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Raw Rodeo, Sc.4: Stallion Leaves The Shod To Give Horny Mare A Hard Raw Ride! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 48)
Added: 13/October/2016
Duration: 26 minutes, 4 seconds
Comments: 25


The sun is shining, the blacksmith is busy shodding the horses – keenly watched by studio favourite, Benjamin Dunn – and all’s well with the world. But things are all set to get even better when Dunn makes his way back to the stables, where young platinum blond, Mike Branco, is waiting for him. Suffice it to say that Branco doesn’t seem the slightest bit concerned what’s going on outside – all he seems to care about is that a stallion of a very different nature has finally returned, and that he’s all set to have some clearly much-needed fun.

Cue a sensual smooching session that quickly develops into somewhat more intimate; with Branco heading south down his buddy’s treasure trail to discover the fine delights that are nestling in Dunn’s jeans. Equally inspired, Dunn is then soon returning the action, feasting on Branco’s now painfully straining shaft; before turning his focus on the young lad’s hairless pucker, which he eagerly tongues in anticipation of the hardcore action to come.

As such it comes as no surprise when Dunn bundles his mate over a wooden bench and proceeds to thrust that handsome cock of his deep into the lad’s welcoming fuck-hole; signalling the start of a terrific set-piece that sees the youngster skewered in a whole series of positions, arguably the best of which is when he’s bouncing up and down the entire length of Dunn’s joystick. Given the intensity of the occasion it’s pretty much inconceivable that a tsunami of spunk won’t soon be resulting; and so it proves, with Dunn creaming Branco’s ass and Branco erupting like a volcano!

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This time.....i won't start from the beginning. I better keep my eyes over the finale... the immense and amazing Mike's cumshot !!! Even Benjamin cant keep his eyes away from all that cum and cum and cum :) . Mike, one of my favorites, stared this time with "vet" Benjamin and all they did (sex) deserve my full attention. Well done, boys !

Vaclav, 13/October/2016

This is one of the best videos for me. Benjamin is the perfect lover. He's handsome and sexy. He just responds so well to Mike, who is just the sweetest gay porn artists around. The whole scene is beautiful. The sucking and then the awesome rimming of Mike's wonderful hole. Such a pretty hole and such a pretty boy. Benjamin looks in heaven as he enters Mike and fucks lovingly until he reaches his climax, pulling out only just before shooting his load. The little bits of rimming between fucking manoeuvres were wonderful. They are both great boys with great cocks, with lots of cum. Mike gives a fantastic cum shot! I was so enraptured with the beautiful Mike.

Ryan, 13/October/2016

The "Raw Rodeo" series was an absolute winner and every video deserved to be called outstanding. The farmer atmosphere in the nature carried a special effect for me. I guess in this vid two endless horny boys were perfectly paired, I felt the affection both boys showed for each other. And as we already saw in the last scene with Mike the cumshot was breahtaking, especially the filming. Mike seems to be a "cumshot monster machine" lol. Great, really great. I´m sitting here with a hard on during commenting and thinkin`of Mikes cumshot.

Chris, 13/October/2016

Two stars at their best

dong, 13/October/2016

@staxus: please produce a second series "Raw Rodeo", sex in the nature is always well worth seeing when the right actors are paired and when they accord with each other like it was in all 3 clips of this series. As some more proposals what about a series which brings into focus "fisting" as we see this art of sex not very often here. And please produce again many videos with sports topics, especially soccer clothes are a real turn on

Chris, 13/October/2016

Fantastic LOL

Puggs, 13/October/2016

I loved the scene with Mike and Chad, I hated this one with Benjamin, who apparently can't get a hard-on at the beginning. The scene is so obviously "staged", the boys, particularly Benjamin, are so obviously bad actors who don't really know what to do with each other. Kisses without any tongue, Benjamin acting overly enthusiastic about Mike's great cumming - but then not even tasting one drop of it. And John, that bench belongs into an apartment bus not into a stable! No natural passion - a very bad scene!

Theo, 14/October/2016

Fucking awesome...while I'm not a fan of the down and dirty barn scenes, I am a fan of awesome cum shots from the cutest twinks available. Mike blows me away with this 10 squirt cum shot. I couldn't stop watching Mike's face as he unloaded his cum all over the place. Mike was fantastic and must have thoroughly enjoyed Benjamin's BIG Dick. Benjamin is stunning with his tan and Mike could use a bit more color. Bring this into the bedroom next time please. ❤dr (dee-arr) @dr2450

💚dr, 14/October/2016

Nice scene, especially the moment when Benjamin shoots nicely his cumload into Mike's arched ass. Super exiting ! Thanks to all.

Christian, 21/November/2016

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