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Camp Fuckers, Sc. 4: Cock-Loving Angel Takes A Raw Ride On New Recruit’s Big Dick! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 45)
Added: 27/October/2016
Duration: 26 minutes, 42 seconds
Comments: 25


You don’t need to have ever been a scout to know that learning how to do knots is an integral aspect of scouting life – a skill that the absolutely divine Angel Lopez puts to excellent use when he quite literally ties up handsome newcomer, Martin Cusan, and proceeds to manhandle the young fellow. That, of course, makes it sound as if the newbie is forced into action against his will; but given the swollen nature of his dick when Lopez unzips the fellow’s jeans it’s obvious that that’s not the case at all. Far from it in fact; as both boys smooch and strip off their uniforms, before Lopez continues with some kinky rope play on his pal’s rampant joystick.

It’s clearly more than enough to get Cusan to an even higher state of arousal than he was before; and he promptly gorges on Lopez’s finely curved shaft, before turning his attention on the fellow’s arse. By this point in proceedings it’s pretty obvious that the action is only headed in one direction, and indeed it comes as no surprise that Cusan’s hot rimming of his friend’s cute little pucker is quickly followed by him impaling every inch of his thick, uncut ramrod into that hungry ass-hole.

It’s a move that quite literally brings out the sexual animal in Lopez, who then proceeds to ride the new boy’s cock like a slut on steroids – bouncing up and down on Cusan’s knob with such fucking gusto that his own dick flaps around like a yoyo! Of course, the fact that he’s donning his neckerchief only adds to the kink; and by the time he sprays an unbelievable wad, before gobbling Cusan’s load in return, your balls will be utterly drained!

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The gallery photo is not the good one, just now :)

Jerry, 27/October/2016

The best part of this clip is the fantastic cummy ending when the so cute Angel slowly slurps all the sticky dick of his friend at gusto. He really loves it and so do we !

christian, 27/October/2016

yes the gallery photos do not match....given that, this scene was FUCKING AWESOME. Angel Lopez and Martin Cusan were breathtaking. this was the best 26 minutes I've ever seen at Staxus. P.S. I love Angels tattoo. ❤dr (dee-arr) @dr2450

❤dr , 27/October/2016

At the beginning I thought: Can this be the perfect scene? Everything was so nice - the overall atmosphere, the boys sitting in the grass, praticing their knots, their smiles and kisses, even the music totally fit this time. But then cut - and John, as it is his way, ruins everything. What the fuck has that white sofa got to do in the basement location? The tent in the background, the lamp - very nice. But the white sofa??? That's typical John - not having the slightest idea of the role details play in storytelling ... Of course, Angel is superb again (I'm afraid the day will come when he will regret the moment he decided to get that tasteless tattoo), Martin looks nice but seems to be quite shy in his first scene, the final cumshot is first class. But John - that sofa? No way!!!

Theo, 27/October/2016

Hot scene but the wrong Photogallery is from another video and it's also mixed now.

Drew, 27/October/2016

i too loved the close up ending, but tattoos on a beautiful body Angel how could you !

pugs, 27/October/2016

Moaning on a high level what Theo did? What about the sofa to complain about? We won`t watch a furniture series, we will see handsome boys in a high quality sex session. And we were presented, wonderful again. In one point of view I am with Theo: The really ugly tatooes destroyed some kind of atmosphere, but the rest was again perfection..Martin, the new boy looks very wicked, meant in a positive way...cute!

Chris, 27/October/2016

Holy moly, where do you find all these gorgeous guys? Staxus must have some magic well with endless amount of stunning guys coming out of it ;) One thing that I really liked about this scene was all the touching, I love it when the top touches the bottom's body, personal favorites are tops spreading the bottom's butt cheeks apart to ensure full access, grabbing the bottom's arms and legs but any body touching is good makes it feel way more intimate compared to when the only body interaction is a penis going in and out :P

biggerthebetter, 27/October/2016

Cette scène tournée sur un canapé blanc est fabuleuse. Même si elle avait été par ailleurs réalisée sur un sofa rose ou un divan multicolore, le résultat aurait été le même, à savoir la perfection. Angel est magnifique et le nouveau petit minet malgré une certaine timidité est très mignon et a fait de très bons débuts. Quant au tatouage d'Angel, il n'est pas ostentatoire et l'essentiel est qu'il plaise à ce minet. Félicitations :5/5.

Pascaloux, 27/October/2016

1 - I prefere the last part of the scene when Martin is more active. 2 - 75 % of young models have tattoos nowadays, some of them are very artistic and it's OK for me. 3 - Thanks to Staxus team to allow us to watch these handsome guys. 4 - the Photo Gallery zip file is still the wrong one :)

Jerry, 27/October/2016

With Angel being possible the hottest number around it must be difficult for a newcomer like Martin to keep pace. However, Martin has a big erection throughout, and does his stuff beautifully. The rimming scene is just the best, with Martin enjoying using his tongue on Angels sweet hole and both boys loving it. Yummy! And the fucking is just wonderful. But perhaps the best of all are the big cum shots, and both boys tasting each others cum. Angel looked in heaven! Who wouldn't be? 5 stars for the video, the wonderful sex that Angel is superb at doing, and for a debut from Martin that was really hot!

Ryan, 28/October/2016

Angel Lopez is without doubt the most exciting model in Gay Porn today. With a 5/5 personal rating it is obvious that Angel is appreciated by lots of members. I would like to see Angel appear in scenes that will allow him to Showcase his talents in more comfortable settings with more attractive Staxus twinks. A comfortably furnished bedroom with enough room for Angel to flip/flop with Clyde Walton, Lukas Drake, John Cherry, Seb Priestly and Noah Mateous, Jaro and Joshua rather than the basic sets he has had to endure so far. I would alsolike to see Angel allow his pubic hair to grow in order that it displays contrast at the base of his beautiful body. More Angel soon, please and not just one on one, allow him to serve and be served by several boys in upcoming scenes.

Frank, 29/October/2016

This is just a good idea : Angel deserves to be paired with still many cutest hotest guys we know from the Staxus stable in a nice environment, and he surely would be good playing with more of them at once in a group scene, with lots of cum and maybe creampies...We can dream !

Christian, 29/October/2016

pure Nobility of a superb Youth, a Youth increasingly deliciously gay. Wonderful Virility of the Boys, wonderful Orgasms, wonderful Erections, Cocks beautiful as God, perfect Ejaculations. The Pentacles on the Legs of Angel are very beautiful and gives the religious Sense of Homosexuality.

Paolo, 17/January/2017

but, at the End, ever spiritual Love is better...

Paolo, 17/January/2017

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