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Do Me Daddy, Sc.2: Sad Little Beauty Gets Banged Back To Health By Muscled Stud! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 68)
Added: 12/February/2017
Duration: 20 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s a distinctly thoughtful, even artful feel to the opening moments of this stunning little escapade between everyone’s favourite twink slut, Lukas Drake, and butch strongman, Filip Bethsaida – the kind that rarely if ever makes an appearance in porn. In the depths of despair, Drake drinks himself silly and heads for the railway tracks to end it all, only for Bethsaida to serve as a knight in shining armour – or in this instance a rather trendy cardigan! – as he carries the forlorn young man back to his house to nurse him to health. Which in this particular instance clearly involves stripping the lad off, sitting him in the bath and showering him down.

It’s a somewhat unusual means of rehabilitation given the circumstances, but it has to be said it certainly seems to lift the young boy’s spirits; and before you know it Drake is laid out on his hero’s laps and allowing Bethsaida to soap and finger his ever-hungry little arse-hole. Which in turn very quickly leads to both fellows taking it in turns to suck each other’s now-straining cocks.

Of course, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to realise how matters are set to proceed; and it’s really no time at all before the older stud is taking full advantage of the situation by ploughing deep into Drake’s pucker with that handsome schlong of his. It’s a move that the cute little twink appreciates to the max. So much so, in fact, that he’s quite literally erupting mid-fuck; before falling to his knees and allowing Bethsaida to dollop a load of spunk all over his tongue, which he dutifully gobbles up. Has there ever been such a good boy?!

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This was f-ing amazing. Normally I'm not the biggest fan of older guys but this scene seing Lucas giving up all of his holes and let Philip take full advantage of his holes, manhandling Lucas was a piece of John Smith magic once again!!!

biggerthebetter, 12/February/2017

DAMN that was HOTT. I wish I had found Lucas along the tracks... I wish this continued on to Filip carting Lucas off to bed and snuggle up with him.

❤dr , 12/February/2017

Sorry to say Filip is not my type. The lack of chemistry between the 2 models, mostly in the second part of the video, looks like a gay for pay fucking. Happily Lucas save the scene and his free hands cumming is something not to miss.

Jerry, 12/February/2017

SUPERLATIVE in everyway. Especially notable is the hands free cum!

dong, 12/February/2017

Filip for sure is not a guy who corresponds to the typical staxus sample of boys we are used to. For me he much to muscular and there was no spark of chemistry between these two. Only Lucas sweet sympathetic behavior and look can rescue it for beeing bad. This was only average to my mind.

Chris, 12/February/2017

Sorry guys, totally not my cup of tea, it gets 0,5 * from me for the effort. So that's being 1* for real, but that's to much.

bently, 12/February/2017

Any video with that cute hottie Lucas is always awesome, especially when he cums hands-free AND eats cum!

hornytony, 14/February/2017

I like the size difference, and the older/ younger dynamic, both guys very sexy in their own way, i liked the concept, but there was a lack of chemistry between the two, which suggests gay for pay on Filips part,he looked to be stuggling to stay hard Lucas was more enthusiastic , he is a great beauty.

shaggerboi, 18/February/2017

This was a very fine scene, in my opinion. Any scene where you have a beautiful young white bottom boy getting well fucked by a horny top is greatly appreciated. When the bottom boy eats plenty of cum or gets a cream pie, that is the high point in a scene that we wait for and expect. I love to see beautiful young bottom boys getting plowed by larger, more muscular, or older top studs; and black men who are tops with really big cocks look great plowing and breeding pretty white boys. Please produce more scenes like this one!

Professormarvel, 18/February/2017

Filip is to be voted only 1*. Not interested in anything here, gay for pay for sure and not the guy staxus members are used to get presented! Not a spark of passion and sympathy between them... No I seldom complain but this is only 2 and this only because of sweet Lucas!!!

Chris, 10/August/2017

Gorgeous! So sweet the Sodomy with Lucas, elegant and aristocratic Boy. (delicious his noble Ejaculation during the Penetration).

PaoloMonaco, 11/October/2017

but in a cold mind, the spirit is winning.

PaoloMonaco, 12/October/2017

Absolutely gorgeous scene!! The interaction between butch Filip and Lucas was heavenly... Yes, I know that Lucas' hands-free ejaculations are a sight to behold but to see him so well handled by Filip is a thing of beauty. Bethsaida is still HOT and can feed like a god.

m Tourneur, 09/December/2017

It's unusual to see a Daddy/Son pairing in which the Daddy is devoted, caring, and affectionate to the Son. This scene was lovely in showing that tenderness and nurturing in the beginning, and then the requisite ass-pounding that the lovely twink demands. Really imaginative, creative work going on at Staxus. Thanks, as always, for restoring an affordable monthly membership that includes downloading.

Ty Huber, 14/February/2018

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