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Super Big For Super Small, Sc.4: Boy Meets Cock: Horny Lad Leads Masterclass in Dick-Worship! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 83)
Added: 30/October/2016
Duration: 27 minutes, 38 seconds
Comments: 25


There are two stars in this scene – Lucas Drake, who everyone already knows is a totally horny slut who’ll pretty much stop at nothing to get his arse stretched to breaking point, and a big, fat anonymous cock. We’ll let you ponder to your heart’s content as to who exactly is the owner of that handsome schlong – when you’re as obsessed with dick as Drake is it’s unlikely you’re really too bothered whose knob it is! Instead, we’ll concentrate on the wonder-whore that is Drake – a boy whose sexual magnetism is so great that he can hold a POV scene like this on his own and never once look out of place.

Initially the focus is very much on him – his gorgeous smile, his sleek physique, his closely trimmed crotch. But it doesn’t many minutes before the attention shifts to how he will cope when presented with a mammoth schlong – a challenge, it has to be stated, that he manages to rise to with almost breathtaking ease. Indeed, if ever there was a young fellow who was made for the worship of cock then this is that guy; as he promptly feasts on every inch of flesh doled out in his direction, before turning around and exposing his pert little arsehole in readiness for submission.

What follows is almost a masterclass in how to handle a hard, uncut ramrod; riding the offering for all he’s worth in a whole succession of positions, and ultimately exploding in excitement in the process. But it’s the final few moments of this stunning display that really cements him as a bitch extraordinaire, as he slurps his faceless buddy to an equally sticky climax – eyeing the camera throughout!

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Welcome to Lucas, he is handsome and pliant in responding to Jace's requests, even if a little naive in his first scene. The development of Lucas should begin with a threesome with the beautiful Angel Lopez and another handsome Staxus twink (Clyde Walton, Noah Mateous, John Cherry etc. etc.) A large comfortable bed should allow them adequate space to enjoy unrestricted flip/flopping and other adventurous couplings. I am looking forward to watching Lucas develop into a major asset to the Staxus line-up of popular models. More Angel and Lucas soon, please.

Frank, 30/October/2016

Lucas is gorgeous from top to bottom ! He's very sensual and his body language tease anyone around him i think . . .Even Jace can't control his hard :) when he sees Lucas's body and ... his lovely ass ! I might agree with some that say or will say Lucas first fucking scene shouldn't have been a pov scene, but this pov scene shows us who Lucas is ... how Lucas is. Welcome Lucas :) .. And Jace, your cock is a super cock ! Well done boys !

Vaclav, 30/October/2016

Ooh! What a sexy young man Lucas is! Loved his new hair style. Loved all of him. He certainly looked hot sucking on that big cock. And what a beautiful ass! I desperately wanted to get down and lick deep into his beauty hole. That was the only thing missing, a nice tongue working his hole. However, the fucking is really awesome with that big cock going deep inside that pretty ass. And Oh! Lucas, you sure love swallowing a delicious cum load. You are hot! 5 stars plus!

Ryan, 30/October/2016

Lucas is sexy, but even a POV allows to see the 2 guys! This "anonymous" fuck is very disappointing and annoying. Lukas is soft most of the time. He deserves a better scene!

Jerry, 30/October/2016

Lukas is a handsome feminine guy but I have to agree with Jerry. POV are boring and it would have been better if sweet juwel Jace would have been involved into the action... 3 of 5

Chris, 30/October/2016

great scene, Lucas looked so handsome with that shirt and pretty pants on, and it was sexy seeing his clothes coming of one by one as they where getting more and more into the action. Thanks Jace for taking such excellent care of Lucas and his holes =D

biggerthebetter, 30/October/2016

Bien que le POV ne soit pas une technique de tournage que j'apprécie particulièrement, j'ai néanmoins beaucoup aimé cet excellent clip. Lucas est adorable et parfait de la tête aux pieds et vous avez été très inspirés d'en faire un modèle exclusif. Je vais reprendre à mon compte l'excellente proposition faite par Frank de jumeler vos minets les plus sexy. Un film qui réunirait des anges tels que Noah, Angel, Lucas, Johny Cherry , Alessendro et Jonathan Strake obtiendrait un succès retentissant et ferait sans nul doute l'unanimité parmi vos membres. Félicitations :5/5.

Pascaloux, 30/October/2016

Love this Boy he keeps his eyes open & I adore his smile. Jace has a cock to die for & by golly Lucas sends me crazy with delight with his sensual behaviour with that Monster. xxxxx

pugs, 31/October/2016

What a cute little hottie lucuc is ,love watching him worship that sexy meat stick.His eyes are georgeous ,I think id come if he were sucking my cock and staring at me with them sexy eyes.Would love him on my face ,his balls and cute holes would be eaten with lusture mmmmm

Stu, 02/November/2016

I love POV and this is an excellent one. Not as great as Noah's first scene which was also POV but very good. Lucas' glances, his sucking and his yummy hole are exquisite. But Jace pls stop talking - your English is awful!

Theo, 02/November/2016

Lucas is cute, but I agree with Jerry and Chris - POV scenes are usually annoying and boring, and this one is no exception. This scene was a waste of his potential.

Steve, 12/November/2016

The hairstyle is very distracting, Did Lucas lose a bet or get his hair done that way as a dare? His hair looked much better in his other scenes.

Joe, 19/November/2016

The hole stretching was hot. Only wished it lasted longer.

I love hole, 02/June/2017

This is one of the hottest things I've ever seen. Lucas Drake displays such sexuality, elegance, beauty, poise… all while he's dying to get that huge cock into his every hole. Just incredible. More, please!

boyslut, 15/June/2017

Wow. Congrats on a creative POV scene. Normally not my favorite, but this was exceptional, mainly due to Lucas's amazing connection with the camera. At times I could really imagine I was fucking the lad myself (altho my fantasy would be to take Jace's monster cock myself). I hope sometime we'll see these two meet again in a more reciprocal scene, and please don't let an opportunity for someone to rim Lucas to go by. He's delicious.

Ty Huber, 13/February/2018

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