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Raw Rodeo, Sc.3: Hairless Buddies Sneak Off For A Spunky Session Of Ass & Cock! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 55)
Added: 06/October/2016
Duration: 23 minutes, 1 seconds
Comments: 25


All that fresh air in the great Czech outdoors has clearly had a serious effect on Zane Pieters and new boy, Julian Fox – why, they literally can’t wait to become ensconced in the stables so that they can smooch and grind against each other like a pair of horned-up animals! Not that kissing and petting is the limit of their ambition, obviously. Indeed, you only have to take once glance at the extremely skimpy pair of shorts that Pieters is wearing to understand what’s intended. The said attire doesn’t remain on the young fellow for long, mind. Before you know it, Fox is down on his knees and removing every stich of his mate’s clothing – desperate, as he clearly is, to enjoy the feel of Pieters’s cock in his mouth.

He’s not alone in wanting to engage in some hardcore fellatio, however. Having been pleasured by his pal, Pieters is soon replicating the favour – much to his evident delight! What’s more, matters only intensify when Pieters finally pushes Fox to one side and begins to rim the newcomer’s hairless little pucker; which in turn soon leads to Fox taking every inch of meaty, uncut cock that Pieters can force up his ass! Given Fox’s inexperience in front of camera, of course, you’d be utterly forgiven for assuming that the youngster’s subsequent performance is something of an anti-climax.

Something tells us, however, that this is a fellow who’s far from untainted when it comes to matters of the flesh; as he rides his mate’s ramrod like a total slut, then takes an ass-load of jizz for his efforts. All of which is nicely wrapped up by him jerking his gorgeous dick to a sticky finale!

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Great newcomer to Staxus with Julian. Sexy Zane does a great job rimming Julian's hole. This is obviously a great pleasure to Julian, feeling Zane's tongue probing the entrance to his sweet little pucker. This is what gets me so horny and full of lust. The bareback fucking is just great. Zane does his job and pulls out in time to shoot his load over Julian's ass. Then Zane got a good cum facial from Julian. Yummy video. I give it 5 stars!

Ryan, 06/October/2016

great scene from two newbis. look forward to seeing more from both.

bodoman666, 06/October/2016

This scene was extraordinary superb. Here one could see from second to second the quality differences between two film producers. The camera positions, the hotspot and in focus the two absolute cute boys made me explode twice. Zane, I love him so much he emits passion and coolness and when he sucked Julians brilliant fat balls into his mouth it drived me crazy. Julian is blessed with a wonderful shining and hungry asshole. How wonderful must it taste when he openes his hole. I would bury my face and just inhale the odor of this butt. Wonderful, 5 of 5...

Chris, 06/October/2016

and one has to mention that both the boys really show talent acting in front of a camera. And their cocks are so yummy.Such meaty pulsating rods with two jewels luffing around. There was nothing they were forced to do and one could feel the utterly enjoyment they had. Probably both cuties are gay in .their real life

Chris, 06/October/2016

what i really liked was .... Julian !! He might be new on Staxus, but he acts like a professional. And i bet Julian really loves to make/have sex. Just look at how he kisses, touches (and the rest of course lol) and the way he interacts with Zane. In my opinion, Julian is really good : cute, nice body, big cock, big big balls, and the boy smiles all the time. Welcome, Julian !

Vaclav, 06/October/2016

This was one sexy scene, I wouldn't have mind if it was more rough and intense. But with such gorgeous guys it's impossible to give this anything but 5 stars. The guys are sexy from head to toe, but their faces are extraordinary handsome 5+++ stars =)

biggerthebetter, 07/October/2016

Thanks to have hired these 2 handsome guys

Jerry, 07/October/2016

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