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Kneel & Pray, Sc.1: Horny Twinks Find Eternal Bliss In A Hard Cock, Jizzy Fuck-Fest! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 72)
Added: 24/November/2016
Duration: 22 minutes, 22 seconds
Comments: 25


Father, lead us not into temptation – that’s the prayer of many a young priest, who often struggle between the wish for spiritual purity and the desire for the pleasures of the flesh. Guys like Julian Fox and Lucas Drake, who would clearly much rather be having lots of carnal fun than reading the Bible and meditating on themes such as grace, redemption and temptation. Suffice it to say, it’s not long before both these two boys have abandoned any pretence of being devout; smooching away in a private room, before promptly stripping away their priestly attire.

Indeed, young Drake’s face is soon eagerly buried in Fox’s crotch – giving his buddy’s handsome cock some much-needed worship. It’s an unsurprising move given the history of this wanna-be priest; and what’s more Fox is quickly replicating the action, before bundling Drake over a table and rimming his pal’s hairless pucker. You don’t need to be a theological expert to know that this is not exactly the kind of thing that’s expected from men of the cloth; but by this point neither fellow gives a fuck about their eternal prospects. All they want is a good old-fashioned raw fuck – and that’s exactly what ensues when Fox finally buries his oversized schlong into Drake’s hungry little rectum.

It won’t come as any surprise to anyone that the bottom is soon consumed by lust – riding Fox’s shaft reverse-cowboy, before literally having the spunk banged out of him with a hands-free climax. Unaware that they’re being watched, Drake then calls it a wrap by slurping his mate’s thick, aching joystick to a sticky, satisfying finale!

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Someone is going straight to hell after this one...and it might be me for enjoying it so much. These guys are so HOTT and really seem to enjoy each other. 5+ guys

dr, 24/November/2016

This is probably the best scene this year! Good lighting, colour, emotion, passion and hort sex

Robbiehill, 24/November/2016

Way not as good as the scene of two days ago. The boys are sweet, no question about that. I love their smiles. I would have enjoyed hearing their voices during the intro instead of the potty music. But it's a John Smith film with all the usual weaknesses - cheap costumes that seem like remains from a carnival party, the cheap studio location that has absolutely nothing to do with the church we see in the intro (even the door through whose windows the priest is peeping doesn't fit the studio setting), the uncomfortable position on the cheap table and - worst of all - way too much editing. Why don't we see Julian's cock entering Lucas' hole when they start fucking? Why doesn't Julian lick off the cum after Lucas' sensational hands-free cum shot? So all in all, this scene is just average. A shame, considering the gorgeous models.

Theo, 24/November/2016

Hmmm. remind me, Theo ... what does that have to do with wjy we watch porn?

Etienne, 24/November/2016

I did not rate this because I do not want to affect the average but the sacrilege ruins it for me.

dong, 24/November/2016

@Etienne - you're right. If you watch porn only with your brain buried deep in your cock, it doesn't. But if you watch porn with your cock as well as with your brain in your head, i. e. with your whole personality, if you're looking for sensual eroticism which always also has something to do with intelligence apart from horniness - then it has l lot to do with what i tried to comment on. But, as one porn producer one told me: "Give 'em a big cock, and they stop caring about anything else." Apparently, he was true.

Theo, 24/November/2016

Grumbling on a very high level about some peanuts as the costumes indeed looked like found on the last carnival party and yes there have already been some better locations chosen but come on dudes. The sex and harmony between these supercuties was as Julian always shows perfect and the handsfree cumshot at the end let me also explode my load immediately. Julian stay at staxus for eternity, you are the sexiest boy I have ever seen. Really true meant. Delicious

Chris, 24/November/2016

Liebes Staxus Team, als langjähriger Staxus Fan und Mitglied möchte ich Euch nuneinmal in meiner Muttersprache mein größtes Kompliment aussprechen. Die letzten Monate mit den immer süßer werdenden Models, ich sage nur der hübsche Peruaner ;-) und jetzt Julian versüßen meinen Alltag. Gerne schaue ich mir auch immer wieder ältere Clips an, ich denke nur an Jushua Levy oder die süßen Spanier Ruben und Bart, ach ich könnte soviele Eurer Schnuckel erwähnen. John und Co. weiter so:-) Euer treues Mitglied Chris!

Chris, 24/November/2016

Cet excellent clip fait indiscutablement partie de vos meilleures réalisations de l'année tant qu'il est formidable. Le thème choisi pourrait heurter certains membres mais en tout cas par moi qui suis un athée forcené. Les deux petits minets incroyablement sexy ont été éblouissants. Je note néanmoins que le très talentueux John SMITH "en prend plein son grade" par un sempiternel râleur dont les critiques constantes et sans fondement commencent à m'exaspérer au plus haut point. Félicitations : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 24/November/2016

Two luscious boys in hot action. Loved the rimming and bareback action. 5 stars for another great video.

Ryan, 25/November/2016

This was great. Highly erotic and romantic (which suited this scene perfectly), great chemistry between the guys, one could almost believe that they are lovers off camera too. More of both Lucas and Julian please, they are awesome =)

biggerthebetter, 25/November/2016

These Gorgeous Boys with so much Love will certainly go to heaven LOL xxxxx *****

pugs, 25/November/2016

No sin in this beautiful scene, only love between 2 boys :) Gorgeous guys, good vibes, good director and cameramen, everything we need to be happy.

Jerry, 26/November/2016

No point in complaining eternally. The boys are both gorgeous and the sex is great, that is all what matters ! Thanks for it.

Christian, 04/December/2016

Delightful Lucas's spontaneous Ejaculation during he is worshiped by his Boyfriend in the noble Sodomy.

Paolo, 28/April/2017

And the Crucifix symbolizes the Blessing of Jesus on the homosexual Love of these noble Boys.

Paolo, 28/April/2017

But, ultimately, the Crucifix must be a Symbol of spiritual, non-physical Energy.

Paolo, 28/April/2017

I've been getting caught up on Staxus content after being away for over two years. Clearly Lucas Drake is the most exciting of the new models I've missed (followed closely by Angel Lopez). This scene pleased me because if seems to be the first in which Lucas's perfect asshole is properly, luxuriously, wetly, passionately rimmed by an appreciative Julian. Finally. Thanks, Staxus!

Ty Huber, 23/February/2018

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