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Cum Harvest, Sc.2: Outdoor Cock-Action For Solo Twink & His Three Spunky Mates! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 68)
Added: 11/September/2016
Duration: 27 minutes, 58 seconds
Comments: 25


The bees are buzzing, the butterflies are fluttering – and young Lucas Drake is out on a nature walk, enjoying the delights of the Czech countryside. Like most boys his age, however, it’s the joys that his ever-attentive cock gives him that concentrates his senses most keenly – as eagerly demonstrated when he sits back in the great outdoors and fantasises about what it would be like to get a very oily massage from three very eager helping hands! Cue a fantastic jerk-off courtesy of Clyde Walton, Mike Branco and Ray Mannix, who – having relieved their horned-up mate of a heavy load of jizz – promptly decide to turn all their attention on each other.

Of course, it comes as no surprise whatsoever that it’s Mannix who’s the first to be down on his knees enjoying the taste of hard cock in his mouth; whilst Slovak buddy, Branco, and Brit-boy, Walton, passionately snog. Nor will it amaze anyone that it’s Mannix who soon becomes the centre of attention. After all, this slut’s reputation always proceeds him, and his two pals are clearly only too willing to make the most of it; with Walton burying his thick, uncut shaft deep into the fellow’s arse whilst Branco slurps on his cock.

Anyone imagining that Mannix is going to get all the fun is sore mistaken, however. New boy Branco is clearly keen to get his share of ass-action; and plonking himself down on Mannix’s ramrod he proceeds to demonstrate a ride that would give any self-respecting whore a run for their money. All of which culminates in three of the spunkiest climaxes imaginable, leaving a trio of mouths dripping with jizz!

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omg such a sexy and horny scene. Jackpot!

biggerthebetter, 11/September/2016

Very hot three-way with Ray Mannix breaking in the newbies Clyde Walton and Mike Branco! What a tease John Smith and Staxus have been this summer we get yet more glimpses of emerging star Lukas Drake but have yet to see a full on scene. This must be the movie so my guess is next scene we will finally get to see Lukas and understand why this tease has been rolling out since July!

DeWayne in SD, 11/September/2016

another great jack off scene with Lucas, what a darling. Who wouldn't want to jack his 7" cock till it cums??? I look forward to seeing Lucas getting pounded, maybe even a flip-flop... The 3-way with Clyde Walton, Mike Branco and Ray Mannix was stunning as well.

❤dr (dee-arr), 11/September/2016

what really captures my attention is .... Mike Branco ! Looks a shy boy, but oh boy, he's cute, nice body and big cock. And he seems to be great as a bottom... And his cock/chopper ? :) and better than that is his cumshot. Mike Branco or ...Mike Jeyser ? lol. More (obviously) of Mike Branco !

Vaclav, 11/September/2016

Okay, das ist ja nun mal zweifellos der beste Filme seit langem. Ray ist inzwischen vom Sexperten zum Sexgott geworden. Es ist nett zu sehen, wie er die ganze Zeit die Fäden zieht. Sein offensichtlicher Genuss beim Spermaschlecken ist extrem geil. Der große blonde Junge ist ein bissl blass, finde ich, aber der Johnathan-Lookalike gefällt mir gut. Leider wirkt selbst diese gute Szene an manchen Stellen arg gestellt, das ist John anzulasten, auch manche Schnitte finde ich grausam. Sogar der Beginn des Abspritzens ist einmal weggeschnitten. Und warum die armen Knaben es auf dieser harten und extrem unbequem aussehenden Bank treiben müssen, ist mir ein Rätsel ... Nun noch ein Wort zu Lucas. Irgendwie fand ich dieses Abwichsen wider Erwarten sehr erregend, das war mal was ganz Anderes. Nur sorry, das Klaviergeklimper dazu ist nervtötend. Der natürliche Sound wäre viel besser gewesen. Aber alles, was natürlich ist, scheint John ja nicht zu mögen. Dafür zeigt er uns Blümchen und Bienen. Aber, um es abschließend nochmals zu sagen, Ray ist ein Gott! I love you, Ray!

Theo, 11/September/2016

To watch this fabulous clip was a pleasure. Four boys who all need to be called "supercuties". The two new ones hopefully stay for a long time, especially Clyde who looks like an innocent shy guy seems to be sexhungry!...very nice. the outdoor hotspot made the whole video complete, ending with hot shootings of creamy boyjizz. By the way the filming when Mike is beeing fucked (seeing his enormous dick teetering up and down) was excelent chosen. 5 of 5 for this winner, staxus!

Chris, 11/September/2016

An Outdoor CLASSIC.Ray is a STAR but watch out for his 2 New Partners They are Super Boys.

puggs, 11/September/2016

All seem to like this new video. True it is very nice ; Ray is as good as ever and the 2 sexy newbies are cute and know well to play horny. Great stuff.

Christian, 11/September/2016

Je viens de rentrer d'un long voyage de trois semaines aux Etats-Unis et m'aperçois que STAXUS a encore frappé très fort pendant mon absence au point même d'y avoir étincelé de toutes parts. Vous avez en effet publié six nouvelles vidéos de très haut niveau qui mettaient en action les petits minets les plus mignons, coquins et lubriques du site. Abonné chez trois autres concurrents dont BAOL, je peux affirmer haut et fort que ces derniers ont rendu des copies bien pâles par rapport à vos fabuleuses réalisations. Je viens de télécharger trois de ces six nouveaux chefs d'oeuvre que je vais déguster ce soir même. La suite du spectacle étant prévue pour demain soir. Il va sans dire que l'excellent travail réalisé au cours de ces trois dernières semaines se doit d'être salué par un très retentissant triple ban.

Pascaloux, 11/September/2016

SUPERB. Great work by Clyde especially.

dong, 12/September/2016

Very sexy stuff. Clyde is super the way he rims Ray's lovely hole and then barebacks him. This got me very hot. Then it was great to see Ray giving new boy Mike a thorough fucking, Wow! Great cock Mike has - a really big dong! The cum shots are great stuff too! Just loved all of it! 5 stars certain!

Ryan, 13/September/2016

Wow what a hot opening, Lukas Drake is stunning, great scene to show him off, he is so hot, hope to see a lot more of Lukas.

Staxusfan, 14/September/2016

Thanks to bring us these lovely boys !

Jerry, 14/September/2016

Of course Lucas Drake is EXCLUSIVE to Staxus. If I were PepaJohn, I would never let him go...

❤dr , 16/September/2016

Oh, almost forgot...MORE photos of Lucas PLEASE... ❤dr (dee-arr) ‏@dr2450

❤dr , 16/September/2016

Utterly beautiful guys and brilliant action

CM, 17/September/2016

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