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Touch My Meat, Sc.4: Freshly-Showered Stud Gives His Masseur A Creamed-Up Arse! HD

3.7/5 (Total votes: 42)
Added: 13/November/2016
Duration: 23 minutes, 24 seconds
Comments: 25


One of the great secrets of a good massage is time – as Martin Muse quickly discovers when he encounters the talented hands of new boy, Justin Radol. Indeed, there’s nothing rushed at the start of this particularly horny rendezvous. Muse heads for the shower-room, where he genteelly soaps himself down; and Radol delicately prepares the massage-table, lighting candles to add to the mood of the occasion. If you’re thinking that this relaxed atmosphere holds out for the rest of the scene, however, then prepare for disappointment.

The return of Muse – now squeaky clean and clearly as excited as fuck! – turns up the dial considerably; and before you know it, Radol is making a beeline for the fellow’s crotch. Little wonder, of course, given the very handsome shaft that’s straining for attention. Indeed, the rest of Muse’s body hardly gets a look-in; and soon Radol is nicely working his client’s cock, not only with his hands but with his lips also!

Given the fact that Muse is already clearly feeling the horn big time, it’s no surprise that he’s soon determined to take full advantage of his mate’s services; bundling Radol over the table, fingering and rimming the fellow for all that he’s worth, and then finally squeezing every inch of his now badly-swollen ramrod into the blond boy’s arse. Indeed, any sense of procrastination is now long since abandoned; as Muse proceeds to slam the newbie for all he’s worth, ultimately pushing the fellow to a deserved crescendo. That leaves our stalwart to eagerly wrap things up by creaming Radol’s well-worked hole with a very generous wad!

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The hairdresser was not at his best. I liked the intro with Martin.

Jerry, 13/November/2016

The action is only average, and Martin seems to me very much gay4pay - his rimming is quite disappointing, he seems to avoid kissing and is not ready to cherish Justin's cum in any way. BUT I think I have a new favourite model now - Justin is adorable. Usually, I'm not so very much into tall men, but I love his interesting features, his prominent nose, his beautiful cock. I love him. I rate this scene only 3/5 but Justin gets the full score.

Theo, 13/November/2016

Nice to see such 2 tall slim guys play together. The too short one 1/2 second rimming and fingering by Martin was way tooooo short come on ! Hopefully it was compensated by the creamy final sexy cumshot.

christian, 13/November/2016

I am totally with Theo, the sex was kind of artificial and indeed "gay 4 pay". What a pity cause Justin is a hottie but it doesn`t rescue the rest. 3 of 5 poor points only voted :-(

Chris, 13/November/2016

Le moins que je puisse dire est que ce clip fade et sans relief ne me laissera pas un souvenir ineffaçable. A telle enseigne, que je n'ai pas jugé opportun de télécharger cette réalisation. Il s'agit du second faux pas consécutif et il est temps de vous ressaisir au risque de dégringoler rapidement du piédestal sur lequel le site est installé de façon pérenne jusqu'à présent. Désolé.

Pascaloux, 14/November/2016

I really liked the opening of the scene seeing Martin in the shower. But personally I'm not that into Justin, his face is not that attractive, for my taste he's way too skinny. Regarding his performance, I like bottoms who are submissive but it was a little "dead fish" over this on Justin's part.

biggerthebetter, 14/November/2016

Pour compléter ce que j'ai écrit plus haut, une coupe de cheveux plus élaborée aurait pu mettre les modèles en valeur au lieu de les desservir comme dans cette scène qui n'est déjà pas l'une des meilleures.

Jerry, 14/November/2016

So-so scene, but what's up with this latest goofy hair style in porn actors? It's as bad as the faux mohawks a few years back.

Steve, 19/November/2016

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