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Staxus Classic: Raw Meat - Scene 3 - Remastered in HD

3.4/5 (Total votes: 21)


Joey Baker, Jorge Moby, Frodo Kaspy, Steve Rives

Added: 12/November/2016
Duration: 15 minutes, 1 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s no denying that the opening moments of this terrific foursome featuring Joey Baker, Jorge Moby, Frodo Kaspy and Steve Rives seem somewhat on the bizarre side – especially when viewed with hindsight. Indeed, anyone stumbling on the scene unintentionally could easily be forgiven for thinking that they’ve discovered some weird documentary about a pseudo-religious cult. Casting those bizarre opening minutes to one side, however, we’ve a strong suspicion that you’re gonna love the action that follows; once the horned-up foursome find themselves locked in a bunk-room together, with only each other’s thick, straining cocks for comfort.

Indeed, none of these lads shy away from making immediate inroads into the handsome meat on offer; pairing up to slurp on dick, and moaning and groaning like bitches on heat. Given that this isn’t the longest of scenes – especially for a foursome – it’s perhaps not too surprising that the said display of fellatio isn’t that drawn out, however. In fact, before you know it the guys are teaming up for some hardcore anal action; taking it in turns to bang each other’s brains out, which in itself should prove more than enough to bring a goodly portion of our fans to the point of sticky satisfaction.

But without question the highlight of this stupendous escapade comes when all four of the lads proceed to blow their wads in all directions – over each other’s butts and faces, plus all over the floor. Given how many lads are in the spotlight, it’s not an entirely surprising development, of course; but pity the unfortunate cleaner!

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Total rubbish

Theo, 12/November/2016

Not rubbish but a bit boring isn`t it? At least the boys are relatively cute, of course not to compare with my dreamboy paraguay, you know who I mean...:-)

Chris, 12/November/2016

Come on, Chris, I understand that you like nearly verything Staxus offers us - but that "story" is totally stupid!!!

Theo, 12/November/2016

Odd story, but cute guys and pretty hot sex. Sometimes I think folks automatically rate low, just 'cause it's not new ...

etienne, 12/November/2016

Il est indéniable que ce scénario ahurissant est à dormir debout et ne tient pas la route une seule seconde. Néanmoins et de là à employer le mot "ordures", il y a des limites à ne pas dépasser. Ce clip comme le précédent sont très largement battus par ce que j'ai pu voir en ce long week -end chez BAOL. STAXUS reste mon site préféré mais force est de constater que l'année 2016 très largement entamée a été globalement moins bonne que l'exceptionnel millésime 2015.Il suffit d'ailleurs de cliquer sur l'onglet "scènes les plus populaires" pour le constater. John SMITH qui est votre seul réalisateur à sans doute trop de travail pour produire à tous les coups des clips parfaits. Il serait sans doute opportun de former un nouveau réalisateur pour le seconder.

Pascaloux, 12/November/2016

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