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Fight Night, Sc.3: Desperate Twink Gets His Mark Thanks To A Boxer’s Meaty Pole! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 52)
Added: 02/April/2017
Duration: 23 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


With his athletic physique and fine, toned muscles, young Rob Nielsen makes for the perfect boxer. What’s more, there’s a distinct air of arrogance about him in this scene that only adds to the persona of sporting prowess; and whilst his apparent contempt for Martin Rivers’ interruption at the start of the action might seem a little uncouth, there’s no doubt that his performance as an alpha-male will go down a real treat with a huge section of our fan-base. Indeed, is there any gay guy alive who won’t be at least slightly overawed by his presence in the opening moments?

Certainly Rivers struggles when confronted face-to-face with the fellow’s demands, that’s for sure; and soon finds himself down between the guy’s thighs in return for a signature on a much-needed contract. Not that a lad like Nielsen is ever set to be content with a blow-job – no matter how good his buddy’s mouth might be! – and it surely comes as no surprise to anyone that he is soon tipping Rivers onto all fours so that he can give the boy’s tight, hairless pucker a thorough examination.

What ensues, of course, is predictable stuff, with Nielsen first rimming the inviting hole, then stuffing every inch of his thick, meaty shaft deep inside his mate’s guts. All the same, the sight of Nielsen’s bulkier, darker frame bearing down on the young twink really is a sight of rare beauty; and there’s every good chance that you’ll have shot your appreciative load long before Rivers blasts his mid-fuck. Just don’t pull the plug before you have enjoyed the sight of Nielsen signing off by dumping all over Rivers’ face!

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The header picture doesn't show the models of the video :=)

Jerry, 02/April/2017

Martin is so very gorgeous I'll sign any papers for him :-) ***** xxxxx

pugs, 02/April/2017

This was a deepthroat feast! What I really liked about this was all the touching Rob opening Martin's legs open in various positions. I like tops who dare to take their bottoms for an intense ride and show the bottom how he wants to play with his hole, how hard and in which position.

biggerthebetter, 02/April/2017

I'm with pugs....where do I sign?

dr, 02/April/2017

Martin is a delicious model. Super handsome and sexy. Beautiful ass with a hole that begs to be licked and fucked. Rob does a lovely job rimming and fucking. 5 stars!

Ryan, 02/April/2017

Even if I like when guys kiss passionately the situation created by the intro works well. The muscular Rob dominating Martin is credible. Seeing Rob and Martin becoming hard alternatively when their dick penetrates the hungry and skilled mouth of each other is a must to see. Martin seems to appreciate a lot bottoming for Rob. The two models have very different bodies and a complementary beauty. They give us a very good scene, well directed and edited.

Jerry, 02/April/2017

@staxus The picture of the header is the good one now but you have to replace the picture of the home page too... (BTW this little mistake didn't makes me remove any of the 5 stars of my rating :=) )

Jerry, 02/April/2017

Honest, this scene doesn't work for me for a second or what so ever! Despite all I miss something...., but no, not my cup of tea.

bently, 02/April/2017

I realise it's a bit cryptic what I wrote, but I didn't like the pairing. Martin is hot, but Rob realy isn't attractive for me! I thinkk they don't fit at all.

bently, 03/April/2017

I really like this scene. Martin is adorable. Rob is just the hottest young man I've seen in years. I can't express how good looking I think he is. I wish we had stats and some comments about him. Rob - Wow!!!

Norman, 03/April/2017

I like Boda / Rob but he must always have a cock in his mouth or his tongue up an ass or we get that horrible mechanical groaning.

dong, 03/April/2017

Eine sehr geile Szene..super süße Kerlchen und Martins Jockstrap - mhh alleinbeim Anblick kriege ich schon einen Ständer. Ihm würde ich stundenlang intensiv das Arschloch auslecken, das garantiere ich ;-).... Geil!

Chris, 04/April/2017

What is the " heading" for the other video that didn't match the pic displayed?

Deci, 10/April/2017

sweet and holy Lust's Screams of Martin !

PaoloMonaco, 11/September/2017

but, I wonder: and if these beautiful Boys choose a non-molecular, eternal, immortal Sexuality?

PaoloMonaco, 11/September/2017

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