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Horny Mate Calls On His Blond Buddy For A Summertime Fuck! HD

3.5/5 (Total votes: 43)


Justin, Aiden

Added: 30/March/2017
Duration: 18 minutes, 19 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s time for another of our special, one-off vids again – this time featuring Seb Priestley (playing Aiden) and Bjorn Nkyvist (Justin), who clearly have a bit of a problem controlling their primeval urges when they discover themselves alone at Nykvist’s parents’ house in the country. Of course, the fact that it’s so roasting hot probably doesn’t help matters – after all, what need is there of clothes when it’s that ridiculously warm? But the temperature’s all set to get a whole lot higher when Priestley discovers his buddy lounging out in a hammock in the garden; and suffice it to say that it’s but a matter of minutes before the two horny lads have slipped into the house together in order to enjoy a little intimate bonding.

Of course, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Nykvist’s folks would say if they ever knew what their son was getting up to with his best mate on their sofa; but we reckon you’ll have precious few complaints as the buddies slurp on each other’s handsome ramrods with typical youthful gusto. What’s more, the action only gets even more intense when Priestley slips his meaty shaft deep into his best mate’s hungry little arsehole – not for the first time surely, given the ease involved!

No question about it, this is a beautiful display of man-on-man sex between two boys who are clearly very much into one another; and it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that both lads are very quickly reaching the point of no return. Hats off to a splendid display of sticky ecstasy from their both; but let’s just hope Nykvist’s parents don’t notice the jizz stains!

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Why on the pictures, they do seem to fuck nicely bareback when they are using condoms in the video itself ? Bad trend !

Christian, 30/March/2017

The top guy is so cute. But I'd rather see him bottoming.

H, 30/March/2017

Seb and Bjorn are two very sexy models. I prefer bareback action, but I realise that there are sometimes problems in performing safely this way. It's still a very good video, and I love both actors.

Ryan, 30/March/2017

Now this is a kind of romantic scene I do like =) For a condom scene this was a nice one, I would have prefered for the scene to be bareback. Dunno perhaps wait a little while doing 2 rounds of testing before going bareback, but at the end of the day the health and safety of the models always comes first =)

biggerthebetter, 30/March/2017

A top duo and romantic gaysex. I enyoyed it. Bareback indeed would be much better

Chris, 30/March/2017

Two hot guys. I loved the ball play that I miss in most scenes.

Jerry, 31/March/2017

Ich bin bei STAXUS weil ich Barebackfilme sehen will. Keine mit Gummi... das törnt total ab..Habe mir den Film gar nicht angeschaut.. Wegen Kondom 1 Stern

dieter, 31/March/2017

It could have been a hot scene. Unfortunately, you have downgraded its rating by using condom. It's like serving a meat dish in a vegan restaurant. If you can not do a bareback scene, why shot it at all? Better to postpone to another date imo. And misleading through pictures that supposedly is bareback it's a very low level.

Ernest, 31/March/2017

Yeah, bareback would've been better but holy crap what a lovely pair of blonds! Beautiful videography and pastoral setting.

Ty Huber, 21/February/2018

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