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Keep On Running, Sc.3: Cramped Beauty Gets His Arse Ploughed Raw By Hung Porn God!

4.4/5 (Total votes: 44)
Added: 27/November/2016
Duration: 22 minutes, 26 seconds
Comments: 25


All athletes know the danger of muscle cramping – a condition that can strike at any time, be it during low-level training or high-octane exercise. Fortunately for new boy, Peter Nowak, the problem here is very quickly rectified – courtesy of STAXUS favourite, Jaro Stone, who clearly knows exactly what to do to relieve a painful bout whilst the two lads warm-up together. Not that his focus is on his buddy’s leg for long, it must be said. No, Stone is way more interested in the straining bulge that’s quickly appearing in Nowak’s crotch; stroking the fellow’s swollen quarters, then promptly feasting on the thick, uncut ramrod that he discovers inside the guy’s shorts.

It’s a move that excites Nowak into replicating the deed – devouring Stone’s much-used weapon, before both beauties line up on the sofa 69-style to gobble away on each other simultaneously. To be fair, the sight of these handsome sluts going top-to-toe for all they’re worth is nigh on enough to get most of us to the brink of sticky pleasure there and then; but rest assured young Stone isn’t content until he’s thoroughly rimmed that tight virgin ass of his mate and followed through by sticking every inch of his shaft deep inside the lad’s hungry little rectum.

Suffice it to say, Nowak’s very quickly savouring the experience to the max; riding his mate’s over-experienced pole cowboy-style, before sucking Stone off once again and then parting his legs for a further pleasure ride. All of which soon culminates in Stone squirting all over the bottom’s pucker; leaving Nowak to cream out his own gooey, sticky load!

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I love Jaro Stone and Peter Nowak is a nice model too. But seeing a guy fucking all a scene with his underwear is a turn off for me.

Jerry, 27/November/2016

No real passion and robotic movements. Sorry, guys, but that's rather boring.

Theo, 27/November/2016

Jaro Stone is back on stage, great! He is a real sexbomb and with his jockstraps OMG he looked cuter than ever. In comparison to one comment before it was a real turn on for me keeping the underwear on while having sex. The new guy with unknown name is handsome and the moment when he got his asshole rimmed was fantastic. Yes, there was something missing maybe passion for each other or some pure hunger for randy sex. I vote 4 of 5 points definately !

Chris, 27/November/2016

Talented new guy Peter Nowak has wonderful shining hazelnut brown eyes, he is very handsome. I wonder where staxus catches all these sporty, well trained body guys. No grams of body fat just a sixpack...:-) Boys of my dirtiest dreams ...Go on with these cuties!

Chris, 28/November/2016

This scene lacked a bit in the intensity/passion department. But the guys are so gorgeous that I couldn't resist rating it 4/5.

biggerthebetter, 29/November/2016

J'ai à l'instar des autres intervenants un avis mitigé sur cette scène qui manquait singulièrement d'intensité et de passion. Jaro est un magnifique jeune homme mais dans l'interprétation pornographique, il est loin d'être le meilleur gay pour de l'argent actuellement en activité dans l'industrie. Quant au nouveau petit minet, je le trouve très mignon et je viens de lui mettre la note maximale. Vivement le retour des merveilleux petits Noah et Jonathan que vous venez d'annoncer sur le blog et qui à coup sûr réaliseront de nouvelles performances à couper le souffle.

Pascaloux, 29/November/2016

The Higgins site just posted a clip featuring Peter. He looks a lot better getting rimmed and fucked when his ass and pubes haven't been shaved so he has awful razor burn.

trex, 11/December/2016

I just wrote a comment and it was censored.. That wasn't cool.

Jamie Nicholas, 01/February/2017

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