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Raw Rodeo, Sc.2: Doe-Eyed Horse-Whisperer Gets His Ass Rimmed & Fucked Raw! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 69)
Added: 29/September/2016
Duration: 23 minutes, 50 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s a serious risk that you’ll have fallen totally head-over-heels in lust with young Angel Lopez in the first forty seconds of this sordid little escapade – and that’s just as a result of watching him as he cavorts around in the luscious Czech countryside, feeding the horses, lying in the warm sunshine and looking fucking wonderful! Introduce Ray Mannix into the equation – as divinely hot as he ever was – and you have the making of a terrific duo that will seriously put you at risk of a severe wrist injury!

Things get off to a somewhat relaxed and casual start, however; with Mannix noting how beautiful Lopez’s lips are, and the two buddies gently kissing and making out together. But don’t be fooled into thinking that there’s no passion between these gorgeous creatures. Indeed, by the time that Mannix has got down onto his knees so that he can unleash the Spaniard’s badly swollen shaft from the rather skimpy denim shorts that he’s supporting, the sexual tension between these horned-up buds is already almost too much to bear.

What’s more, the chemistry only intensifies when Lopez takes his turn at fellatio – feasting on Mannix’s manhood with real gusto, prior to him being bundled over a nearby bench so that Mannix can greedily rim and finger the twink’s hairless pucker. All of which nicely introduces us to the main act – Mannix pounding away at Lopez’s fuck-hole like wild animals, which ultimately results in the cute little bottom squirting like a geyser in appreciation. A display that soon results in Mannix rupturing and the two lads exchanging a gooey kiss!

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Angel Lopez again shows he is a superstar. I'd love to see him with Clyde Walton, Titus, Noah Mateous or Allesandro Katz in a3 way. I am sure that Angel would be even more adventurous if it was filmed in a comfortable bedroom rather than stables, workshops and paddocks. Excellent work and lets see lots more of Angel.

Frank, 29/September/2016

My favourite scene so far this year. Two wonderful models, Angel's stunning beauty and his perfect blowjobs, Ray's experience and sweet smile - as good as it gets. The mood John creates at the beginning (the horses, the soft late-afternoon light) is very nice. This time even the music fits to the scenery. The only thing I didn't like was the added moaning which quite often doesn't fit to the pictures we see. A more naturalistic approach would have been much more effective. But all in all: an awesome scene which I rate 5/5.

Theo, 29/September/2016

Die 3 gravierenden Stellungsschnitte haben mir den ganzen Film versaut ... Schade über einen ansonsten guten Film mit leidenschaftlichen Darstellern...

dieter, 29/September/2016

This is so much better than the last awful scene, its like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Lada. Beautifully shot, beautiful photos, beautiful boys. And Angel, truly is an angel. Bravo !

hanselhutter, 29/September/2016

Perfection and heaven on earth. To be blessed with bonniness Angel has should be forbidden and be punished ...;-) He is far away from all the other models who also look great the most handsome boy I ever saw in gayporn vids. Such harmony and Rays intensive diligent rimming was breathtaking. I would vote morem than 5 stars if I could. Please more scenes with angel Angel in a row. Will never stop watching and admiring this boy juwel.

Chris, 29/September/2016

Tout a été dit: 2 magnifiques modèles, de belles images, le genre de scène qui augmente mon addiction à Staxus.

Jerry, 29/September/2016 the way you can produce porn and porn. Simple and sleazy camera slices or you can produce clever and high quality camera slices as we saw here. The best are the intros, here Angel on a farm caressing the horses and then hanging around in a garden til he gets caught by always randy boy Ray. A wondeerful setting chosen! Please produce much more videos in the nature and maybe if possible on a beach, at the airport in a candy store eg. This is what I wanted to add to my previous comment.

Chris, 29/September/2016

Il était évident et même écrit d'avance que je jumelage de deux anges sous la houlette de John SMITH donnerait un résultat ô combien formidable et c'est le cas. Le merveilleux petit Angel est la magnificence même et vous avez été très inspirés d'en faire un modèle exclusif. Quant à Ray, il a l'envergure d'une superstar puisqu'il a brillé de mille feux dans les 29 clips auxquels il a participé. STAXUS a encore ce soir proposé à ses membres la perfection et asphyxié toute la concurrence. Félicitations : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 29/September/2016

Beautiful action from start to finish. These boys are both wonderful cock suckers and give a great performance. But as a lover of rimming action I was in awe of the hungry rimming of Angel's sweet hole. Ray is the perfect performer and he licks Angel's beautiful hole with such expertise and enjoyment. Oh my god! This stuff is truly breathtaking. Then Ray shows his talent as a great top as well as being the great bottom he's often cast in previous videos. What a talent! Angels gives us a treat when he puts his sweet lips over Ray's lusty cock and tastes his big cum load. Two of the greatest boys together mad me cum my biggest load!. Extra stars for them and for Staxus!

Ryan, 29/September/2016

superb, two of my favorite models in one scene both Ray and Angel looked stunning. They are a good duo together please pair them up again preferably in the context of a threesome with Angel and Ray sharing a monster cock (or several of them at once) =D This is a question just out of pure curiosity but which country is Angel from? in his profile it says Spain, but in the interesting facts a reference to Asunción is mentioned (which is in Paraguay) and in the blog it's mentioned that he's peruvian :P

biggerthebetter, 30/September/2016

Angelito : you have my full attention. Again :) . Ray : when it comes to sex, you're always ready for good stuff. This scene gathers two cute boys, both eager for sex, and what they've done here deserve my applause. I love some angles of this scene and also one particular funny thing i saw during the first position : Ray stops and Angel moves to be fucked and then Ray goes deep inside. Nice !!!

Vaclav, 02/October/2016

pure and noble Virility.

Paolo, 06/March/2017

Late to the party. This is a masterpiece. Notice the lush greenery, the vivid photography. 1:34 -- those lips. 11:00 -- superb rimming, check out the composition of the shot, perfection. Angel's body is shows to great effect as is his perfect asshole, lovingly worshipped by Ray; even better at 12:14. This scene should be required viewing for all your trainees interested in rimming well. 18:28 stunning gaping asshole followed by Angel's exuberant riding of Ray's cock. Some judicious slow-mo footage there which delighted me. My only disappointment was the lack of any missionary position, but despite that I'll cum to this scene again and again. Thanks for allowing downloading again!!

Ty Huber, 13/February/2018

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