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Kinky Housemates, Sc.1: Spanish Fucker Drags His Pal Off To A Hard, Abusing Fuck & Jizz! HD

3.4/5 (Total votes: 66)
Added: 25/September/2016
Duration: 32 minutes, 7 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s definitely a studio first in more ways than one here, with Timmy Treasure’s directorial debut being introduced by Izan Loren in sign language – a surprising twist that unquestionably grabs the viewer’s attention right from the off. Loren lives in an apartment in the centre of Madrid with Mike Cole, who – if truth be told – isn’t that enthusiastic when Loren arrives home and suggests that the two of them go to the bedroom for a little intimate fun. Seems like this boy would much rather loaf about on the sofa and watch daytime TV! The handsomely tattooed Loren won’t take no for an answer, however; and it’s not long before his persistence bears fruit, as he pulls Cole up the stairs to enjoy some private time together.

Anyone thinking that this is set to be your bulk-standard vanilla-toned escapade will be somewhat surprised, however; for within moments of getting his buddy where he wants him, Loren has handcuffed his pal’s hands to a neck-brace and is removing his shorts and pants. Unable to resist, the young fellow is quickly subjected to a hot session of fellatio; before Loren ups the ante by whipping Cole’s pert little rump, leaving wheals on the lad’s skin as a result.

Given the intensity of the action by this point, it almost comes as something of a relief when Loren finally decides to adopt a less combative style – choosing to rim and fuck the young pup’s hole, which in turn lead to Cole squirting a heavy wad all over himself. But for one last kinky thrill, Loren fits a spider-gag onto his pal, face-fucks his mouth and finally seals the deal with a goeey, sticky facial!

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For me at first it was an acquired taste cause I didn`t have many experiences with BDSM but when I watched this video for several times there is something that irritates me in a positive way. Maybe the addicition slave and master, the submissive kind of spanish whore Mike Cole made the video intersting for me. But I needn`t watch BDSM regularly. Matter of taste maybe

Chris, 25/September/2016

I like some BDSM and this video is hot, Looking forward to more of Izan Loren and Mike Cole, and good job Timmy :)

Drew, 25/September/2016

Great debut for Tim Treasure as director. I really liked all of the props, the collar, leash and whips. It would have been cool if it Izan would have been a little more rough "mean" with Mike, to really get into the domination and submission vibe. Kudos for Izan for being brave and not letting his hearing impairment stop him from doing modeling =)

biggerthebetter, 25/September/2016

Ich meckere ja oft über John, bei Tommys Film merkt man aber, wie professionell John vorgeht, was Aspekte wie Kamera, Beleuchtung, etc. angeht. Tommys Film wirkt da doch eher amateurhaft. Ich finde die Schatten störend, auch manchmal die Unschärfe, der Schnitt ist auch nicht immer logisch, und die Scritte des Kamermannes möchte ich auch nicht im Hintergrund hören. Als positiv empfinde ich den Originalton, kein drübergesetztes Gestöhne wie bei John. Die Musik am Anfang passt nicht zum Thema Kinky, aber der ganze Film ist ja auch eher kinky light. Da will ein Freund dem anderen nicht echt wehtun, kommt mir vor. Tommy selbst hat als Darsteller bei boynapped ganz anderes gedreht, da hat er mir fast leid getan. War aber viel geiler als das hier. Mike hat mir in seinen drei Szenen mit John viel besser gefallen als hier, wo er sehr passiv und definitiv kein Powerbottom ist. Süß anzusehen, aber eher fad. Izan ist absolut nicht mein Typ, die Tattoos sind eher kindisch bis geschmacklos, er törnt mich überhaupt nicht an. Wundert mich, dass er angeblich schon viele Pornos gedreht hat. Seine Bewegungen beim Ficken hingegen fand ich geil, auch dieses Mundding am Schluss – aber wieso dieser Schnitt am Beginn des Abspritzens? Der ruiniert alles, finde ich. Und ein letztes: Tommy sagt ganz richtig, wie wichtig eine gute Intro ist – und macht dann bei seiner alles falsch. Wir schauen Izan zwei Minuten zu, wie er durch die Gassen Madrids geht – was soll daran interessant sein? Eine kleine Geschichte um diese WG (die Wohnung ist sehr cool) und die beiden jungen Männer, wäre das zuviel des Guten? Fazit: Tommy versucht, es besser zu machen als John. Es gelingt ihm im technischen Bereich gar nicht, im erzählerischen ein bisschen, aber auch nicht wirklich. Vielleicht sollte mal ein Regisseur “von außen” rangelassen werden, der “always the same procedure” tatsächlich durchbricht und Neues bringt. Eine Peitsche genügt dafür sicherlich nicht … Mein Abo hier bei Staxus läuft zu Jahresende ja aus. Ich habe mich schon ein bisschen umgesehen, ich werde zu Helix wechseln. Die haben nämlich wirklich eine Ahnung davon, wie mit einer guten Intro die Szene eingeleitet werden kann. Und sie haben Filme wie “Lifeguards”, die diese Bezeichnung wirklich verdienen. Sorry, Timmy und John, aber das ist eine ganz andere Liga.

