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Kneel & Pray, Sc.2: Angelic Lopez Devilishly Creams His Buddy’s Arse Mid-Fuck! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 77)
Added: 01/December/2016
Duration: 21 minutes, 25 seconds
Comments: 25


To any outside observer it seems that young priests, Angel Lopez and Johnathan Strake, are as devout as it’s possible to be – reading scripture and praying on a daily basis. Take a closer look, however, and you realise that the temptations of the flesh are all too real for these horny fellows; as Lopez’s hand wanders onto his buddy’s thigh, and the two beauties slowly abandon their worship of the divine in favour of more carnal adoration. To some, of course, this constitutes a sacrilege of a holy estate. For the rest of us, however, there’s no denying that the sight of two cock-hungry twinks lusting after each other almost has a touch of the divine about it; not least of all when Lopez finally strips away his pants so that Strake can gobble away on the thick, meaty flesh that nestles inside.

An act that Lopez himself is only too willing and eager to replicate; before turning his eye to his buddy’s arse-hole, which he promptly rims into submission. By the time that the Spaniard is finally buried balls-deep in his Czech mate’s pucker, there’s every possibility that you’ll have completely forgotten the theological overtones of the scene.

All the same, you’ll be in complete rapture at the sight of Lopez creaming Strake’s hole (somewhat prematurely!); before stiffening up again almost immediately so that Strake can ride the said pole like a whore. And with another round of Bible-bashing just minutes away, Lopez draws the action to a stirring close by yanking out a second (albeit smaller) load; before a final gooey smooch marks the conclusion of a truly unforgettable act of worship!

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Woooow, die Beiden sind wirklich süß! Johnathan hat voll den unschuldigen Blick drauf :-)

martinstaxus, 01/December/2016

What a refreshment to see "the tongue" Angel Lopez back again. I was really lookin`forward to seeing him and also sweet Jonathan paired together. Jonathan looks so boyish and innocent in his priests robe. I didn`t expect that Angel can`t wait until end and that he shooted his load quite early. This video is again a winner!

Chris, 01/December/2016

Exceptionnelle, sensationnelle, fabuleuse sont quelques adjectifs parfaitement adaptés pour décrire cette grandiose réalisation. Dès lors que vous jumellerez deux anges, vous obtiendrez à tous les coups l'assentiment unanime des membres. Angel est sans doute le minet le plus mignon du porno gay à l'heure actuelle et brille de mille feux dans tous les clips auxquels il participe. Quant au sublime petit Jonathan, je le trouve adorable, talentueux et son regard plein d'espièglerie me plaît énormément. Une fois de plus, John SMITH a apporté le preuve irréfutable de son immense génie. Félicitations : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 01/December/2016

two charming guys

Jerry, 02/December/2016

It's awesome to see another scene with Johnathan. He is by far my favorite model. 5/5

Kurt, 02/December/2016

Two beautiful boys brought together by Thank you and may we all go to hell watching this...

dr, 01/May/2017

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