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Do Me Daddy, Sc.3: Muscled Blond Gets Ahead By Fucking Raw Ass & Taking A Load! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 42)
Added: 23/February/2017
Duration: 20 minutes, 19 seconds
Comments: 25


Some guys get to the top by putting in the hours and working hard. Others, in contrast, simply fuck their way to success – a methodology that muscular dude Rob Nielsen decides to adopt when given such a tempting opportunity courtesy of new boy, Charlie Volume. Indeed, the lad doesn’t so much as display a single moment of hesitation when told that he might get his very own office in return for sexual favours; and within moments both fellows are making the very most of being alone after work by stripping off their shirts and exchanging a sensuous smooch. You don’t need to be a corporate genius to realise that it’s not just the shirts on their back that these two handsome fellows will be removing; and soon Volume is down on his knees savouring every inch that Nielsen has got stashed inside his trendy underwear.

No question about it, this young fellow is one hell of a lucky boy; and his good fortune only increases when Nielsen decides to turn him over, pull away his pants and focus directly on that hot little pucker that he has stashed between his butt-cheeks. Moments later and the blond fucker’s dick is being firmly embedded in Volume’s guts – a somewhat unexpectedly direct move which leaves the newbie (and all us viewers!) gasping for breath.

What ensues is a terrific set-piece that will surely have pretty much every one of us jerking like fury; culminating in Nielsen exploding furiously over his mate’s arse. But it’s Volume’s almost shockingly violent eruption, which splatters Nielsen’s baby-face with a torrent of hot jizz at the end, that secures our highest acclaim!

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Another two stunning models. Though this is the second video for Rob. Both models put on a great show and I loved all the action. 5 stars.

Ryan , 23/February/2017

superb ! The Beauty and the Perfection of gay Love.

PaoloMonaco, 23/February/2017

but better spiritual Ove

PaoloMonaco, 23/February/2017


PaoloMonaco, 23/February/2017


Robbie HIll, 24/February/2017

Thanks to John Smith once again. Good scene through out I especially the parts where Rob turned extra rough with Charlie's hole. OT - but what's up with the blog, looking very much forward to it being up and running again =)

biggerthebetter, 24/February/2017

I missed some harmony and passion between these two cuties, the interaction was a little robotic. But all in all I can vote 4 of 5 points

Chris, 24/February/2017

i want to see such a beautiful cum shot first in real then slow and i want to see it coming all over the bag i missed something like that for a long time and let some guys sagging sometimes and show that !

Kenny M., 24/February/2017

To be honest I think it's not a good scene, No chemistry or what so ever. All mechanicly. Poor camera angling. No Staxus standard! Gave it 3***, but after seeing it again to much. 2** would be enough.

bently, 25/February/2017

Es waren schon einige gayle Szenen dabei… auch hatten die Modele mal Sackhaare, nicht so rasiert beim Schwanz.….Trotzdem waren mir diese zu Muskolös (Geschmacksache) , irgendwie hatten die Modele keine Lust..War zu gestellt. Wirkte eher wie Gay4Pay. Der Schnitt/Übergang in der 14.16 Minute grauenhaft. 3-4 Sterne….

dieter, 25/February/2017

I'm not into muscular guys, but Rob is a very hot guy and I would like to see more scenes with him and his angelic face...

Jerry, 27/February/2017

hot combination muscle and twink. Blow jobs could be better, but I'm a perfectionist.

natriley, 12/June/2017

Some poor filming - but two great cum shots: in Charlie's asshole and then a superb distance squirt all over Robbie's face at the end...

Manhardon, 08/July/2017

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