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Give Me Wood, Sc.2: Water-Sport Loving Neighbours Enjoy Poolside Cum-&-Piss-Fest! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 59)
Added: 15/December/2016
Duration: 22 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


Titus Snow continues to stroll through the woods, eyeing the antics of his horny neighbours – in this instance, Alex Goldwin and Milan Silver, who (according to Snow) have a taste for water-sports. Needless to say, we’re not talking about swimming or water-polo – although admittedly their antics do begin harmlessly enough, with the two handsome buddies cavorting around in the house-pool. Being the bulkier of the two, it’s perhaps not too surprising that Silver appears to take the lead in their frolics; tossing Goldwin playfully around, before lifting the boy onto the side to reveal Goldwin’s fabulously curved hard-on for all to see.

It’s a revelation that immediately notches up the temperature in that room by about ten degrees at least; as Silver promptly dives down on that divinely swollen head and gobbles away for all he’s worth. Not that he’s alone in a taste for hard dick; as Goldwin then retires to a nearby lounger so that he can enjoy replicating the pleasure on Silver’s now grossly engorged shaft, before eagerly parting his legs so that his mate can thrust every aching inch of manhood deep into his cute, hairless arse.

Given the almost professional manner with which he takes the offering, it’s hard to believe that this is a virgin display. But the sheer intensity of the occasion still clearly has an amazing effect on the young lad, who promptly pisses all over himself mid-fuck. Cue an absolutely breathtaking showpiece of top-notch twink action, that combines the joy of spunk and piss pleasure; and that leaves young Goldwin coated and soaked in equal measure!

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Waouah, great scene! Super cute boys, lots of pissing integrated into the scene, and the end shows how much Alan can piss!

Julienxxx, 15/December/2016

Two new beauties to Staxus. They both performed like professionals, and both looked hot for each other. Handsome young dudes with delicious cocks. Love the attention that Milan gives to Alan's yummy hole. Oh yes' I wanted a share of it! He so enjoys the sweet taste of it on his tongue. The fucking is great, and the pissing is so sexy! Sweet Alan getting a stream of Milan's hot piss in his mouth made me so horny! Not everyone's taste, but it gave the video extra flavour! 5 stars for a great performance from two special boys!

Ryan, 15/December/2016

Loved this scene!!

Robbie Hill, 15/December/2016

super mignon le petit nouveau alex l Goldwin’s tres tres chaud hate de le voir dans d'autre scéne

toine , 15/December/2016

Very cute new guys, a warm welcome to the the Staxus family. When I saw the venue, I hoped I would see some pissing. I wasn't disappointed at all. This scene was HOTT. ❤dr @dr2450

dr, 15/December/2016

Alex und Milan - Herzlich Willkommen bei Staxus, Ihr supersüßen Bengel. Dieses Video hat es total in sich. Schon zu Beginn als Alex aus der Tiefe des Wassers hervortaucht, mit einem Ständer vom Allerfeinsten. Bereits hier lief mir das Wasser im Mund zusammen. Die beiden harmonierten perfekt zusammen und man sah wie geil sie es finden rumzumachen. Obwohl ich kein großer Fan von Natursekt bin hat mich dieses Video mit solch hübschen Burschen total überzeugt. Und Alex behaarte Beine hrrrr - ich konnte das Video nicht bis zum Ende anschauen ohne vorher kräftig abzuspritzen. Toll!

Chris, 15/December/2016

New boy arrivals on staxus - new boy heros were found. This video was just awesome and even skeptic viewer of "wet action" were satiesfied. How georgeous Alex and Milan are. Hopefully many videos with these juwels are going to follow soon...

Chris, 15/December/2016

Also loved theses Boys & the golden rain xxxxx

pugs, 15/December/2016

i have watched this scene again & so have fallen in love with Alex.Milan gave Alex what he enjoyed most a magnificent cock right inside him & he was so relaxed & loving every moment. This is my best Christmas present. Every moment sensational; xxxxx******

pugs, 21/December/2016

Nice scene. But the link to download the photoset is missing.

fuckworthy, 23/December/2016

ten points for the great pissing. Thanks!

jwl, 25/December/2016

Amazing scene!

Jerry, 09/January/2017

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