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Staxus Classic: World Soccer Orgy - Scene 3 - Remastered in HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 23)


Tom Arnott, Bud Fraser, Mr. Rush

Added: 07/January/2017
Duration: 19 minutes, 16 seconds
Comments: 25


Any gay man who has a soft spot – or should that be a hard spot?! – for soccer players will almost certainly have fantasised at some point about what goes on in the privacy of the massage room; and director Vlado Iresch makes the very most of it when he sends budding photographic-journalist, Cameron Jackson, to investigate the antics of horned-up trio, Tom Arnott, Bud Fraser and the ever-enigmatically named, Mr. Rush. Of course, there’s never any doubt that these three beauties will be making the very most of a situation where one guy – in this instance Arnott – is laid prostrate on a massage-bench; and needless to say it’s not long before Rush is leading the charge on the young lad’s hungry little fuck-hole, fingering it for all it’s worth. Indeed, it’s no time at all before the lad is quite literally being spit-roasted like a cheap whore by his two mates – and by the look on his face he’s clearly loving every fucking moment of it!

No question about it, however, the highlight of this particular vignette is the sight of all three guys engaging in a conga-style fuck against one of the walls – Rush banging Fraser, who in turn is banging Arnott! – and there’s every good chance that you will have shot your load in appreciation long before these boys do. But don’t be tempted to skip the sweet finale, in which all three chaps produce a fantastic tsunami of pent-up boy-batter – Rush’s wad being of especial note! – which leaves Arnott quite literally dripping with spooge. As footie-fantasies go, this one is most definitely the kind of dirty-minded filth we’d all love to be a reality!

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