rolle keine Berührungsängste.

dieter, 04/September/2016 unusual beginning here at staxus, normally there is an introduction and then they start having sex, but hmm it`s ok. All boys are cute and at the end the cumsharing from mouth to mouth was tasty looking! All in all it was very ok,but only ok not 5! I voted 4 of 5 cause of that certain something missing...

Chris, 04/September/2016

Luke doesn't do anything for me. He's way too muscular for my taste and thus doesn't really belong to a twink site. And could anybody please teach him how to suck cock and kiss?! A lack of passion in the whole scene is apparent. Quite boring!

Theo, 04/September/2016

I'm normally the biggest fan of Staxus threesomes. But this one lacked in the energy and passion department and none of the guys seemed really excited. However since they are all such pretty guys I can't resist but to give it 4/5 =)

biggerthebetter, 04/September/2016

3 beaux garçons bien filmés... mais l'étincelle de la passion est absente.

Jerry, 05/September/2016

Beautiful scene. It just is puzzling that HD has asi19 minutes and SD témněř 26 minutes ??? Why???

renda567, 05/September/2016

Watching this scene a couple of times more, getting better with each view =) But please do more creampie play and felching. The end of this scene was excellent but just imagine how hot it would be to see Chad shooting his load inside of Jacob and Luke slurping up the load inside of him =D

biggerthebetter, 11/September/2016

I think a very horny scene - good fucking scenes - and again thank you that the boys have been not shaved!!! More of them! But what for me is a no go is that in the end Jacob spit away the cream he got into his mouth. It would be good if you coud find bottoms who will like the jizz of their partners and swallow it really. That will make the clip much more hornier.

Shelter, 04/June/2018

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