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Kinky Housemates, Sc.3: Birthday Gifts Leave Horny Twink & His Mate Abused & Satisfied! HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 21)
Added: 03/June/2017
Duration: 33 minutes, 40 seconds
Comments: 25


Birthdays are always a very special time – an occasion when we can spend time with the people that we love and show them just how much they mean to us, usually in the form of a present. And that’s exactly what Angel Lopez’s friends do when it’s the horny Spaniard’s special day – gathering for a communal meal of takeaway pizza and presenting him with a bag of goodies. Except the gifts in this birthday bag are not your usual array of chocolates, DVDs or alcohol. No, Lopez’s buddies have chipped together to present him with a collection of toys – and we’re not talking Lego or a game of Twister!

Fast forward to the occasion when Lopez can put his newly acquired collection of mouth-gags, blindfolds, hand-cuffs and butt-plugs to action, ably aided and assisted by blond boy, Dylan Scott, and an anonymous hooded master. Of course, you don’t need to be too much of a porn expert to recognise Timmy Treasure in the dominant role; but such recognition will hardly spoil the effect of seeing two young twinks being used and abused – quite literally! – by an experienced hand.

To be blunt, if the sight of two obedient pups being fingered and fucked like bitches doesn’t float your boat then this is unlikely to be your kind of entertainment. If, on the other hand, such a ritualised humiliation on the part of Scott and Lopez sounds like a real birthday treat then you’re truly in for the time of your life. The climax being the sight of Treasure flip-flopping his cock between the two young arses; before he gives a simultaneous hand-job to both boys for a sticky explosion of hot jizz!

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I love Timmy, Angel, Dylan. And I do appreciate a bdsm scene every now and then. But this was a little bleek for me bdsm is a bit about the attire and setting, but it's really a mind set. For me the dildo in the end was the absolute best part. But for a bdsm scene it is all about pushing the bottom a bit to do new things/more cof a thing. The dildo in the end was great, but swirling around a dildo half an inch inside is not the most exciting. I love Staxus and everything about Staxus but this scene isn't neccesarily my favorite scene.

biggerthebetter, 03/June/2017

Angel Lopez is miscast here and deserves to perform in better scenes like the one with Ray Mannix we had the luck to see last september

David, 03/June/2017

Ist zwar jetzt nicht so mein Geschmack. Mir hat er jedoch ganz gut gefallen, und waren schon einige scharfe Szenen dabei ..z.b abwechselnd in 2 verschiedene Ärsche rein ficken und spritzen, auch der Schluss mit den “abwixen” war mal anders, das hat da Timmy bei den beiden übernommen..mal was anderes als selbst handanzulegen…Im kompletten würde ich schon 4-5 Sterne geben

dieter, 03/June/2017

Won't rate this scene, don't like this subject/scene for a 0000000,1 second!

bently, 04/June/2017

A different scene for some staxus members, who like that kind of action. For me it's a 5/5. Dylan Scott is extremely hot too. You have to keep him for future scenes!

fabian, 05/June/2017

Nice models in a very boring scene 0/5

Jerry, 12/June/2017

cute, the Worship of holy Masculinity.

Paolo Monaco, 20/June/2017

Pure Sweetness. The Masculinity as religious Ritual: delicious.

Paolo Monaco, 24/October/2017

but powerful Purity of the Spirit is better.

PaoloMonaco, 25/October/2017

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