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Staxus Classic: Raw Meat - Scene 6 - Remastered in HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 18)


Billy Jay, Alan Capier, Patrik Dorsy

Added: 22/November/2016
Duration: 17 minutes, 34 seconds
Comments: 25


We all know from films like The Godfather that it doesn’t pay anyone to get the wrong side of a mafia boss – less still to be actively disloyal – so the gorgeous twink pairing of Alan Capier and Patrik Dorsy shouldn’t be too surprised to be summoned to see Billy Jay to meet their fate. Of course, the chances of them leaving that meeting alive are remote to say the least; but Jay is clearly not a vindictive guy, and he decides to give the boys one last pleasure before he signs their death-warrants.

Not that Capier and Dorsy see it that way, of course. By forcing the lads onto their knees to suck Jay off, they regard the ensuing action as a means to save their miserable lives – which helps explain just how keen and enthusiastic they are to please their master. They are, in effect, sucking and fucking as if their lives are dependent on it; with Capier ultimately proving to be the lynchpin of the action by being spit-roasted over a sofa. Of course, that underlining notion of sexual power (and the abuse of it) only adds to sheer intensity of this top-notch encounter; not least of all when Jay demands that Dorsy fucks his mate, whilst he himself thrusts his cock down Capier’s throat.

All of which, not surprisingly, soon results in all three fellows reaching the point of no return – Dorsy spewing a handsome wad of pent-up goo all over Capier’s face, before Dorsy takes the loads of his two compatriots simultaneously. The fact that the lad maintains a toothy smile throughout is surely enough to save him in the eyes of the viewers. Not so, sadly, in the eye of the man who counts!

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A nice scene with 3 handsome guys. A special mention to the young and gorgeous Patrik Dorsy.

Jerry, 22/November/2016

This was so intense & exciting & beautiful until the end :-) But 5 stars .*****

pugs, 22/November/2016

OMG, what a totally silly story - bad lines, amateurish acting, crap music!

Theo, 22/November/2016

Remastered? HD??

etienne, 22/November/2016

I love threesomes, but this was rather bleak. The guy who directed this is obviously not a master of the camera like John Smith is.

biggerthebetter, 23/November/2016

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