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Give Me Wood, Sc.1: Dark Lusts Lead Hot New Boy To Titus Snow’s Spunk & Piss Fest! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 69)
Added: 08/December/2016
Duration: 21 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s a distinctly Czech-noir feel to the opening moments of this horny little escapade, as the almost deranged Titus Snow creeps around a local wood trying to find someone to love. It’s a bizarre concept for sure; but it gets even creepier when he stumbles upon new boy, Andy Scott, who’s happily whiling away his time lying on the forest floor, looking up at the autumnal canopy. Suffice it to say the young newbie doesn’t get to remain undisturbed for long; with Snow dragging the poor lad to his feet, smooching the unsuspecting fellow and then bustling him back to his lair – in this instance, his city apartment!

By this point, there’s no denying that Scott is completely under Snow’s spell – and with little wonder really given the eager manner with which the young Brit pulls the chap’s cock out and begins to deep-throat him. After all, who in their right mind would refuse that kind of attention? Moments later and Scott is returning the favour – arguably even more enthusiastically! – with a blow-job on his assailant’s totally hairless shaft that is completely at odds with his initial reluctance.

Anyone who’s seen Snow in action previously, however, knows that what he really wants is the feel of Scott’s handsome ramrod in his butt – an ambition he promptly achieves by mounting his newfound lover’s lap and bouncing up and down on the fellow’s rod for all he’s worth. No surprise that Scott is unable to hold back for long – delivering a fine wad of cum on his hole, before pissing it away. Cue a frenetic finale of jizz and the golden yellow nectar that leaves both lads utterly soaked!

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Wow...Andy sure can pee a lot. What a surprise he was, he looked so innocent... Titus really looked good in this scene. Both boys get 5 stars for cute ❤dr @dr2450

dr, 08/December/2016

Loved this scene! Titus Snow is a super hot twink! :-) Got my 5 stars!

Robbie Hill, 08/December/2016

"Into The Woods", by Staxus. Sorry to say I never found such nice guys walking in the forest.

Jerry, 08/December/2016

Welcome back infront of the cameras, Titus, I have missed you during your absence. The video was special in case that Andy Scott left on his tshirt for the complete time. At first a little weird and unusual but it had a positive effect on me. Well, pissing is not my cup of tea but staxus caters different kinds of sexual preferences so come on that is democracy :-) 4 of 5 points

Chris, 08/December/2016

WOWZA!!! This may be my all-time STAXUS favorite. Everything about it is stellar. Renew my subscription for another 100 years!

etienne, 08/December/2016

So nice seeing both Andy and Titus back on Staxus. I'm not a big piss fan but lots of nice components in this scene, the bjs where great Andy has some good deepthroating skills to say the least. Titus is looking more handsome than ever, he looks really refreshed and his new hair color goes perfectly with the color of his skin =)

biggerthe, 08/December/2016

Superb Boys I loved this scene 5 Stars

Puggs, 09/December/2016

This is hands down the hottest scene I've ever seen on Staxus. I love the slightly melodramatic setup, though it could have been a tad more realistic. (For one thing, Titus as the "rapist" doesn't work so well, since he's physically smaller.) But the fucking was outstanding! I must have Titus's ass some day!

friscodog, 15/December/2016

Andy, thanks for the pissing. Great!

JWL, 15/December/2016

1000 thanks Andy for the pissing! Simply GREAT !!! ...5+ Stars

Marco, 30/April/2018

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