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Staxus Classic: Tooled Up Twinks - Scene 3 - Remastered in HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 27)


Marvin Corvin, John Magiaty

Added: 22/October/2016
Duration: 20 minutes, 26 seconds
Comments: 25


Oscar Wilde once famously said that work was the curse of the drinking classes. To be fair, however, the fucking classes have exactly the same problem – as this pair of horned-up twinks discover when they find their job getting in the way of their most primeval urges. Not that resourceful and well-experienced lads like Marvin Corvin and John Magiaty are going to allow work-duties to stop them from enjoying a bit of carnal action! Indeed, having abandoned their tools, they’re soon smooching away like a pair of lusty alley-cats; with Magiaty taking the first opportunity to pull down his buddy’s jeans and pants so that he can enjoy a full exploration of the handsome package in Corvin’s crotch.

Suffice it to say that it’s no time before Corvin is quite literally face-fucking his work-mate; prior to Magiaty enjoying some clearly much-welcomed fellatio in return just a few minutes later. Of course, you don’t need to be a porn expert to know which of these two beauties is soon gonna be getting his arse-hole stretched to the max. With his doe-like eyes and boyish grin, Corvin is the perfect recipient of a thick, monster tool; and Magiaty is only too happy and eager to dole it out in style, thrusting every handsome inch he’s got on offer into that tight little hole.

What ensues is a beautiful display of barely-legal fornication; with Corvin’s ass banged mercilessly over a work-bench, which not surprisingly soon results in the boy spewing in all directions in response. All of which is nicely topped off by Magiaty rupturing his own balls right across Corvin’s face for a top-notch finale!

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This is a really great video for me. Both models are ultra sexy, and they both suit the role play. Martin Corvin is a really sweet guy and looks perfect in his bottom role. Beautiful asshole that loved to be rimmed and fucked. It turned me on more than many. John Magiaty does a perfect job rimming and bareback fucking. These two guys turned me on so much! The cum shots and the facial were stunning! Thank You Staxus. Wish I could give more than 5 stars!

Ryan, 22/October/2016

An old classic already, but really a nice good one !

Christian, 22/October/2016

Old but good. Both boys are sexy dudes. I ilked the rimming of this little hairy shining asshole. Yummy. How might they like today? Still that handsome? Who knows ...hehe

Chris, 22/October/2016

Excuse me for my literal error. Of course it must be: How might they look today...sry

Chris, 22/October/2016

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