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Camp Fuckers, Sc. 2: Flip-Flop Sailor Scouts Fuck Like Whores & Shoot Like Geysers! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 70)
Added: 20/October/2016
Duration: 25 minutes, 30 seconds
Comments: 25


Outdoor adventures are all part and parcel of life as a scout, as young recruits, Angel Lopez and Mike Branco, are only too keen to demonstrate when they discover an inflatable boat and decide to take it out for a little row. If you’re expecting them to have sex out in the middle of a lake, however, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’re going to be disappointed – even the great John Smith can’t get our handsome lads to walk on water! That, however, is pretty much the only let-down as far as this terrific set-piece is concerned; with both beauties on top form as they make it back to land for some now much-needed cock-sucking.

It’s not long, of course, before their uniforms have been tossed to one side; with both buddies feasting on cock like it’s going out of fashion, and Branco taking the opportunity to rim his mate’s arse whilst they 69 on the side of the inflatable! It has to be said that the contrast between Lopez’s tanned skin and Branco’s lilywhite physique only adds even more allure to the experience; and by the time Lopez plonks himself down on his pal’s lap and rides the fellow’s cock for all he’s worth you’ll be pretty much in love with both stars.

But there’s clearly nothing predictable about this encounter, that’s for fucking sure; and before you know it Branco is enjoying his own hard ass-pounding courtesy of his mate’s deliciously aching schlong! But what makes this encounter unforgettable are the final few moments, with Lopez quite literally exploding like a volcano – only for Branco to top it further by literally whitewashing Lopez’s face like a slut!

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Good scene. I can't really get excited over Mike Branco, but Angel Lopez is adorable. Just as hot topping or bottoming.

fuckworthy, 20/October/2016

these guys are so cute, I like Mike's new hair do... the lake was disgusting, so glad the scene moved away to dry land. you guys need to find a bedroom for these boys. Whatever, the boys were so hottt

dr24, 20/October/2016

Lovely guys and lovely flip flop bareback. Would have loved shots of both assholes, especially with a little rimming. But still a great video. 5 stars.

Ryan, 20/October/2016

Thanks to Staxus team for this great scene with 2 hot models. I love the slow motion " happy" end with a lot of cum!

Jerry, 20/October/2016

I guess we all members united agree that one cannot mention anything negative, anything this wonderful clip again with these "cumshoot monsters" failed. Both models again proved their abilities and showed harmony and passion. Porno as is can`t be better. Wonderful again staxus, lookin`forward to seeing Angel again on the 27. of oct. :-)

Chris, 20/October/2016

...and the setting advanced the charm the hole clip sprayed. Luckily the weather seemed to be perfect when the clip has been produced, sunshine, warm temperature - perfection!

Chris, 20/October/2016

Five stars all for Angel Lopez. Without him this scene would be dead.

dong, 20/October/2016

I don't knwo, but apparently I'm the only one who's not totally head over heels in love with this scene. In my opinion, it's only average. The models are gorgeous, no question about that. The scenery is very nice, too. And Angel's sucking and Mike's cumshot are as awesome to watch as usual. But the rest is just "the same procedure as every time". It's a film by John Smith and thus, it's staged and totally predictable. No spark of creativity and imagination. And making two bottoms flip-flop doesn't create a scene full of enthusiasm. Sorry, but that's my opinion.

Theo, 20/October/2016

@Theo: Opinions and tastes differ this is normal and has to be so otherwise it would be boring and one couldn`t talk about it. I know what you mean but I can see creativity indeed as this is a video beginning with the boat on the river. In every clip John tries to not let the videos be boring and horseshit. They are never if John was the producer. He produces porn on the highest level. Look on other gay sites some videos are so badly filmed and the cuts with the camera just dreck. This is here at staxus never the case. For me this video was brilliant, if you have another point of view, well thats democracy. :-)

Chris, 20/October/2016

Yes, that's waht democracy is all about, everybody can süeak their minds :) "just dreck" - Chris, I do find your phrases amusing from time to time ;-) And it's for sure that John is an expert when it comes to camerwork and lighting. But he's the opposite of a creative director. The boat on th river - whow, what a streak of genius!! *LOL* A nice pond, yes, indeed. But John doesn't do anything with the nice locations he has. He doesn't do anything with the individuality of his models. It's always the same sequence of kissing- sucking - fucking without ANY creativity. Chris, check out Helix - and you'll see what really great porn is! Best wishes from Theo :)

