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Massage Me, Sc.4: Massaging Trio Make Sure All Holes Are Filled With Monster Dick! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 86)
Added: 02/March/2017
Duration: 27 minutes, 22 seconds
Comments: 25


Having spent a little time sweating it out in the sauna, handsome lovers Milan Sharp and Martin Rivers head off in turn to enjoy the sensual delights of horny masseur, Jaro Stone. To be fair, Stone is the epitome of a professional when faced with the prospect of applying a rubdown to Rivers’ back; but the arrival of Sharp (and his oversized schlong!) notches the sexual tension up significantly. For before long both Stone and Rivers are helping relieve their monster-hung buddy of all the stresses of the day – making a beeline, of course, for the thick, uncut pole that by this point is straining for attention.

It’s a turn of events that certainly seems to get Stone’s juices rising, that’s for sure – evidenced by the ease with which Sharp and Rivers subsequently strip the fellow of his pants and proceed to give the cute masseur a taste of his own sensuous medicine. Soon our ever-tireless performer is having his arse caressed and rimmed like a cheap slut; before Rivers finally puts him out of his wanton misery and thrusts every inch of his ramrod deep into the lad’s hungry hole.

It’s a move that we know for sure is gonna have a legion of die-hard fans burgeoning on an early cream-off; and things will only get worse for them when they see writhing on the end of Sharp’s hard monster. But if anything it’s seeing Rivers take Stone’s place that marks the crescendo for this trio – the young lad bouncing up and down on the pole like a fucking marionette! That, and the sight of Sharp’s cock erupting like a shaken bottle of champagne all over Rivers’ face for a spunk-fest of a finale!

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OMG, OMG, OMG...this was the best massage scene I have ever seen. A TRIO of HOTTNESS, I am totally in LUST with Martin, a poster boy for twinkiness (fucking adorable(wiping drool from my mouth)) I am also a long time fan of Milan, I hope he stays in the business forever (and he almost has). Jaro is one hunk of man, I love him as well. Well done boys....

dr, 02/March/2017

Hi, which is scene 3?

Castorp, 02/March/2017

Well done to John Smith for directing probably one of the best scenes ever! Three of the hottest twinks in a perfectly filmed scene! The photography, camera angles, audio.....all PERFECT!!! A+++

Robbie Hill, 02/March/2017

Beautiful sexy scene with delicious boys. 5 stars again!

Ryan, 02/March/2017

3 stars, I mean 3 delicious hot models, because the scene deserve 5 stars. Most of the time I find massage scenes boring but this one is a must-see. Even if I prefer when guys cum during they fuck, the whole video is an example of what could be erotic art and how to arouse sexual gay desire.

Jerry, 02/March/2017

Wow..... the 3 models are just great!! And Martin.... my dreamboy!!!

david, 02/March/2017

Normally I am not very much into massage scenes but these three guys did their best here..Boys like in my dirtiest fantasy have passionate and oily fun. How can somebody not like this clip. Well filmed, too, John! 5 of 5 and even more if I could...

Chris, 02/March/2017

Indeed Milan has made 41 clips and Jaro 16 already, mostly top with his long big tool. Seeing him today in a hot trio and in passive unusual action is a great new original addition !

Christian, 02/March/2017

Hi Castorp, Scene 3 (featuring Bjorn Nykvist & Noah Matous) will be released on 12th March. Chris :-)

Staxus Chris, 02/March/2017

I gave this scene 5*****, but to be honest these 5***** were for the boys. The filming and Staxus got2,5**. I think the filming of these 3 hotties was sometimes hot, but overall boring in stead of hot. All these hips, legs and overall filming. They've got hot butt's, balls and cocks, show them. Staxus is European, not the USA of Trump et al. Stay a hot site! Martin, Jaro and Milan deserve it and also the members.

bently, 02/March/2017

Three of my favorite models in one scene - Terrific! Jaro looked hot with his cock hard while getting fucked. Next time have all three take turns as the middle in a fuck sandwich.

steve, 03/March/2017

Vieles ist ja Geschmacksache...Die Jungs selber ansich sind schon hingucker...auch waren einige saugeile Sexszenen dabei...Aber warum müssen die Jungs sowas von rasiert sein? Das kam wir vor das die gerade von einer Enthaarungs Behandlung kamen... wirkten sowas von Unnatürlich ... Einfach grauenhaft... Der Schnitt / Übergang in der ca 18 Minute wirkte einfach unlogisch zu gestellt ...Die Abspritzszenen waren gut gelungen... Aber alles in allem 3-4 Sterne....

dieter, 03/March/2017

Stunning guys and a good scene. But whatever happened to all that super hot ass to mouth action that we got to see in pretty much every threesome/orgy scenes back in 2015/early 2016, please bring it back =D

biggerthebetter, 03/March/2017

... there was some sexy ATM action in this scene but I meant like more intense ATM action like in the threesome with Ray Mannix, Noah Mathous and Benjamin Dunn's back in 2015 =)

biggerthebetter, 03/March/2017

It does not get better than this. PERFECT.

dong, 04/March/2017

Great boys I really adore, but as a body fetishist this is just more vanilla porn with an overemphasis of cocks, no body/muscle flexing/convulsing to see during cumshots and the only twink that'd show some gets the sight covered by two heads. I also could have predicted that two-face one-ground cumshots which are repeated in threesomes over and over.

mark, 05/March/2017

@ I tend to agree with you on the cum shots. Nothing wrong with cum shots directed at the mouth, but why not change it up like Milan shooting his load all over Martin's face and body and Jaro licking the cum off of him, and why not Jaro and Martin snow balling the loads back and forth between their mouths before swallowing it. Absolute hottest would be Milan blowing his load into Martin's hole and have Jaro slurp up the load oozing out of Martin and then Jaro licking Milan's cock dry. But I guess that latter option may be a bit too extreme for some viewers ;)

biggerthebetter, 08/March/2017

Eine sehr geile Szene :-) Und am besten gefällt mir, als man Martins schlaffen Schwanz sieht. Saugeil. Und kein Haar an seinem Körper. Das spritze ich schon ab, bevor ich meinen Schwanz angefasst habe. Martin, lass dich nicht beirren... Du bist Megahübsch und dein rasierter Körper ist einfach der Hammer!

Florian, 19/March/2017

What an absolutely PERFECT trio great fellatio, penetration and of course made sublime with the god-like Milan Sharp!! Thank you...

m Tourneur, 16/December/2017

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