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Kinky Housemates, Sc.2: Birthday Surprise Gives Hot Lad An Abusive Session Of Sore Fun! HD

2.9/5 (Total votes: 59)
Added: 02/October/2016
Duration: 28 minutes, 52 seconds
Comments: 25


Most people celebrate a birthday by going out for a drink or having a special meal, but that’s not what Izan Loren has in mind for his buddy, Angel Lopez, when the latter marks his special day. Instead, Loren leads the fellow off to his very special play-area, where he promptly ties Lopez to a column – his arms cuffed to a yoke, his nipples clamped, his balls weighed down by an impressive weight and his cock shielded by a chastity device. In other words, the youngster is quite simply left helpless – a mere play-thing for Loren’s now-not-so-secret fetishes. What’s more, the dominant pal quickly ups the ante by giving the lad a taste of the lash and the paddle; smacking his young, delicate skin with obvious relish, and for a few moments making Lopez wish he hadn’t been quite so eager to take up his mate’s offer of fun.

It’s way too late to change his mind by this point, however; and, what’s more, it’s not long before Loren is turning his kinky attention to Lopez’s hungry little arse-hole, which he proceeds to probe with his fingers in anticipation of a hot session of raw, hardcore fucking. Unsurprisingly, it’s no time before Loren is energetically banging his mate against the column; before finally releasing the young lad from his restraints, bundling him down on the stairs and pummelling away at his pucker for all that the fellow’s worth!

No fucking wonder that Lopez is quite literally on the brink in no time at all, boldly unleashing a torrent of jizz all over himself; whilst Loren signs off with a lively flood of goo moments later. As birthday surprises go, definitely one of the best!

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amazing, bdsm is not my favorite genre, I thought that Izan was a bit soft in his scene with Mike but in this one he got exactly into that dom mindset, Angel was amazing in this (as always) speaking about acronyms, I love some bdsm but what happened to the hot BBC action ;)

biggerthebetter, 02/October/2016

very boring scene

Jerry, 02/October/2016

Angel is much too nice and not adapted for such a boring Bdsm scene which does not magnify his talents and natural beauty. Please give him us back in his full glorious previous roles we have seen before !

Christian, 02/October/2016

What a shame Angel was abused for such a boring bdsm action. He really didn`t deserve it. In comparison two the last 2 clips with this cutie it normally deserves to vote zero points but for respect and with a big consideration I voted 2 points, but not for the action just for Angel. Also the camera angels and the filming was on a very low standard. Sorry to say these words but no I couldn`t watch the video till the end. This has nothing to to wirh staxus normally brilliant filming.

Chris, 02/October/2016

Dear Timmy Treasure - your film is no treasure at all. It's better than your first one but still not really good. It's kinky light - Izan apparetly doesn't want to hurt Angel, whose cries of pain are utterly exaggerated. As a model with boynapped, you shot some really hot and horny scenes yourself. This one here doesn't come up to that! Apart from that, the camera is sometimes out of focus, the lighting is bad (sometimes too light, sometimes too dark), and in parts the film looks like a soft-sex version, missing some creative and horny camera angles and ust showing Izan's butt. What I did like was that you don't add moaning (John does too much of that) and keep the scene more naturalistic and thus realistic. All in all, you should have stuck to the nice little story with the birthday and the cooking and elaborated on it with the help of a talented writer - it would have made a better film.

Theo, 02/October/2016

I have to agree entirely with Theo's comment above, this video is definetly no treasure and I am at a loss as to understand why Staxus have allowed someone who obviously doesnt know how to film to make scenes for their site. The lighting is awful, the camera work is amateur at best... are Staxus trying to enter the budget porn market?

