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Staxus Classic: Bareback Road Trip - Scene 1 - Remastered in HD

2.8/5 (Total votes: 27)


Thomas Dyk, Tony Koch

Added: 11/February/2017
Duration: 9 minutes, 58 seconds
Comments: 25


It might sound a little unusual, but the fact that this scene is just ten minutes long and contains nothing in the way of intercourse does precious little to prevent it from being a top-notch classic – thanks, in the main, to the presence of the legendary Thomas Dyk. Not that his companion in this instance – Tony Koch – is the kind of boy that you’d easily kick out of bed. But there was always something extra special about Dyk, with his trademark quiff and piercings; and needless to say he doesn’t disappoint here in any way, shape or form. Suffice it to say that he’s the kind of lad you could probably just watch on a constant basis and never tire of; and the sight of him pillow-fighting with Koch against a dreamy backdrop will almost certainly get the juices flowing early on.

Don’t give up on the action too quickly if pillow-fighting isn’t your thing, however. It’s no time at all before both lads are unburdening their handsome ramrods from their pants – a move that promptly leads to them taking it in turns to orally satisfy the other. A stunning session of 69-ing soon ensues, which will almost certainly have most viewers reaching for the tissue-box just in case; but it’s the sight of those two beautiful uncut shafts being jerked to a sticky climax side-by-side that will almost certainly ensure that there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

All of which is nicely touched off by the two now truly well-spent lads exchanging a sloppy, satisfying smooch for old time’s sake. All in all, ten minutes of unrivalled bliss that will have you wishing Dyk out of his arguably premature retirement!