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Raw Rodeo, Sc.1: Horny Cowboy Polishes His Cock Inside A Hot Twink’s Pert Arse! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 72)
Added: 22/September/2016
Duration: 27 minutes, 53 seconds
Comments: 25


We’ve a very sneaking suspicion that a very healthy proportion of our fans are gonna be half in love with new boy, Zac Drogba, by the time he’s finished giving his boots a good polish at the start of this horned-up escapade – even though, let’s be honest, most of us would probably prefer him to be polishing a rather intimate part of his anatomy instead! But of course that’s where doe-eyed babe, Angel Lopez, comes into the equation. Stepping into the stable, armed with a collection of horse paraphernalia, the young twink only has to flash a grin in his buddy’s direction to encourage Drogba to abandon his chores in favour of some intimate time together; and before you know it Lopez is slurping his tongue all over his mate’s chest, slowly edging down to the fine, handsome shaft that’s nestling nicely inside Drogba’s jeans.

It’s a performance that’s soon being very eagerly replicated by Drogba himself; but in fairness the taller, darker fellow is clearly more interested in Lopez’s hairless little pucker, which he promptly starts to finger and rim in preparation of the inevitable fuck to come. Indeed, you get the distinct impression that Drogba can’t wait to sink his meaty ramrod deep inside his pal’s hungry fuck-hole; slamming the young pup against a somewhat ancient looking workbench, then adding a little spice into the action by means of a horse-crop.

But it’s the sight of Lopez riding reverse-cowboy on Drogba’s dick that warrants highest acclaim, culminating in him spewing mid-fuck; before the horned-up top literally creams Lopez’s arse to secure a first-class crescendo!

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We love Staxus for finding super hot and original guys ; this is again the case with exotic Angel Lopez who has all it requires : soft skin, great abs, nice eyes, and super cute ass... His partner seems maybe a bit sleepy in here ? A pity. Nevertheless a great video. More of Angel.

Christian, 22/September/2016

Wow, Angel Lopez has to be the hottest model I've ever seen, Excellent job Staxus, he is so cute and hot, already a superstar. Hope to see a lot of scenes with Angel.

Staxusfan, 22/September/2016

Scene was Awful !1 Have hope for Angel. Get rid of other guy

Dr Bouchey, 22/September/2016

A myriad of Stars for Angel Lopez.

Porcupine, 22/September/2016

Angel has to be the most versatile and sexy model ever. To maximise his talents Staxus should invite him to visit and work Euro boys, Jaro, Titus and others during his Czech holiday. Angel is beautiful, lets have lots more action soon.

Max., 22/September/2016

What a jutting unique video with two extremely handsome newcomers. Who would ever tell that he didn`t like a vid like this one?. It begins with the comfortable setting (a barn or whereever they are..:-) ). I really enjoyed every second but the best comes at the end...when Jac shoots his load directly after extracting Angel`s horny butt without using his hand for help. Wonderful, I´m really impressed seeing such new jewels. Please, please keep them forever. Staxus porn on its king highest level.

Chris, 22/September/2016

Ne plus ultra

dong, 22/September/2016

A star is born - Angel "the tongue" Lopez does justice to his first name and gives the best blowjobs ever!!! He`s totally gorgeous and full of passion. But please pair him with guys like Ray, Titus, Kris and Milan and not with utterly boring and not even good-looking hulks like Zac!

Theo, 22/September/2016

It is really an honor watching Angel. I could do it for hours..his name Angel is program. He is an angel in all parts. His symphatetic smile and his trained body with no gram of fat. He really should be paired with other staxus angels like Ray or Noah (what is goin`on with this cutie?...), with the spanish guys or with anybody else except ugly hunks. Angel you are angelic! :-)..this was my request I wanted to add

Chris, 22/September/2016

Woooooow...Angel Lopez ist DIE Wucht! Mehr von ihm!

martincgn, 22/September/2016

You've set yourself a new standard of excellence.

tomerous, 22/September/2016

Angel is absolutely gorgeous : tonned body, splendid ass, good sucker etc... Please give us more of him but with much leaner, dynamic and cuter guys than this heavy boring hulk : he really deserves it all....

Frederic, 22/September/2016

Lors du visionnage de cette fabuleuse vidéo, j'y ai vu la perfection pornographique absolue et aussi et surtout un ange. Cet ange est le magnifique, le sublime petit Angel. Ce minet d'exception est adorable, incroyablement mignon, coquin et quels brillants débuts a-t-il faits ? J'espère revoir rapidement et fréquemment cette petite merveille en action sur le site, ce qui n'a pas hélas toujours été le cas par le passé avec d'autres magnifiques petits minets qui ont déserté vos studios trop rapidement.Quant aux propos détestables que certains se sont arrogé le droit de faire sur la personne de Zac, ils sont déplacés et inacceptables. Nul n'a le droit de porter un jugement péjoratif sur le physique d'un modèle.

Pascaloux, 22/September/2016

sexual art- the producer has found that eyes are so important & Angel is awesome - more please of the artistic angel. xxxxx

puggs, 23/September/2016

Angelito : a lot has been said about you and i agree with the thrill of your first scene. Besides being cute, there's an important feature that arises on you : you enjoy doing sex, doing porn. We can see that ! I wanna see more of you of course. Loved when you got licked and fingered and to see you so willing about giving your ass ! Angelito : que guapo :)

Vaclav, 23/September/2016

This is a 5 star video. Beautiful new star with Angel Lopez. Perfect body with a the sexiest ass. This is a truly great rimming scene. Angel looked as though he really enjoys being rimmed by Zac, who does a really great job, such enthusiastic licking of such a sweet and sexy hole. I felt eager to take part in it. Mmmm! The fucking is good stuff too, with the best part being Zac trying to pull his cock out before cumming, but actually shooting his load in the hole whilst withdrawing. Woweee! I'd have loved to finished the job and lick the cum from around Angel's hole! Zac and Angel, give me more of them!

Ryan, 23/September/2016

Angel, What a super attractive guy, handsome face, great body with silky smooth skin and it's very apparent that it's not only the latino women who have great butts =D The sex action was hot , but I barely could take my eyes away from Angel's face and body. More of Angel plz.

biggerthebetter, 23/September/2016

I have to watch this scene every day again and again and I do not loose my enthusiasm for Angel. When I remember the last months he is for me definately the most charming and beautiful boy with passion and fire. Can`t be better than this video published...

Chris, 27/September/2016

@staxus: can you please fill in the specifications of angel Angel...:-)

Chris, 27/September/2016

I'm getting caught up after a few years absence. Who would ever guess, by watching this so-so scene, that the bottom would become one of the most radiant starts in the Staxus firmament, even though Angel's career there lasted less than a full year. He was stunning. While his debut was inauspicious, Angel's final pairing with Lucas Drake is one of the finest specimens of gay pornography as high art. I'm sure glad to have so many of his great scenes in my permanent collection. I didn't keep the BDSM ones -- not my cup of tea, but I commend Angel for his boldness about trying things out.

Ty Huber, 04/March/2018

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