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Cum Harvest, Sc.4: Big Dicked Mates Flip-Flop Twice Over For A Face-Load Of Spunk! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 49)
Added: 18/September/2016
Duration: 26 minutes, 9 seconds
Comments: 25


With the apples in harvest, young Andy Fisher is clearly keen to demonstrate his party-trick at the start of this stunning little escapade – juggling three fruit with remarkable ease, whilst simultaneously maintaining a cheeky grin on his face to look every inch the desirable little fucker! What’s more, it’s an achievement that clearly impresses his blond-haired buddy, Mike Branco; who arrives to smooch the face off our would-be circus act, and who very quickly has his handsome cock out to tempt Fisher into a much more carnal kind of performance.

Needless to say, it’s an invitation that Fisher doesn’t turn down. Before you know it, the lad is down on his knees and feasting on every wonderful inch that Branco has to offer; before the roles are reversed and Branco eagerly gobbles away on his mate’s cock and rims his arse! What ensues is the kind of flip-flopping buggery that really is in a class of its own. For not only do these two beauties take it in turns to ride each other’s thick, meaty, uncut shafts, they actually do it twice over!

It’s the kind of show that will almost certainly have you jerking like crazy as a result; but of particular note is the slow-motion performance of Fisher as he bounces like a yoyo on Branco’s ramrod cowboy-style, his heavy-laden balls and grossly swollen cock springing up and down as he does so! It’s perhaps no surprise – given the sweaty intensity of the encounter – that the cum-shots that ensue really do have to be seen to be believed. A veritable tsunami of jizz from both lads that leave both fellows with very empty nads and cum-soaked faces!

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such lovely guys, I kinda love both of them, such pretty boys =) May be a weird question, I'm totally loving this series, but what happened to super size me 13? for me super size me and twinks destroed my absolute favorite '

biggerthebetter, 18/September/2016

Es ist eine geile Szene. Und es ist beachtlich, wie weit und viel Mike Branco spritzt. Noch geiler fände ich es, wenn er beim nächsten Mal die gesamte Ladung ins Gesicht seines Partners ablädt :-)

Cartman, 18/September/2016

Dieser Mike (wie er wohl wirklich heist und ob er auch auf Jungs im echten Leben steht?) macht mich ganz Wuschig…Andy Fisher würde jetzt mal den erfahreren vermuten in Sachen Sex …Nur mal eine Szene die natürlich wirkte in der ca 10.40 Minute als Mike Andy heise Rossette leckte und dann OHNE Schnitt seinen Schwanz genüsslich in den Hintern von Andy versenkte ..So in der ca 14.12 Minute als Mike seinen Schwanz rauszog und Andy ihn in seinen Mund nehmen wollte flutschte er kurzzeitig raus… Herrlich ...Mike hatte wohl den”besseren” Spritzer/Abschüsse ..diese gingen überwiegend leider ins “Leere”, Andy leckte zwar dann den Schwanz sauber …alles sehr gayl… Aber mein Favorit ist eindeutig die Szene als Andy dann spritzte.., aber die Szene im gesamten gesehen…wie sein Samen in den offenen Mund von Mike eher tropfte…und Mike es in sich aufnahm… Der Bengel muste es schlucken…und er forderte Andys Schwanz zum sauber lecken...Jedoch die Schnitte in den: 15.40 , 17.44, 19,08, 22.30 , 24.38 Minuten beim Fickwechsel sind unverzeihlich und machen einen Super Porno einfach kaputt

dieter, 18/September/2016

This was again superhot! Andy and Mike have had real romantic and harmonic sex. One could see that they liked it, nothing was forced to do, just passion and perfect collaboration. When I compare Andy here with his first clip in the beginning of the year he appeared more mature and his bracelets and earring make him look as a dreamboy, and not only look he definately is. 5 of 5

Chris, 18/September/2016

I was missing Tyler so much here on Staxus. Two cute boys together, two big cocks together, two lovely asses in action :). Ni flip-flop scene and the end....very wet. Martin is great !

Vaclav, 18/September/2016

a very nice scene, well done. i particularly liked the tender kissing!

Theo, 18/September/2016

Nice vid indeed. Cute tonned asses and sexy dicks from both guys. Andy knows how to play both softly and actively. The flip flop is at best and both guys are good at it. Next time more cum on face and mouth if possible !

Christian, 19/September/2016

Now commenting sober :P I really liked the idea of them having sex in the stairs. But personally they aren't my favorite models, I prefer the more clasically handsome type.

biggerthebetter, 22/September/2016

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