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Give Me Wood, Sc.3: Dirty Twink Gets Fucked & Fisted To A Hot, Spunky Crescendo! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 87)
Added: 29/December/2016
Duration: 25 minutes, 25 seconds
Comments: 25


Peeping Tom extraordinaire, Titus Snow, continues his travails in the woods – on this occasion taking time out to see what horny boyfriends, Lucas Drake and Tom Jacobs, get up to when they’re alone together in their nearby cottage. It goes without saying, of course, that we don’t catch these two young fellows passing the time with DIY or doing the cleaning! Instead, they’re ensconced in the favourite room of any guys their age – the bedroom – playfully engaged in a sensuous game of tonsil-tennis; before newbie, Jacobs, finds he can no longer hold back from taking a close examination of what his pal has got stashed inside his jocks.

Seconds later and Drake’s handsome ramrod is on full display; prior to Jacobs consuming the thick, meaty shaft courtesy of some energetic fellatio. Not that Drake is averse to giving head, as we already well know; and it will surely come as no surprise to anyone that he’s soon replicating the act, with both lads rigorously 69-ing each other like a couple of cheap tarts. But Drake’s never been one to resist getting the inches inside his guts for long; and fans who like to see him being speared in a whole variety of positions will soon be relishing his brutal deflowering.

That said, it seems that a meaty dick isn’t quite enough for him on this occasion. Indeed, the dirty little bitch is soon crying out for Jacobs to provide him with a no-holds-barred fisting – literally stretching his arsehole to buggery and creaming him off in the process. A top-notch display that leaves Jacobs to cream his filthy mate’s outstretched tongue for the finale!

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Nice to see that this time beautiful Lucas Drake also gets spoiled by a wonderful blow job. The fisting i dont like that much. Altogether a great Scene with great Boys!

Niko, 29/December/2016

Staxus you continue to bring us wonderful Boys. This time was no exception, I loved new Boy Tom & the way he delicately manoeuvred his fist inside delicious Lucas. Loved every moment of theses two gorgeous Boys.

pugs, 29/December/2016

Not very keen on fisting, but still very much loved the video. Lucas Drake is a real beauty, and the new boy Tom is very sexy. Loved seeing him rimming and fucking Lucas. I think he's a great addition to Staxus models. Photography is great as usual.

Ryan, 29/December/2016

At first one has to mention that staxus doesn`t quit finding more and more handsome boys like these two cuties. Lucas Drake is a real passive boyslut, he can take even the longest and biggest dicks. As a fan of fisting this video was a total winner and at the end when we could see Lucas open hole and his intestinal mucosa I couldn`t hinder myself to cum. Wonderful, please produce more fisting clips.

Chris, 29/December/2016

I do not like fisting in general but this was elegant and the boys so beautiful that I found the whole erotic. Well done.

dong, 29/December/2016

Zum Jahresende möchte ich allen Staxus Mitgliedern, dem Team und natürlich den süßen Boys einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr wünschen und alles Gute in 2017. Meine Mitgliedschaft werde ich definitiv zum Januar verlängern, als bereits langjähriger begeisteter Staxus Liebhaber. Diese Seite ist abwechselungsreich, bietet tolle Motive und Filmschnitte aber die Sahne auf dem Eis sind logischerweise die Boys. Einer hübscher als der andere und einer versauter als der andere*hust :-) In den letzten Monaten war nahezu kein Boy dabei, der mir nicht gefiel, vielleicht mal abgesehen von diesem einen Muskeltypen,der ging gar nicht,aber er ist ja auch kein Boy mehr - eher Bodybuilder. Ich könnte die Boys aufzählen die ich geil finde,aber das würde den Rahmen sprengen..Ganz vorne in 2016 lag natürlich Angel Lopez, eine absolute Granate und unser versauter Bursche Ray Mannix. Weiter so...einfach nur Top, Staxus....

Chris, 29/December/2016

One comment to the director: as for many other videos on this website you select some of the models with the cutest eyes in the world, but they spend 90% of the scene with the eyes shut. You should try to get them to keep their beautiful eyes open while they have sex, it would look even nicer. These two guys are just perfect.

Fan, 29/December/2016

I over use the word amazing , but is exactly that - amazing. Very hot seeing Tom play with his hands and fingers inside Lucas' hole, going in different angles, his hand didn't go in to the wrist but for me the hottest thing is seeing the hand gradually go in deeper and deeper. Normally fisting porn is not my absolute favorite (most of models in fisting porn look, well to say the least a bit old and not so healthy) But seeing Lucas getting fisted was a 5-star feast for the eyes =D More scenes like this with cute twinks getting their holes explored by hands please.

biggerthebetter, 30/December/2016

delicious the Fisting in Lucas with his superb erected Cock.

Paolo, 21/March/2017

delicious the Fisting in Lucas with his superb powerful erected Cock and his noble Screams of homosexual Lust.

Paolo Monaco, 21/March/2017

but, I think, spiritual Love is increasingly powerful

PaoloMonaco, 28/March/2017

Please get Lucas doing that again! Fantastic.

Nick, 27/April/2017

wanna fuck your spiritual cockpaolo - I

boyfucker, 05/January/2018

Breathtaking scene. First the adorable sunrise tenderness, amazing rimming, and fisting like I've never seen. So often fisting is presented as a brutal aspect of the BDSM scene, but here we see intimacy, passion, and affection. How lovely to see darling Tom kissing Lucas's lovely buttcheek as he went deeper and deeper inside. And that gaping view of Lucas's tunnel of love: amazing.

Ty Huber, 14/February/2018

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