Theo, 25/September/2016

Cette première scène produite par Timmy est de bonne facture et en tout cas meilleure que les nombreux "navets" de Michael BURLING qui inondaient le site deux ans en arrière. Un adage français dit que" c'est en forgeant qu'on devient forgeron" et donc Timmy ne peut que s'améliorer au fil du temps. En revanche le thème choisi pour ce premier clip (BDSM) n'est pas ma tasse de thé. J'ai néanmoins octroyé à titre d'encouragements la note de 4/5 à cette réalisation et souhaite à Timmy succès et réussite dans tout ce qu'il entreprendra à l'avenir.

Pascaloux, 25/September/2016

Very well produced and directed film. Love these actors. Mike Cole is just so lovely. He has a very yummy asshole. Mmm! Izan is certainly not so dumb here. He rims this perfect hole beautifully, taking time to enjoy it. His bareback fucking is great to watch. Slightly unusual face fucking. But the cum shot is great. Great debut for Timmy as director.

Ryan, 26/September/2016

BDSM is not my cup of tea! But every body needs to find what he likes at Staxus. PS: I miss Mickey Rush and Chris Jansen

Jerry, 26/September/2016

@staxus: I am not he only member for sure who considers about where several of your staxus "jewels" linger now and waht they do. What happened with Ray Mannix, where is cutie Joshua Levy and Johny Cherry, what about the spanish handsome boys Ruben Bart and David Sky?.. there is a big mystery, will we get to see them here ever again? Would be so lovely, it hurts "loosing" such horny guys....

Chris, 26/September/2016

Nice idea for such an unfamiliar video on STAXUS. But , SO MUCH OF A BAD MODEL MATCH ! Mixing a top 10 model with a low not to say a very low model (LOREN) . I just hope Staxus could re-do the same type of scene with MIKE COLE whith another of your top 10 models. Did LOREN paid Staxus to be in this video ?

Jack, 28/September/2016

I just hope that at least MIKE COLE got paid 4 or 5 times more then usual to do such a nice and sexy scene with such an awfull model (LOREN). I just lost my erection because of Loren. What a bad match!

Jack, 28/September/2016

... watching this video scene is like eating a very high quality ice cream that you would mix with anchovys !

Jack, 28/September/2016

I dont know where to start with how bad this scene is, really, was it filmed on an iPhone? The lighting is awful, the filming is awful, Izan is not nice at all, its just bad bad bad. Maybe someone should teach this "director" how to film because he clearly doesnt know how to. I said in my other comment this video compared to John Smiths work is like comparing a Lada to a Rolls Royce. Stick with the Rolls Royce and leave the Lada in the garage where it belongs, please.

hanselhutter, 30/September/2016

I agree with Ryan, I thought this was a well done BDSM scene and I enjoyed watching both models. I look forward to seeing both of them in more scenes.

Chester, 01/October/2016

Oh my word, "no means no," Izan! While it is intellectually gratifying to see a hearing-impaired actor, "penetrate," the world of adult entertainment, this was a challenging and chemistry-free pairing. Still, I can't take my eyes off Mike Cole, so I watched every second of it anyway.

GaryHerbert, 26/October/2016

Hate this!!

Bently, 12/January/2017

Awful. The fucking is all shown in close-ups.

alex, 20/January/2017

noble Worship of sacred Masculinity.

Paolo Monaco, 20/June/2017

but Spirituality is better

PMon, 21/June/2017

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