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Snow Blind, Sc.1: Cream-Lovin’ Katz Gives His Mate A Hard Fuck & A Gooey Facial! HD

4.9/5 (Total votes: 71)
Added: 19/February/2017
Duration: 27 minutes, 22 seconds
Comments: 25


The beauty of the nature world in all its wintry glory is laid out before them like a rich blanket, but Alessandro Katz and Noah Matous have only got eyes for each other. Which is kind of understandable really given how fucking gorgeous they both are! Besides, whilst the sight of Czechia in all its seasonal mantle is a wonder to behold, it doesn’t really hold a candle to the vision of these two sluts doing what they do best – fucking like a couple of mindless whores! And believe us when we tell you that this scene doesn’t disappoint in that respect for even a single moment. From the second these two beauties are back in the warmth of their mountain chalet and stripping off each other’s clothes, you just know that you’re in for a spunk-blasting treat!

Needless to report, neither of these buddies can get enough of dick right from the off, as they feast and gorge on the fine display of inches on display; but it’s Katz who eventually eases himself away so that he can give his full attention to his mate’s hairless pucker. And boy does he give it – rimming and fingering the hole for all he’s worth, before burying every inch of his rock hard shaft deep into Matous’s guts!

It’s a move that is never for one moment going to have any other effect on a lad like Matous other than him acting the complete whore – culminating in him riding Katz’s handsome shaft reverse cowboy-style and exploding mid-fuck in the process. Yet arguably it’s the show-stopping sight of his cute, doe-eyed faced being literally whitewashed by Katz’s eruption in the final moments that will last longest in the memory.

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Gorgeous scene, perfect pairing! Alesssandro and Noah have great chemistry with lots of kissing and the opening playful moments in the snow set the mood. So no surprise when they just eat each other up later. One of the BEST scenes for both guys!

DeWayne in SD, 19/February/2017

I am surprised there has been only one comment. This is fabulous. I adore Alessandro.

AliusUK, 19/February/2017

As always Noah is so eager to give himself. His haircut is great! The boys get 5* but the filming( camera angling could have been better sometime according Alessandro) gets 3*. But all togetether 5*

bently, 19/February/2017

love the opening scene & the beautiful music. Fabulous Boys & an awesome performance *****

pugs, 20/February/2017

It would be wonderful to see Alessandro and Bjorn together. Any chance?

AliusUK, 20/February/2017

The last weeks or even the last months there was one marvellous video up to the next. My boyangel Noah returned and he was paired with beautiful Alessandro..this could only become magical. 5 of 5 points for this winner...

Chris, 20/February/2017

Good scene, for me perhaps not my favorite Noah or Alessandro scene but really awesome seeing both of them back on Staxus. Noah's hair was mentioned before, must agree his new hair cut looks fantastic =)

biggerthebetter, 22/February/2017

Beautiful intro, handsome guys, great scene. *****

Jerry, 23/February/2017

noble Crhe Ejaculation of Noah is ever aggressive: pure Virility!

Paolo, 06/March/2017

This was a nice scene, not a lot in your face penetration views which is what I like, but loved the fucking angles.

I love hole, 15/June/2017

Sheer delight. Adorable boys, especially Alessandro. Well maintained erections throughout. Erotic the way Noah masturbates himself to orgasm whilst being buggered by Alessandro's well sized penis. Alessandro's orgasm was delightful too and clearly appreciated by Noah.

Mateusz, 03/September/2017

but there is no true eternal depth

Paolo, 31/October/2017

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