hanselhutter, 02/October/2016

Je souhaite bien évidemment à Timmy de pouvoir un jour percer dans l'industrie du porno gay en tant que réalisateur. Mais pour y parvenir, je lui conseille vivement de s'orienter vers du porno "classique" et d'abandonner définitivement le thème du BDSM aux pratiques sexuelles déviantes et qui ne plaît qu'à un nombre très limité de personnes. D'autre part, la comparaison entre le travail de John SMITH qui a des années d'expérience derrière lui et celui de Timmy qui débute est très prématurée. Il arrivera un jour où STAXUS aura épuisé le stock des anciens clips de Vlado IRESCH en version remastérisée. Il faudra alors pour continuer sur le rythme de diffusion d'une vidéo tous les deux jours que la clientèle exigera trouver un autre réalisateur pour seconder John. Timmy pourrait être cette personne pour peu qu'il acquière de l'expérience et je lui souhaite le meilleur pour l'avenir..

Pascaloux, 02/October/2016

Just dreck, waste of time! Please do no longer produce BDSM - its a real turn off

Chris, 02/October/2016

Dear members of Staxus. First all, thanks so much for all your feedback. Many of you already know me and know about my work in the adult industry. For those who don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Timmy Treasure. I have been working in the adult industry for four years now. I started as a model, and then I started working in Staxus as model recruiter, then started to help with planing production managing stuff, social media, and a long etc all in the area of production. So for those of you who already know me, you know that porn is my life, my passion, is what I love to do and what I do for a living for some years now. So first all, I want to thanks Staxus for giving me the chance to also work behind the camera. It is true that is completely different to work in front and behind the camera. I have been on set filming SO many scenes and DVDs that I can’t remember it. But I don’t want to stop there. I love porn and I love to do it, make it, be on set, and use all my experience in front of the cameras and EVERYTHING I have learnt in porn along these years to make good, hot content and share it with everybody who likes porn same as I do. Said that, thank you all for your comments. They will really help me to improve. I appreciate that mostly everyone of you is being kind and respectful with your comments and with me. I am aware that the quality is not the same than the quality offered by John Smith. I admire him so much and also his work, so I hope in some point to be able to make content as good as he does. He is a master in this. But so far I don’t have the experience that he has and also I don’t have the equipment, lighting, etc etc that he has yet. Everything will improve with a little bit of time. But I truly think I have things that I can offer myself and I believe that I can give you very hot content and make you all enjoy with my work producing porn good porn. I am sorry you guys have not enjoyed this theme and scenes. I will try to make something different for the next time. No BDSM, more action, shorter scenes but more intense and with highest quality. You are our family and we just work to make you all happy (which is quite difficult sometimes when you have to make happy so many people with so many different tastes). And there is such a big effort behind EVERY scene and a lots of people working for provide you with good content so you can enjoy it. So thanks for appreciate it and I hope you like what is coming next! (Well… there are still 2 more BDSM scenes… but I think we will consider if we should release them here or not). Sincerely, TIMMY

Staxus - TIMMY TREASURE, 03/October/2016

It comes as no surprise that members' reaction to Timmy's BDSM video is so negative.! Ratings for Angel couldn't be higher (5/5) on a personal level and to feature him in a poorly shot and edited Vid. squanders his obvious talents. All members enjoyed Angels previous proactive and exciting couplings and eagerly await his many future performances. I feel that it is vital to cast models in scenarios that will maximise their talents and produce a more enjoyable and professional product. My humble suggestion is that Angel should star with two twinks, (Clyde Walton, John Cherry, Titus etc. etc.), have a prologue (they meet in a Bar, Cafe or Bowling Alley etc.) and retire to a comfortably appointed suite which includes a large bed where the three characters are able to flip/flop and indulge numerous bareback adventures. I am sure that some pre-planning will improve the quality of your output and viewer response. More Angel Lopez soon, please.

