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College Cock, Sc.1: Dirty Little Bath-Time Buddies Get Coated In Oodles Of Spunk! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 49)
Added: 16/March/2017
Duration: 23 minutes, 32 seconds
Comments: 25


Alessandro Katz learns the dangers – or maybe that should be the benefits? – of trying to study whilst taking a piss in this terrific set-piece, which sees the ever-popular Bjorn Nykvist inviting the lad to take a shower with him when Katz makes a bit of a mess of the bathroom as a result. It’s not rocket science to understand what Nykvist’s motives are, of course – these are a couple of hyper-horny lads in their prime, after all! – and within a few moments of Katz stepping into the bath his mate is taking full advantage of the situation by soaping the fellow down in all his most intimate places.

Of course it has to be said that just the sight of these two handsome beauties as they play with each other in the water is almost enough to get the majority of us into quite a lather – excuse the pun! But the temperature is set to get pushed even higher when Nykvist falls to his knees and proceeds to gobble eagerly away on his mate’s oversized schlong – a move that Katz is only too eager to replicate a few moments later.

Nykvist’s efforts to secure his pal’s presence in the bath weren’t designed to get him just a blow-job, however. No, this is a boy who wants Katz to seriously focus on that hungry little pucker of his – and suffice it to say that he’s not left disappointed! Before long Katz is thrusting that mighty sword of his deep into the fellow’s guts – at first on the side of the bath, then down on the bathroom floor; which not surprisingly soon results in both guys producing such a furious volley of spunk that another dip in the water (and maybe another fuck!) cannot be ruled out!

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Cute boys, nice scene... but bad camera handling/angel. Sorry, but an average scene, no Staxus- standard to me.

bently, 16/March/2017

I always like to see Alessandro Katz in action - there's something very sexy about him. Too bad this scene focused much more on Bjorn. Because of the way this was filmed, the angles confirmed Bjorn needs braces to fix his overlapping teeth, which was distracting to me.

Steve, 16/March/2017

I had never noticed and do not really mind the supposed overlapping teeth of Bjorn : i love his stamina, strong energy, cuteness, slimness, big dick, cute smooth ass and good tempered action both as top or passive guy !

Christian, 16/March/2017

Two Very Beautiful Boys with long cocks I adored them. Loved the music & the venue & the lighting & camera work excellent.***** xxxxx

pugs, 16/March/2017

Beautiful and sexy boys. This scene has a simple plot. But the sex is just heaven to watch. I love both models so very much. They both seem to love the action and it shows. Alessandro is a real natural at rimming, and Bjorn just loves it. Long may these boys rim and fuck and swallow cum! 5 stars.

Ryan, 16/March/2017

Bjorn stands out with his enormous long meaty dick and his slim body. Nice to have seen these to cuties togehter. But I must agree there are much better scenes we saw before and the camera filming indeed was disappointing. Just average ...

Chris, 16/March/2017

I love the guys, and this is a sexy scene. But for me this scene feel a bit like we have seen this all before over and over and over again, bring back that great John Smith creativity, like another round of some medical scenes, using odd objects as toys (we've seen lots of cool things before, a lollipop, apples, ornaments used as toys), leather outfits, guys having sex oiled up on plastic mats. Domination/submission, "rape" and all sorts of fun themes, underwater cum shots 2015 and 2016 was awesome years with tonnes of scenes one can not forget. But this year so far it's been mostly scenes with two guys having hot sex. For me the only scene so far this year that really has stood out and is unforgetable is the scene with Titus and Chad's scene from 29th january with the glory hole intro. I love being a Staxus members and always will, but I know that John Smith can deliver some really creative and unforgetable scenes not just two sexy guys having hot sex together and excite us with new things in scenes that most members have never seen before.

biggerthebetter, 16/March/2017

Yes, there were some technical and cinematographic challenges in this scene. This was a beautiful pairing, with an almost demon-angel aspect. Alessandro is so beautiful, he’s like a hero or demi-god from antiquity. I’d watch a video of him just sitting there smiling, or working out. Staxus should consider developing some erotic workout videos that all end with a bang, so to speak. Oh yeah, here’s some more free advice. If you never want to see a guy smile ever again, tell him there’s something fucked up with his teeth. He’ll never forget it, or you. All performers, adult or mainstream, cannot help but read their reviews. These guys give it up to the maxxx to make these videos. I will grant you that porno performer is a more appearance-driven profession than most, but I respect their art and do not find my joy diminished by Bjorn’s teeth. Please.

GaryHerbert, 17/March/2017

I just realy like both Bjorn and Allesandro the way tey are: handsome and cute! I don't want perfection, just be yourself and enjoy what you do!

bently, 17/March/2017

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