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Rich Bitch, Sc.2: Filthy Flip-Floppers Enjoy A Piss & A Kinky Cum-Stained Shot! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 44)
Added: 26/March/2017
Duration: 27 minutes, 5 seconds
Comments: 25


We’ve all known Chris Jansen long enough now to realise that he’s a really filthy bastard, so perhaps catching him in the shower almost seems like the perfect introduction to this kinky little episode with the equally dirty-minded Angel Lopez. Not that any amount of soap could wash away his reputation, it has to be said; and it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that the introduction of his buddy to the scene quickly sees his behaviour degenerate gloriously. Falling down onto his knees, he’s soon revelling in every drop of piss that Lopez can muster – the kind of fabulous filth on which the young Dane has built his entire reputation! It certainly serves as a stupendous reminder of just how low this boy can go; and the great news is that the succeeding minutes do precious little to undermine that notoriety.

Of course, the fact that he’s been teamed up here with a lad like Lopez – face of an angel, mind of a sewer! – helps matters enormously; and having taken the opportunity to sip a glass of wine, then suck on each other’s cocks, the boys heap up the ante by Jansen burying his face into his buddy’s hungry little arse in anticipation of a hard fuck to come.

But don’t for one single minute think that this is all set to be a simple one-on-one fuck. No, these pretty little sex-pigs proceed to engage in a blissfully explicit flip-flop set piece; which culminates in Lopez rupturing his nads all over the two wine glasses. It’s a divinely twisted finale that will surely attract and repulse in equal measure; but which leaves the viewer in no doubt that these beauts are as lewd as boys cum!

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So many great components to this scene. But the end was superb, Chris and Angel toasting in some taste "enhanced" wine ;) I like stuff like this, doing cool stuff with cum shots rather than just let the loads go to waste dribble on to some sheets. Kudos to Tim for putting this scene together!

biggerthebetter, 26/March/2017

Two of the best. These hot beauties give us a wonderful performance of intimate sex. The cock sucking, taking piss in the mouth, the sensuous rimming which Chris did so superbly, then the flip fucking is just so sexy. I love these two boys. Both beautifully boyish, and both up for it. Heaven to me, and of course the full 5 stars. Yummy!

Ryan, 26/March/2017

Two beautiful models who would have need more space for their frolics than a little sofa

Jerry, 26/March/2017

are there 3 fake comments ? because the video does not load.

Bob, 26/March/2017

how could you comment on an unavailable video ? I think something is rotten in the state of Denmark !

ben, 26/March/2017

It worked before for me. Now seems to be unavailable. I loved so much the rimming in this video. Please I want to watch it again! I hope you fix the problem asap :/

Ryan69, 26/March/2017

Video does not work...:-(

Chris, 26/March/2017

The 3 defintions works well for me (I'm in France)

Jerry, 26/March/2017

does not work in UK !!!!!!!

pugs, 26/March/2017

Works fine in the Netherlands. Hot scene with two cuties guys!

bently, 26/March/2017

... does not work from Germany, Netherlands or somewhere else because the file is simply not loading... .... and support does not even care here :(

Bob, 26/March/2017

doesn't play!!!

mikey, 27/March/2017

Scene does not play! Error Media, File could not be played

Alonso, 27/March/2017

Hooray it works I shall look forward to watching this evening :-)

Pugs, 27/March/2017

I watched and downloaded this scene sunday morning 00.15h! Angel and Chris are adoreble!!

bently, 27/March/2017

Sorry about the technical glitch - this is all fixed now. Bob please no need to say we dont care - of course we do - we are a small team and put huge effort into this site. so no need to be rude. there was an error - we didnt see it at first and as soon as we did we fixed it. Why is it with the internet that people take to being rude so fast - i find it quite depressing.

Steve, 27/March/2017

Totaly agree with you Steve!

bently, 27/March/2017

I agree with you Steve. Some people become very agressive and rude if something doesn`t work as they just want to have...Do not mind, I ignore such people. To come back to the video mhh when Angelo Lopez is involved it must become brilliant and it was. Nice interaction between both guys. I enjoyed every second and had very much for with it...

Chris, 27/March/2017

glad its working now, and i am not rude. How do you come to this, Steve? sorry. B.

Bob, 27/March/2017

ps ... Steve, actually it would be rude to cancel my subscrition here and load this content from the known illegal pirate sources, but i don't! I am a supporter of your project and just allowed me to write a bit of criticism. As a paying member i would like to have the content fresh as soon it's out. So if i am rude just for being impatient, waiting 24 hours for a fixed link then i am sorry... again. B.

Bob, 27/March/2017

Loved these Boys & the piano playing. How you continue to find gorgeous BOYS & new ideas keeps me inspired & horny. Sex is most beautifully performed & sensual & I adore your scenes. AMAZING ART Staxus xxxxx

pugs , 27/March/2017

no problem Bob - all good - it was just your line - and support does not even care here :( - that seemed a bit rude to me. but as i said not to worry lets leave it there.

steve, 28/March/2017

@sreve: I haven't been affected by the streaming problem, because I've a year membership, I think, but what happened it's like putting a beautiful cake in the plate of a child and forbid him to eat it! LOL! Btw thanks for your work!

Jerry, 28/March/2017

Great well filmed hot scene with two of the hottest models, Angel is hottest model anywhere!

Staxusfan, 29/March/2017

In one word great performance of the two guys. In expectation of more such scenes of my number 1 favorite the Danish Boy Chris. Can't get my eyes of him.

Chrislover, 25/July/2017

This pissing in poor Chris's mouth is demeaning to him.

Thunderball, 06/November/2017

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