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Do Me Daddy, Sc.1: Horny Handyman Takes A Flip-Flopping Ride With A Suited Boss! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 50)
Added: 05/February/2017
Duration: 20 minutes, 53 seconds
Comments: 25


London and New York aren’t the only places in the world to have plush office blocks – Prague boasts its own civil engineering achievements too, as director John Smith is clearly eager to prove in the opening moments of this sexy little number. What’s more, Czechia’s capital has more than its fair share of divinely handsome young men – Bjorn Nykvist and an impressively muscular handyman, Rob Nielsen, amongst them! To be fair, there’s something almost comical about the opening section – Nielsen spotting someone injured on the local railway line, then spying on the young fellow through binoculars as he’s carried away to safety. But it serves as a pleasant enough intro to the main action, as Nykvist expresses his admiration of Nielsen’s physique – which in turn leads to the two buddies falling into a passionate embrace.

Of course you don’t need to be Miss Marple to appreciate where all this is headed; and soon Nykvist is down on his knees to take full advantage of the workman’s now grossly swollen ramrod. What’s more, having then engaged in a little bit of docking fun together, Nielsen is soon replicating the display by feasting on Nykvist’s arguably over-generous member.

All of which leads nicely to a heady display of flip-flopping madness – first Nykvist hammering the point home in Nielsen’s hairless arse, then Nielsen returning the compliment like a wound-up sex machine. Given the intensity of the encounter it’s not surprising that both lads are soon creaming like fury – a turn of events that leaves them exchanging a sloppy, cum-induced smooch!

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This video is so great! Two fantastic models. Fairly new to Staxus, model Bjorn Nykvist is just stunning, and he is joined by brand new model Rob Nielsen who is equally as stunning. Beautiful couple of guys with Bjorn soon tasting how delicious is the sweet hole of Rob. Before they take it in turn to bareback fuck each other in a passion of sheer lust. Followed by plenty of facial cum. 5 Stars!

Ryan, 05/February/2017

How can one possibly not love this. The guys are adorable, Rob looked so darn cute in the builder/carpenter outfit. Normally I'm not the biggest fan of flip flop scenes, usually prefer for the hungest most masculine guy to top 100% but in this scene the flip flop theme was just perfect! thx once again Staxus team, you guys are the greatest

biggerthebetter, 05/February/2017

We already known Bjorn was sexy but Rob is a guy that could make one sell his soul to the devil :=) The hesitations we detect during the scene make it even more enjoyable. ***** !

Jerry, 05/February/2017

On the contrary, i like flip flop scenes. Here, both guys are really nice and so cute... The newbie charming Rob is strong and tough, and Bjorn, slim, classy can do everything. Good movie !

Christian, 05/February/2017

I agree with the written comments before. How can somebody not love the geourgeous boys? Impossible. Great harmony, great sex and Rob`s asshole...mhh would love to bury my face and stay in this cavern of paradise forever. 5 of 5!

Chris, 05/February/2017

Nielsen unsurpassable. Must have much much more.

dong, 06/February/2017

Love the hooding or docking as it is also known. These Boys are sumptuous. Love staxtus *****

Pugs , 07/February/2017

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