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Touch My Meat, Sc.3: Cock-Fighting Fuckers Rim Their Holes, Then Fuck Like Whores!

4.3/5 (Total votes: 39)
Added: 10/November/2016
Duration: 24 minutes
Comments: 25


Cock-fighting takes on a whole new meaning at the start of this playful meeting between STAXUS stalwart, Jose Manuel, and new kid on the block, Julian Fox; as director, John Smith, oversees a somewhat arty rendezvous, that sees both boys jostling together in a very modern swordfight! Indeed, we defy anyone who watches these two handsome dicks as they slip and slide against each other in the opening moments not to be left feeling as horny as fuck; a perilous predicament that will only get worse when the music finally stops and Fox gets down to the serious business of feasting on his buddy’s grossly swollen shaft.

It’s most definitely a very sensuous and nerve-tingling display, that’s for sure; and matters only intensify still further when Fox repositions himself over Manuel so that they can both suck cock simultaneously. The display of 69-ing that then ensues from these two gorgeous buddies is surely more than enough to get many a viewer to the brink of ecstasy; and the sight of Fox finally claiming the prize of Manuel’s fuck-hole will almost certainly push any doubters in a similar direction.

All the same, it’s the heady display of fornication between these lads that follows that is surely the pinnacle of the entire performance; with Manuel manfully taking every inch that his pal can thrust in his direction in a variety of positions. Culminating in the fellow riding Fox cowboy-style and producing a no-hands cumshot that surely has to be seen to be believed. Nicely rounded off by Fox yanking off a gooey, pent-up load, whilst Manuel slurps on his cockhead!

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Not a great deal of plot, but great sex action. Jose Manuel is maturing in years, but is very handsome and sexy and desirable.

Ryan, 10/November/2016

Sorry, this scene doesn't work for me. The poor place choosen, the lack of chemistry between the 2 models and a "robotic" fuck witout real sensuality are un turn off. Hope other members will like this video.

Jerry, 10/November/2016

Wow, Jose Manuel after almost 5! years absence returns to staxus. As Ryan already posted one can see that he definately matured but don`t we all?! :-) I agree, Julian is such a sexy jewel but this scene indeed lacked of chemistry. The last produced clips with Julian were definately better, it was as Jerry mentioned before some kind of "robotic" fucking, I´m with him.

Chris, 10/November/2016

Honestly??? Slow motion and music more than five minutes into the scene?! Stop trying to be artistic, John, it doesn't work! And I'm sorry to say that at 30, Jose is way too old for a twink site (his body is still great). Agree with the lack of chemistry and the robotic movements in the above comments. Change of position by the minute only makes it worse - apparently, the two guys really didn't know what to do with each other.

Theo, 10/November/2016

It is not my opinion that a guy who just turned 30 is too old for a twink gayporn site. Yes staxus normally concentrates on youngsters, some who just became adults. But doesn`t some variety of different types of bodies and ages make staxus so flexibel and famous? Of course we won`t see gays in the age of 40 or even older maybe fat or ugly, but staxus won`t make these mistakes for sure. Jose is neither ugly nor bellied so what is the matter...:-)

Chris, 10/November/2016

Pour la première fois depuis longtemps, vous avez publié une scène peu convaincante à laquelle je ne peux objectivement octroyer qu'une note de 3/5. Il y a d'abord eu pendant cinq minutes et demie une musique inadaptée et particulièrement stridente. En suite les deux modèles n'ont manifesté aucune attirance l'un pour l'autre et ni la moindre passion pendant toute la durée du clip. Quant à José, il reste toujours une personne séduisante mais le poids des ans est inéluctable et il a désormais dépassé la limite d'âge pour être modèle sur un site à minets. Ce clip est un faux pas mais je reste persuadé à 100 % que mon site préféré se rattrapera dès la prochaine vidéo.

Pascaloux, 10/November/2016

Great! Jose still has it in spades. Love to see him in a scene with other newbies such as Mike Branco.

Andy, 10/November/2016

The rimming and everything else was very hot and very erotic. With the risk of being a nag but Julian is a picture perfect guy, Jose is attractivet too

biggerthebetter, 12/November/2016

Been watching this scene a couple of times. I love Julian and Jose, but I must say this is the ideal time to play if not get over the Donald

biggerthebetter, 12/November/2016

This is a nice scene. I am so sorry for just joking around but Staxus is the best

biggerthebetter, 12/November/2016

I do not share some of the negative comments : i loved this scene, found it hot, with great chemistry between 2 nice guys, and we do not notice much the age difference : experienced Jose is still super, and the new kid on the block's elefantesque dick really does marvels !

christian, 13/November/2016

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