Max., 04/October/2016

Mr Treasure, allow me to respond to your post and to offer my advice. Firstly your post smacks of trying to gain sympathy and I am afraid I will offer you none. When you choose to become a director and to produce a product for paying clients then you must of course expect criticism when that product is below standard, which your videos so far clearly are. You also did yourself no favours with the interview on the Staxus blog which made you come across as arrogant and conceited. Whilst I admire you passion and enthusiasm in order to become a director one must first possess some talent and I am afraid judging from your first two videos you clearly lack any when it comes to producing films. They are badly cast, badly filmed, badly lit, badly edited and the low scores on both scenes reflect this. This scene currently has a 2.9 score and I am sure that is only because Angel Lopez has gained you a few points otherwise the score would have been 1.0. Some blame must also fall onto Staxus's door in allowing someone with no experience and below standard equipment to produce 4 scenes for their website without any supervision. Clearly someone has to answer some questions as to why this was allowed to happen. My advice, go and spend a month or two with Mr Smith, learn learn learn. Mr Smith is a master at lighting and filming and I am sure can put you onto the right road, but until then do not produce any more scenes. I am sorry if this post sounds cruel but this is a high quality website featuring high quality videos and as members we do not want to see low quality badly produced budget porn such as the two scenes you have delivered so far. If the remaining two scenes are as bad I would urge Staxus to consider not releasing them as they will only damage your website and the Staxus reputation.

hanselhutter, 04/October/2016

I posted my comments already above and I can only agree with the pre comments other members expressed. Insistently I also recommend NOT to publish the last BDSM videos in this category as I assume that they also mangle of quality. My suggestion would be as a compromise if you insist on publishing this rubbish to present it in the category "extras"...

Chris, 04/October/2016

J'ai lu attentivement le long commentaire de Timmy et ses explications m'ont paru sincères et convaincantes. Personne n'a la science infuse et tout débutant dans un métier quel qu'il soit ne peut que progresser dès lors qu'il en manifeste l'envie et l'ambition, ce qui semble être le cas de Timmy. Je pense que si John SMITH avait réalisé ce clip sous le même thème (BDSM), les critiques auraient aussi été très vives. Les responsables de cet échec sont les dirigeants du site qui auraient dû savoir que le BDSM aurait à tous les coups engendré l'opprobre de la part des membres. Environ une fois par an, Staxus prend des initiatives pour le moins hasardeuses(transsexuelle, Zac HOOD) sauf que cette fois , il fait endosser l'échec de ses idées farfelues sur le dos d'un jeune homme qui débute dans le métier et c'est consternant.

Pascaloux, 04/October/2016

Obviously we can conclude that BDSM isn't a very popular genre amongst the members. But for me personally I applaud Staxus I think it's great with diversity of models and themes, makes it a lot more fun and exciting =) rather than just having the same ol' theme and same old models all the time (like some other pornsites do)

biggerthebetter, 05/October/2016

@biggerthebetter, I think this scene is boring even for members who like BDSM.

Jerry, 05/October/2016

Just to make this clear: I love watching good BDSM and would like Staxus to produce more of it! The problem with Timmy's scenes was just that they were not good.

Theo, 05/October/2016

@biggerthebetter With respect sir I think you have completly missed the point that members are complaining about. Its as Theo says, its not that we dislike BDSM, its that the scenes themselves are so badly produced. I have no objection to Staxus producing BDSM scenes and I myself enjoy some variety but I want to see them well produced and these have not been. Might I suggest that you reread the comments above.

hanselhutter, 05/October/2016

the Orgasm of Izan is a Hymn to homosexual Worship of God: powerful, lustful, deep, with delicious Moans of Enjoyment and of gay Lust. (Wonderful as the holy gay Lust spreads among the younger Generations of Boys).

Paolo Monaco, 20/June/2017

but Spirituality is better

PMon, 21/June/2017

Not my cup of tea, but I appreciate the variety one gets from a Staxus account. As far as production quality, this was okay and I think some of the earlier criticism is unfair. After sitting through that tied up portion I was encouraged that lovely Angel was getting fucked missionary, but it was too dark and murky "down there" to enjoy. I also would've enjoyed more kinky attention paid to Angel's asshole -- any excuse is fine to let me savor that orifice. And then I was puzzled at the very and with Angel's big smile and thumbs up -- wtf?

Ty Huber, 21/February/2018

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