Theo, 20/October/2016

what ... speak ... the river ... sorry for my typing mistakes :)

Theo, 20/October/2016

Hehe, Helix studios I know from the past, but unfortunately they produce safersex which isn`t my cup of tea. In my juvenile age I was fascinated and adored BEL AMI (if it is alloud to mention the rivalry :-/). But staxus models are more the type I am into thus I quitted my membership at Bel Ami years ago and joined staxus. In one fact I am with you. John and other staxus filmers/producers could do more with the individuality with the models. To make them be more individual and my proposal was to have a sense for fisting and more ass to mouth. But not every member like U and me will be satisfied 100 %. All in all 98% of the videos published here are on a high or even highest level besides some raunchiness like boys with penis + breast or so. By the way some strange phrases may occure because of the fact I am german and logically do not speak oxford english. I do so that members from England, Czech Republic or the states can also read my minds...Chris

Chris, 20/October/2016

No problem,. Chris, I'm also from a German-speaking country :) As to BelAmi ... most of their models are just gay4pay, which I hate (although their scenes are very well done). As to Helix, they do have some scenes with condoms (I don't mind) but also many condom-free ones. But I think we can agree on disagreeing, Chris ;-) My susbscription here will end in January, and then I'll be gone. As you'll be staying, I wish you many scenes you find horny!!

Theo, 20/October/2016

@Theo: Ah ok cool, then you are from austria, switzerland or even luxembourgh hehe.. In the past I posted my comments sometimes in german but I was told that there many, many members from german but a big percentage from abroad. As my english is not the worst I decided to write in it :-) The fact "gay4pay" Bel Ami did and still does I know and I absolutely share your state: That is just horseshit, though as you correctly saif the bodels are hot. But "gay4pay" for me is not interesting , it is as if I had sex with a woman or lesbians..but I am totally gay! Here at staxus many, not all, but many actors are gay or even bisexual. You can see and feel it

Chris, 20/October/2016

Cette scène est magnifique sur toute sa longueur et les deux sublimes petits minets ont livré une prestation époustouflante. Pour ma part, mon opinion n'est pas près de varier d'un iota : STAXUS est la référence mondiale dans l'industrie du porno gay. Après 13 mois d'absence, je viens de souscrire un abonnement chez HELIX. Leurs clips sont très bons mais la qualité d'image de leurs vidéos ainsi que l'éclairage sont très en deçà du niveau de STAXUS et cette même remarque s'applique à BAOL. Quant à la créativité dans le porno gay, je n'en ai pas connu depuis la grande époque de Jean-Daniel CADINOT .J'ai également constaté que HELIX diffuse en streaming beaucoup de vos clips et parmi les mieux notés et les plus récents permettant à leurs membres pour un prix très modique de 75.00€ pour trois mois de télécharger leurs réalisations et de visionner les vôtres. J'ai du mal à comprendre cette stratégie qui me laisse dubitatif et notamment en terme de pérennisation de clientèle.

Pascaloux, 20/October/2016

Angel, he's a guy one can't have enough of =) For me I think that Mike is a little too pale skinned, some guys carry milky white skin really well like Milan Sharp, but when it comes to Mike he would look much cuter with a little more color/tan.

biggerthebetter, 20/October/2016

for me, it's a pleasure to watch two cuties together having sex. Angel is an amazing model (he works great for and with the camera) and Mike has a gorgeous big cock. But what i really fancy are Mike's cumshots !!!!!!!! This one over Angel, oh sweet Lord ! :)

Vaclav, 21/October/2016

This clip is really nice. Angel can do everything and is surely the most beautiful model found in 2016. Love his skin, eyes, toned abds, sensual mouth and above all of course his so cute ass ! Mike is well used in this scene and can also show his many talents. In short, a hot clip. Thanks to all.

Christian, 22/October/2016

5 stars for that amazing facial cumshot right in the beautiful face of Angel Lopez!

Patrick Malelover, 04/December/2016

Loved it , nice pounding and what a facial , i wish it was all in my face

Bottomslut, 10/November/2017

I can't get over how beautiful Angel is. Did anyone else notice the intense looks he's giving Mike while he's on his back getting it? OMG those eyes!

Tim, 13/February/2018

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